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BBC News - World
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Coronavirus: Starbucks bans reusable cups to help tackle spread
Customers with personal cups will still get a 25p discount - but drinks will be served in paper cups.
One billion Android devices at risk of hacking
Watchdog Which? wants Google to be more transparent about security updates for old phones
Nathaniel Woods executed in Alabama despite campaign to save him
High-profile figures fail to stop the execution of Nathaniel Woods over the killing of policemen.


Syrian refugees on Turkish border wait to cross into Greece
Refugees from Syria are among thousands now at Turkey's western border, hoping to enter Greece.
Kabul attack: Abdullah Abdullah escapes deadly attack
Afghanistan's chief executive escaped unharmed, but nearly 30 people were killed, officials say.
Coronavirus: Grand Princess cruise ship waits off California for virus tests
Passengers and crew are being tested aboard a cruise ship being held off California’s coast.
Young Ukraine chess couple 'killed by laughing gas'
A 27-year-old Ukrainian chess champion and his girlfriend aged 18 are found dead in a Moscow flat.


Coronavirus: Vietnam's handwashing song goes global
The song and dance about how to tackle the coronavirus go global on TikTok.
Cricket star leaves tour to watch wife in cup final
Bowler Mitchell Starc is given permission to leave Australia's tour of South Africa to watch his wife Alyssa Healy play in Sunday's T20 World Cup final.
Alanis Morissette's debut album Jagged Little Pill is 25 years old
It's 25 years since Alanis Morissette's album Jagged Little Pill made her a household name - and to mark the anniversary she's going on tour.
Troy Collings: North Korea's 'first budget travel agent' dies aged 33
New Zealander Troy Collings wanted to make North Korea affordable - even for backpackers.
The TikTok stars giving diabetes the needle
They can hula hoop and inject insulin at the same time. Meet the duo who are using social media to destigmatise diabetes.
Syria war: Idlib ceasefire between Russia and Turkey begins
It comes after intense fighting between Turkish-backed rebels and Syrian forces supported by Russia.
Nasa's next Mars rover will be called Perseverance
A 13-year-old Virginia student chooses a name for the robot that will search for life on the Red Planet.
School's out: Parents stressed by Italy coronavirus shutdown
Children being sent home from school and absent tourists leave Italy reeling from coronavirus.
Delhi riots: The Sikh father and son who saved Muslims
Mohinder and Inderjeet Singh risked their own lives to protect people they didn't even know.
Africa's week in pictures: 28 February-5 March 2020
A selection of the best photos from across the continent and beyond this week.
Quiz of the week: Who's taking Genesis back on the road?
Have you been paying attention to what's been going on during the past seven days?
Australian man gives police high five after tackling suspect
The man was walking his dog when he restrained a man who was being chased by police.
Harvey Weinstein moved to jail after having heart surgery
The ex-movie mogul is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of two sexual assault charges.
Is it okay to tell a dirty joke at work?
Almost a third of British men say yes. However, only 16% of their female counterparts agree.
AEW wrestling: Singing for my brother's hero 17 years after he died
How Liz Rose made her brother proud 17 years after he died by performing Chris Jericho's entrance.
Coronavirus: White House concedes US lacks enough test kits
New York urges the government to send more test kits as the city's caseload doubles overnight.
MMA fighter: 'I'm the pride of Palestine'
Abdul Kareem al-Selwady became a Mixed Martial Arts World Lightweight Champion in 2018, the first Palestinian to do so.
Guyana election: Two main parties declare victory as tensions rise
The country's two main political parties declared victory after the 2 March vote.
Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum: Who is Dubai's ruler?
The billionaire has overseen the emirate's transformation into a top business and tourism centre.
Texas ice cream licker jailed for social media joke
A social media video showed D'Adrien Anderson licking ice cream and putting it back.
Facebook removes 'deceptive' Trump census ads
The ads made it appear users were taking part in the official 2020 US census, not a general survey.
Trolling forces newspaper to end women's Australian rules comments
The Herald Sun said women's Australian rules players and commentators called for the measure.
Syria war: Russia and Turkey agree Idlib ceasefire
The deal aims to avoid further escalation involving Turkey and Russia in Syria's Idlib province.
Coronavirus: Iran limits travel and urges banknote avoidance
Health Minister Saeed Namaki says people should not use school closures to take a holiday.
Erdogan and Putin's tense meeting in Moscow
Turkey's President Erdogan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss a possible ceasefire in Syria.
Easter Island: Anger after truck crashes into sacred statue
The Pacific island's mayor has called for vehicle restrictions around archaeological sites.
Gender study finds 90% of people are biased against women
The UN Development Programme analysed biases against gender in 75 countries around the world.
Dubai's Sheikh Mohammed abducted daughters and threatened wife - UK court
Sheikh Mohammed told his estranged wife she would "never be safe in England", the High Court says.
Elizabeth Warren ends US presidential bid
A favourite of the liberal left, the Massachusetts senator had been a front-runner in the Democratic field.
Turkish police move to stop Greece pushing migrants back
Thousands of migrants trying to get into the EU remain in the border zone between the two countries.
Coronavirus: Iraq reports first two confirmed deaths as fears rise
Friday prayers have also been cancelled in the holy city of Karbala to limit the spread of Covid-19.
Delhi riots: Toddler separated in violence reunited with family
The three-year-old was separated when violence broke out in India’s capital on 24 February.
Nazi name lists in Argentina may reveal loot in Swiss bank
Many of those on the list found in Argentina may have had cash stolen from Jewish victims.
Ronaldinho held in Paraguay over fake passport claims
The former Brazil forward, who denies wrongdoing, has not been arrested but is still under investigation.


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