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Coronavirus outbreak: Teddy bear hunt helps distract kids under lockdown
For millions of children on lockdown, teddy bear hunts are a welcome relief from the isolation.
Coronavirus: US Navy captain pleads for help over outbreak
The captain warns of an "accelerating" coronavirus outbreak on his aircraft carrier docked in Guam.
US offers Venezuela sanctions relief for power-sharing agreement
The deal would lift sanctions if Venezuela's leaders agrees to share power with the opposition.


Coronavirus: Thai elephants face starvation as tourism collapses
As visitors stay away because of coronavirus, many elephant keepers can no longer feed the animals.
Sajid Hussain: Fears for Pakistan journalist missing in Sweden
Sajid Hussain went into self-imposed exile in 2012 after receiving death threats connected to his work.
Coronavirus: Russia includes jail terms to enforce crackdown
New Russian laws impose tough penalties for violating lockdown rules.
Coronavirus: Russians confused and wary of strict coronavirus lockdown
Russia has implemented measures in most regions, but people are wary amid a swathe of disinformation.
Coronavirus: World leaders' posts deleted over fake news
Social networks usually leave world leaders’ posts alone - but the pandemic is changing that.
Coronavirus: Search for hundreds of people after Delhi prayer meeting
Several states have reported cases that can be directly traced to a religious event from early March.


Coronavirus: Love knows no borders for elderly couple
An octogenarian couple are defying the pandemic by meeting up for a daily cross-border chat.
Coronavirus: Millions will be left in poverty, World Bank warns
"Significant economic pain seems unavoidable in all countries”, the World Bank warns.
Blood test 'can check for more than 50 types of cancer'
The test could help diagnose tumours sooner, often before any symptoms, scientists hope.
Coronavirus: Three out of four Americans under some form of lockdown
As more states impose restrictions, President Trump and governors quarrel over test kits.
Coronavirus: The grim crisis in Europe's care homes
News is emerging of growing numbers of deaths from coronavirus in care homes across Europe.
'Phone slipped into the bath': Conference call tales
How to avoid some of the pitfalls of teleconferencing and how it is changing the way we meet and do business.
Coronavirus: The good that can come out of an upside-down world
There are reasons to believe the world may emerge from this upheaval enhanced, writes Matthew Syed.
Coronavirus: 'Nurses prepare for the worst but not this'
A New York City nurse tells the BBC what it's really like on the front line of the US outbreak.
Coronavirus and sex: What you need to know
All your questions about sex in the time of coronavirus, answered.
A visual guide to the economic impact
Key maps and charts explain how the virus has impacted markets and businesses around the world.
Coronavirus social distancing advice: What two metres looks like
The UK government is advising us to stay two metres apart - but what does that look like?
Coronavirus update: Why does staying at home help?
After Boris Johnson brings in new measures, the BBC explains why staying in is a matter of life and death.
Chinese forest fire: Firefighters and guide killed in Sichuan blaze
The group tackling a massive blaze in Sichuan were trapped by a sudden change in wind direction.
Coronavirus: Anger as migrants sprayed with disinfectant in India
Footage shared thousands of times shows a group of workers in India being sprayed with chemicals.
Trump on coronavirus: Heated response to 'snarky, nasty question'
The US president launches an attack on a CNN journalist who questioned his coronavirus response.
Houseparty offers $1m reward for proof of sabotage
The company says claims it exposed users data were part of a commercial smear campaign.
Thomas Becket: Alpine ice sheds light on medieval murder
Ancient air pollution, trapped in ice, reveals details about life and death in 12th Century Britain.
Coronavirus: I'm in lockdown with my abuser
The BBC has spoken to two women who are currently under lockdown with men who have abused them.


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