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Top Story:  How Trump's missteps undermined the US's recovery from pandemic.

Views expressed in this geopolitical news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

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How Trump's missteps undermined the US's recovery from pandemic
Situation could have been somewhat rescued if president backed his own administration’s efforts, experts say, but instead he has shown little leadership Coronavirus – latest updates Despite the inertia and dysfunction that plagued the early stages of the US government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, the situation could still have been somewhat rescued if Donald Trump had merely backed the
Top UN human rights expert urges US to listen to demands of protesters
Agnès Callamard says killing of Rayshard Brooks ‘makes my stomach turn’ and pushes for radical changes to end police killings George Floyd killing – latest US updates The killing of African Americans like George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks by police officers is a systemic problem in the US which requires profound changes that go way beyond prosecutions and police reforms, according to the UN specia
Will the coronavirus pandemic finally get men to do more at home?
With families under lockdown, men are doing more housework and childcare. Experts suggest this could lead to a lasting change in gender norms In the days before the pandemic, Melissa, a Salt Lake City-based nurse, had cut back on her hours in an effort to balance the demands of her work, her husband Richard’s work, running the household and caring for their two young children. But once she began


'Who will protect you from rape without police?' Here's my answer to that question | Moira Donegan
The reality is that the police are often more likely to hurt women than to help us. Let’s face the grim facts As uprisings have spread through American cities in response to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a once fringe leftwing position has become rapidly mainstream: abolishing the police. Police abolition means different things to different people, but to most activists “abolition”
Aunt Jemima to change name and logo due to racial stereotyping
Company, which has long been criticized for the logo and name, makes announcement amid Black Lives Matter protests One of America’s most recognizable but unreconstructed household brands, Aunt Jemima pancake products, will change its name and image in an effort by the brand to distance itself from racial stereotypes. The logo of the brand, familiar to shoppers on every supermarket shelf that feat
Oklahoma State coach Gundy apologizes for 'pain' after wearing OAN t-shirt
Far-right network called Black Lives Matter ‘a farce’ Players had been angered by coaching wearing shirt One day after Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard lashed out at coach Mike Gundy on social media for wearing a t-shirt promoting a far-right news channel, Gundy apologized. Hubbard, who is black, suggested on Monday he may boycott the program after Gundy was photographed wearing a t-shir
Trump envoy brokers White House meeting for Kosovo and Serbia presidents
Fears of hasty deal to bolster US president’s re-election prospects as EU sidelined The presidents of Kosovo and Serbia will meet at the White House later this month, as Donald Trump aims to make a breakthrough in the long-running dispute between the two nations. The meeting, announced this week by Trump’s controversial Balkan envoy, Richard Grenell, came as a surprise to European capitals and ra
Juneteenth 2020 will be infused with energy of anti-racist uprisings
The celebration of the emancipation from slavery in the US comes amid protests inspired by the police killing of George Floyd The annual celebration of emancipation from slavery in the US , Juneteenth, will be marked with a new energy and mass demonstrations this year amid the global uprisings against systemic racism sparked by the police killing of George Floyd. Related: Juneteenth Independence
Amid accusations of violence, some say National Guard should no longer staff voting stations
National guard members have assisted or are set to help in several states, raising concerns over the possibility of voter intimidation Just after midnight on Monday 1 June David McAtee was working at his barbecue restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, when he was shot and killed by the national guard , who had been assisting police during the city’s dusk-to-dawn curfew. According to a video analysis
First Thing: Trump is undermining America's coronavirus recovery
Public health experts say the president’s lack of leadership has actively hindered the efforts of his own administration. Plus, why jaywalking laws should be abolished Don’t already get First Thing in your inbox? Sign up here Good morning. Continue reading...
Black Lives Matter protests: Republicans to unveil police reform plan - live updates
Trump’s executive order on policing described as ‘woeful’ Administration sues to stop John Bolton’s book Manuel Ellis: video appears to show chokehold Sign up to our First Thing newsletter 12.27pm BST Activists have been demanding not just reforms to policing in the US, but a deep-seated change in police culture. A report this morning by Jesselyn Cook and Nick Robins-Early for the Huffington Post
An adventurous physician and a glamorous nurse: the US health workers who died from Covid-19
We are documenting the lives of every US medical worker who dies helping patients during the pandemic. These are just a few of hundreds of cases Help us document the US healthcare workers who die fighting coronavirus Lost on the frontline is a collaboration between the Guardian and Kaiser Health News that aims to document the lives of healthcare workers in the US who die from Covid-19, and to und
US stores may be reopening but workers are finding it hard to rejoice
Several retail corporations filed for bankruptcy even before the pandemic. Covid-19 quarantines caused millions of jobs to be lost Across the US, states are opening again and the shoppers are returning after the coronavirus pandemic led to an unprecedented slump for retailers. But for those who have lost their jobs in the retail lockdown – a return to “normal” looks a long way off. And for some i


