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Michelle Obama announces new vote-by-mail push
The former first lady wants to make it easier to vote by mail, vote early and register online: ‘This shouldn’t be a partisan issue’ Michelle Obama has announced a new attempt to make it easier to vote by mail, register online and expand early voting, as states race to figure out how they can hold elections amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The former first lady announced the push through When We All Vo
A third of Americans believe Covid-19 laboratory conspiracy theory – study
Pew Research report revealed most Americans believed Covid-19 came about naturally, but 29% believed it was created in a lab Coronavirus – live US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage The last thing America needed on top of a president still in denial over the state current pandemic is the rest of the population believing conspiracies about it, but here we are. While scien
Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden for president
Sanders says: ‘We’ve got to make Trump a one-term president’ Biden all but confirmed as Democratic challenger to Trump Bernie Sanders endorsed his former rival Joe Biden for president on Monday, during a surprise appearance on a live stream related to the US response to the coronavirus pandemic . Related: Coronavirus US live: Andrew Cuomo details 'horrific level of pain' as deaths pass 10,000 in


Wounded by media scrutiny, Trump turned a briefing into a presidential tantrum
President lashed out at reporters, swiped at Biden and refused to accept that he had put a foot wrong in coronavirus response A toddler threw a self-pitying tantrum on live television on Monday night. Unfortunately he was 73 years old, wearing a long red tie and running the world’s most powerful country. Donald Trump, starved of campaign rallies, Mar-a-Lago weekends and golf, and goaded by a bomb
Trump claims 'total authority' and attacks media in chaotic coronavirus briefing
In a bizarre tirade, the president bristled at a suggestion by one of the media that his power was restricted Donald Trump declared in a White House briefing on Monday that his “authority is total” when it comes to lockdown rules during the coronavirus pandemic, and he denied that he was weighing firing Dr Anthony Fauci , the country’s foremost infectious diseases expert who sits on the coronavir
Biden projected to win Wisconsin primary after Sanders drops out
A liberal challenger for a state supreme court seat declared victory in a win that could have implications for the presidential elections As former vice-president Joe Biden scored a widely expected win in the Wisconsin Democratic presidential primary, a liberal challenger for a state supreme court seat declared victory in an upset hailed by Democrats as boding well for the presidential election i
Help us document the US healthcare workers who die fighting coronavirus
We’d like your help identifying the US frontline healthcare workers who die after treating or helping patients with coronavirus Lost on the frontline is a project by the Guardian and Kaiser Health News that aims to document the life of every healthcare worker in the US who dies from Covid-19 during the pandemic. From doctors to hospital cleaners, and from nursing home aides to paramedics, this pr
US governors announce multi-state pacts to begin easing coronavirus orders
Democratic leaders in the north-east and west coast to coordinate on a plan to reopen the economy ‘guided by data and science’ Coronavirus – latest US updates C oronavirus – latest global updates See all our coronavirus coverage Democratic governors in the north-east and west coast on Monday announced separate pacts to coordinate efforts to begin reopening society amid the coronavirus pandemic. O
McCaffrey signs $64m deal to become highest-paid running back in NFL history
Carolina Panthers agree four-year extension with All-Pro Twenty-three-year-old is threat in running and passing game The Carolina Panthers have agreed to a four-year, $64m contract extension with All-Pro Christian McCaffrey running back, making McCaffrey the highest-paid running back in the NFL. “I’m so excited to continue my career in Carolina,” McCaffrey told ESPN on Monday. “I want to thank Mr
Mother of NBA All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns dies after contracting coronavirus
Jacqueline Cruz-Towns was 58 at the time of her death Timberwolves star spoke about mother’s illness in March The mother of NBA All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns has died due to complications from Covid-19, her family has confirmed. Jacqueline Cruz-Towns was 58. “Jackie was many things to many people – a wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend,” the Towns family said in a statement
Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden for president: 'We need you in the White House' – video
Former campaign rival Bernie Sanders on Monday endorsed Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden as the next president of the United States as he made a joint online appearance with the former vice-president. 'We’ve got to make Trump a one-term president,' Sanders said. 'I will do all that I can to make that happen' Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden for president Continue reading...
