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Daily update · May 31, 2020


Strategy Page
May 31, 2020: Russia is again hacking Polish military websites, this time to leave false documents criticizing the current Polish government and Polish support for NATO and the United States. In April one such fake document inserted into a Polish military …
Arutz Sheva
The Guardian
Libya’s civil war entered its 7th year this month with no end in sight. In Afghanistan, conflict has raged on and off since the Soviet invasion in 1979. America’s Afghan war is now its longest ever, part of the open-ended US “global war on terror” launched …
Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem Post
They call it "the cyber winter." It is the next stage of cyber warfare. According to Yigal Unna, Israel's national cyber security chief, we are not talking theoretically. We are already there. The war has begun. We have entered the new stage. …
The cybersecurity industry is facing an increasingly widening skills gap that has left many organizations even more vulnerable to breaches. According to a recent Fortinet-commissioned study, conducted by MaritzCX, 73% of respondents reported having had at …
By our estimates, there’s more than 1600 movies on WarnerMedia’s new streaming service, HBO Max, at launch. They’re listed below — yes, all of them — in alphabetical order. They range from silents that are 100 years old like Battleship Potemkin, to films …
Media Line
Israel’s national cyber chief on Thursday officially acknowledged that the country last month thwarted an Iranian-attributed cyberattack targeting civilian water infrastructure. While Yigal Unna did not mention Tehran directly, he described the incident as …


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