'We're fighting for change': Bubba Wallace on Nascar and the Confederate flag
Nascar still has a long way to go on its journey towards inclusion, but its only black driver has helped usher in an extraordinary week of change It would be the height of understatement to say the previous week was hectic for Bubba Wallace. Hunkered inside an infield motor coach at Homestead-Miami Speedway hours before a Nascar Cup series race last Sunday, the Richard Petty Motorsports driver wa
Christian Coleman provisionally suspended over missed drugs tests
100m world champion could miss Tokyo Olympics American accuses AIU of trying to get him banned Christian Coleman, the world 100m champion, is facing a two-year ban that would rule him out of next year’s Olympics after being formally charged with missing three drugs tests in 12 months by the Athletics Integrity Unit. However, in an extraordinary post on social media that pre-empted the AIU’s annou
Trump is trying to block publication of John Bolton's book. What's he scared of? | Lloyd Green
The memoir reportedly depicts Trump as caring more about re-election than US national security. No wonder he wants to quash it On Tuesday, the Trump administration asked a federal judge to block publication of John Bolton’s The Room Where It Happened, the former national security adviser’s twice-delayed kiss-and-tell memoir of life in the Trump White House. Last week, Simon & Schuster, Bolton’s p
The US’s jaywalking laws target people of colour. They should be abolished
Why should walking be a crime – especially if you’re black or Hispanic? Being black in the US is no walk in the park. Indeed, as recent viral videos have made blindingly clear, being black means having to worry about having the police called on you just for being in a park . It means having to worry about the police arresting you for walking in your own neighbourhood. Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, m
Facebook unveils plans to boost voter turnout in US elections
Firm aims to double number of registered voters of previous drives and prevent ‘malicious’ interference Facebook will launch “the largest voting information effort in US history” in the run-up to November’s general election, the company has said, aiming to help 4 million Americans register to vote with a new voting information centre. That goal, spread across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, is
Trump administration sues to block publication of John Bolton's book
Officials claim book, which is critical of administration, contains classified information and would compromise national security The Trump administration has sued to block the publication of a forthcoming book by John Bolton , the US president’s former security adviser, about his time in the White House, arguing that it contained classified information and would compromise national security. The
Manuel Ellis: new video appears to show officer using chokehold on black man
Video taken on 3 March contradicts accounts from county sheriff’s office of moments leading up to Ellis’s death New video released on Monday shows a police officer using a neck restraint on Manuel Ellis, in the crucial moments leading up to the African American man’s death in Tacoma, Washington. The silent video, taken by a man on 3 March in a car directly across the street from the scene, appear
Arthur Ashe film reveals the extraordinary person behind the tennis | Dalya Alberge
A film about the only black man to win Wimbledon, by Indian film-maker Ashok Amritraj, tells the story of his civil activism He was a professional tennis player, who represented India – the country of his birth – at Wimbledon and the US Open, before becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest players, producing films with stars from Cate Blanchett to Angelina Jolie. Now Ashok Amritraj is recalling his ea
PG&E confesses to killing 84 people in 2018 California fire as part of guilty plea
The fire, which completely devastated the town of Paradise, was blamed on the company’s crumbling electrical grid Pacific Gas & Electric confessed on Tuesday to killing 84 people in a devastating 2018 wildfire that wiped out the northern California town of Paradise in November 2018. Bill Johnson, PG&E’s CEO, entered guilty pleas on behalf of the company for 84 felony counts of involuntary manslau
Trump’s ‘woeful’ police reform order leaves systemic racism intact, critics say
President’s discussion of measure discouraging chokeholds soon shifts to focus on stock market and retail sales Donald Trump faced renewed criticism on Tuesday for what critics said was a “woeful” attempt at police reform that failed to address systemic racism and fell far short of the demands of Black Lives Matter activists seeking fundamental change. The US president issued an executive order t
Stock markets bounce back despite poor economic prognosis
US Fed and IMF predict recession for most economies in 2020 because of impact of Covid-19 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Downbeat assessments of the economic impact of Covid-19 from America’s central bank and the International Monetary Fund failed to dampen spirits on the world’s stock markets as they bounced back strongly from recent heavy falls. Shares in both Eur
Gunshots heard after demonstrators try to topple conquistador statue in New Mexico – video
A man was shot after a scuffle broke out when demonstrators tried to remove a bronze sculpture of a Spanish conquistador outside a museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A group of armed men had tried to protect the statue of Juan de Oñate. The injured man was in a critical but stable condition, police said. Authorities later announced the monument would be removed until the next step could be determ
Fed chair says US economy faces ‘significant uncertainty’ and fears wider income inequality
Jerome Powell: recession could exacerbate income inequality Long-term consequences likely to be severe without stimulus The Federal Reserve chair, Jerome Powell, warned on Tuesday that the US economy faces “significant uncertainty” in the months ahead, and that the recession that has followed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic could widen income inequality for minorities and those on lower i
Inside Chaz, Seattle's police-free zone: 'We're proving the world can change' – video
The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (otherwise known as Chaz or Chop) was established by George Floyd protesters after the Seattle police department vacated its East Precinct building on the site. Over the past week, organizers have created a community garden, painted murals, opened free co-op grocery stores – all in an effort to push the message of Black Lives Matter forward Continue reading...
MLB players 'disgusted' as commissioner admits there may be no 2020 season
Rob Manfred had said he was certain games would be played League and players in long-running dispute over pay MLB commissioner Rob Manfred says there may be no major 


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