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‘That's a nasty, snarky question’: Trump’s media assault rages on in midst of coronavirus crisis
Donald Trump’s intemperate outbursts may be a sign of a leader cracking under the pressure, if it weren’t for the authoritarian tone As reporters waited languidly on plastic chairs a few feet apart, absorbing birdsong and soft spring sunshine, the White House rose garden was an oasis of calm in a stricken nation. But once Donald Trump began taking questions, the tranquillity was shattered. Yamich
Coronavirus embarrassed Trump and Bolsonaro. But the global right will fight back | Paulo Gerbaudo
Science and welfare are at the heart of this crisis – which is bad for right-wing populists. But they won’t be wrongfooted for long The populist right has built their electoral strength on boisterousness and arrogant self-confidence. Yet, amid the coronavirus pandemic, figures such as Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Jair Bolsonaro seem to be confounded. They are either desperately clinging to a n
British American Tobacco working on plant-based coronavirus vaccine
Cigarette maker says tobacco plants offer potential for faster and safer drug development Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage British American Tobacco, the maker of brands including Lucky Strike, Dunhill, Rothmans and Benson & Hedges, has said it has a potential coronavirus vaccine in development using tobacco plants . BAT has turned the vast resources usually focused on


Coronavirus spread at Rikers is a 'public health disaster', says jail's top doctor
Cases of Covid-19 at the New York jail complex have soared in days as doctor says it’s ‘unlikely’ they will be able to stop growth Coronavirus – live US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage The top doctor at Rikers Island said the coronavirus-hit New York jail is a “public health disaster unfolding before our eyes” as he warned of the rapidly rising number of infections in
Simone Biles fears mental toll on athletes after postponement of Tokyo Olympics
Gymnast was set to be one of the stars of this summer’s Games American says she agrees with decision to delay Tokyo Olympics Simone Biles has spoken of her fears of the mental toll on athletes as they ponder an extra year of preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. The Games were due to start in July but have been postponed until the summer of 2021 as major sports events shut down due to the Covid-19
Have I already had coronavirus? How would I know and what should I do?
Covid-19 symptoms, when they occur, vary widely and undertesting means many people have probably been unwittingly infected Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Covid-19 symptoms vary widely, and undertesting in many countries means that many people may have already had the coronavirus without having received a positive diagnosis. Is it possible to find out, and how should
US coronavirus live: CDC to look again at whether Americans should wear masks in public
White House asks CDC to re-examine guidance on masks Trump’s media assault rages in midst of coronavirus crisis US officials predict up to 240,000 US coronavirus deaths See all our coronavirus coverage 3.08pm BST In spite of efforts to obtain more personal protective equipment for frontline health workers, many are still reporting anxiety-inducing shortages. In just the latest example, an anonymo
BP to cut spending amid 'most brutal' oil price rout in decades
Budget to be slashed, including $1bn less on US shale projects, on back of coronavirus crisis Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage BP is braced for a $1bn (£800m) financial blow in its first-quarter results and plans to slash its spending by a fifth this year to weather “the most brutal” oil market rout in decades. The oil giant told investors it would cut its annual spen
There is no greater illustration of corporate America’s moral decay than Amazon | Ross Barkan
The company dismissed a worker who had been protesting conditions – someone who dared to raise the consciousnesses of those around him Coronavirus – live US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage On Monday, Amazon fired a warehouse worker who had been protesting about conditions at a New York City facility during the coronavirus outbreak. Chris Smalls, an assistant manager a
Social distancing? Working-class people don't have that luxury | Francine Prose
While the rich work from home, others are packed on subways or losing their jobs. This pandemic calls for a reckoning Coronavirus – live US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage Except for the photos of people who have recovered from Covid-19, flashing victory signs, some wearing the new accessory, oxygen cannulas, few encouraging images have emerged from the pandemic. We’v
The pandemic is producing a 'Trump bump' in the polls – but it may not last | Simon Tisdall
Despite his contradictory, ill-considered response to coronavirus, a growing chunk of Americans see a man in charge. But making himself the face of the crisis may yet backfire The rise in Donald Trump’s approval ratings – it would be misleading to call it a surge – appears to have shocked his opponents. Critics in the Democratic party and the media have noisily condemned and ridiculed his handlin
US briefing: Trump's sombre warning, 'silent' carriers and EPA rollback
Wednesday’s top story: president predicts ‘painful two weeks’ amid forecasts of 240,000 US coronavirus deaths. Plus, a zoologist’s view of Tiger King Good morning, I’m Tim Walker with today’s essential stories. Continue reading...
Now is the time for the banks to show they really care about small businesses | Gene Marks
The government has done its part by setting aside $377bn of virtually free money but banks are crucial to making sure it gets to its recipients Coronavirus – latest US updates See all our coronavirus coverage As the Covid-19 pandemic pushes many of America’s small businesses to the edge of collapse, now is the moment for bankers around the country to really show that they give a you-know-what abo
The ER Diaries: a coronavirus case that nearly broke me
In the fourth installment of The ER Diaries , a patient’s anguish is enough to crack even a medical worker’s professional resolve Can you imagine bringing your loved one into the hospital for shortness of breath, cough and fever, and being told you can’t come in with them due to a strict no-visitor policy? Saying goodbye at the entrance of the hospital, returning to your car with no idea if you w
Polyamory in a pandemic: who do you quarantine with when you're not monogamous?
Coronavirus is forcing people in poly relationships to make tough choices about who to be intimate with Earlier this month, after being exposed to the coronavirus, Chaele Davis had to