XFL files for bankruptcy halfway through return season amid pandemic
League had already suspended play due to Covid-19 Competition was conceived by WWE chairman Vince McMahon The XFL has filed for bankruptcy, almost certainly spelling the end of the second iteration of the league. The eight-team professional football league, conceived by World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon as an out-of-season competitor to the NFL, had canceled the rest of its ret
Inmate details alarming conditions at Oregon prison amid coronavirus pandemic
Some north-west states were informed of social distancing practices, but accounts from inmates and advocates say their implementation may be scattered Coronavirus – live US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage A handwritten plea from an Oregon prisoner to his family a week ago describes conditions in the state’s prison system as a public health catastrophe waiting to happe
South Dakota pork plant closes after over 200 workers contract Covid-19
About 240 employees at the plant contracted the virus, making up over half of the state’s positive cases A major pork manufacturing plant in South Dakota has indefinitely shut down after more than 200 of its employees contracted Covid-19. According to Smithfield, who runs the plant, the facility’s output represents up to 5% of US pork production, supplying 130m servings of food a week and employi
Trump tweets prompt speculation he could fire Fauci
White House spokesman said president ‘is not firing Dr Fauci’ after Trump retweeted post calling for public health expert’s removal Coronavirus – live US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage Dr Anthony Fauci’s apparent confirmation of a damning report about the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak prompted tweets by Donald Trump and a new round of sp
Nascar suspends Kyle Larson after driver uses N-word during virtual race
Twenty-seven-year-old used racial slur during live online broadcast Driver posts apology on social media for outburst Kyle Larson has been suspended without pay by both Nascar and his team, Chip Ganassi Racing, after using a racial slur during an esports event on Sunday. Larson is currently seventh in the drivers’ championship. But with racing across the world suspended during the Covid-19 pandem
Americans with lower incomes more worried about coronavirus, study finds
People who made less than $50,000 per year were 10 percentage points more concerned about threat posed by infectious disease Americans with lower incomes and less education were more like to say the spread of infectious disease was a major threat to the US, according to a Pew Research Center survey released Monday. Nearly all US adults said the spread of infectious disease is a threat to the coun
Former Vikings and Seahawks QB Tarvaris Jackson killed in car crash aged 36
Player was part of Seahawks team that won Super Bowl XLVIII Jackson is survived by his wife and three children Former NFL quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has been killed in a car crash at the age of 36. The news was confirmed by Tennessee State, where he had worked as a quarterback coach during the 2019 season. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said Jackson was killed in a single vehicle accident o
We are struggling with an impossible pain: how to grieve for 10,000 people | Suzanne Moore
Coronavirus is a collective trauma and it is hard not to feel dislocated, numb, agitated and exhausted, in a limbo of anticipated loss I have lost something. I am in my house, and it has suddenly become huge. Every room opens on to another room into a chamber of unfamiliar spaces. I have misplaced my daughter and her baby. They are here somewhere, but I can’t find them as I wander around forgetti
Have I already had coronavirus? How would I know and what should I do?
Covid-19 symptoms, when they occur, vary widely and undertesting means many people have probably been unwittingly infected Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Covid-19 symptoms vary widely, and undertesting in many countries means that many people may have already had the coronavirus without having received a positive diagnosis. Is it possible to find out, and how should
Storms tear through US south, leaving at least 30 people dead
Storms caused flooding, mudslides and knocked out electricity for about 750,000 in a 10-state swath Severe weather swept across the southern US on Sunday and Monday, killing at least 30 people and damaging hundreds of homes from Louisiana into the Appalachian mountains. The storms piled fresh misery atop the coronavirus pandemic , leaving more than a million homes and businesses without power ami
Mascots behaving badly: when giant furry fans overstepped the mark – quiz
Can you recall the moments when these costumed fanatics took things a step too far? Why did Mr Met, the baseball-headed mascot of the New York Mets, make headlines in 2017? He got his large, spherical head stuck in railings at Citi Field He raised his middle finger to heckling fans He ran for governor's office in New York He was caught speeding while wearing his full costume Bertie Bee, Burnley F
Trump adviser Navarro defends US response in angry CBS interview
Navarro challenges 60 Minutes over pandemic preparedness Fauci confirms report Trump rebuffed social-distancing advice Trump’s coronavirus tsar Peter Navarro defended the administration’s pandemic response on CBS on Sunday night, angrily challenging his hosts to show him how they had covered pandemic preparations under previous administrations. Related: Peter Navarro: what Trump's Covid-19 tsar l
With working Americans' survival at stake, the US is bailing out the richest
Without significant oversight, Congress’s economic relief bill will leave millions of everyday Americans in financial peril Coronavirus – live US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage Amid a humanitarian crisis compounded by mass layoffs and collapsing economic activity, the last course our legislators should be following is the one they appear to be on right now: bailing o
The pandemic made 'unthinkable' reforms a reality – now to make them permanent | Francis Tseng and Daria Vaisman
The crisis has produced emergency responses such as guaranteeing housing, reversing excessive incarceration and reducing drug prices that read like a progressive agenda Coronavirus – live US updates See all our coronavirus coverage The response to Covid-19 has in many ways played out to our expectations. We are seeing the responses we’ve grown to expect in a crisis: intensification of surveillanc
How a book by Gertrude Stein taught me to write about myself | Deborah Levy
The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas investigates the art and artifice of the genre – and transformed how I thought about it As lockdown continues, Guardian Opinion is reviving its A book that changed me series, an opportunity for writers to select the very best reading to help get us through these uncertain times, with a new instalment every Monday. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wa
Coronavirus US live: Trump fumes over report social distancing was delayed as deaths pass 22,000
Concerns US lawmakers are using briefings to make stock decisions Death penalty states urged to release stockpiled drugs for patients Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage Support the Guardian’s independent journalism. Make a contribution 1.54pm BST This is Joan Greve in Washington, taking over for Martin Pengelly. Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist, w
'These houses are flattened': tornadoes and storms hit US south – video report
A tornado strike destroyed homes and left a trail of devastation across large parts of the US south on Sunday. In northern Louisiana, up to 300 homes and other buildings were damaged, and utility companies reported thousands of power outages. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency confirmed at least six deaths in the state from the severe weather Tornadoes and storms hit US south as six kill
The anxiety of physical distancing while undergoing chemotherapy
Sometimes I forget what it was like when I could just go out for a drink with my husband or go shopping with my kids Coronavirus – live US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage The doctors were not kidding around when they said three days after my first chemotherapy appointment, I would feel the effects. My family and I were eating dinner Sunday night. We’d ordered in some
Death penalty states urged to release stockpiled drugs for Covid-19 patients
Top health experts sign letter saying badly needed medications used in lethal injections ‘could save the lives of hundreds’ Coronavirus – live US updates See all our coronavirus coverage Death penalty states in the US are stockpiling medicines for lethal injections that could save the lives of hundreds of coronavirus patients were they released for medical use. A group of prominent medical practi
'Unfair advantage': concerns US politicians are using coronavirus briefings to make stock decisions
Cases of two senators who sold stock after private briefings about the virus have spotlighted the intelligence politicians are privy to Stock dealing by some members of the US Congress, or their spouses and associates, has sparked a flurry of questions over whether politicians have used information they received in congressional briefings to profit from the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting
US briefing: distancing advice ignored, world lockdowns ease and senators' stock
Monday’s top story: Fauci confirms report Trump rebuffed physical distancing advice for a month. Plus, how a house in the 


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