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Top Story:  FBI concludes that Bubba Wallace was not a victimof a hate crime over noose incident.

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FBI concludes that Bubba Wallace not victim of hate crime over noose incident
Investigation finds rope had been at garage since last autumn Interview: Bubba Wallace on Nascar and the Confederate flag The FBI says that the noose found in the team garage of Bubba Wallace, Nascar’s only black full-time driver, was not part of a hate crime. “The FBI report concludes, and photographic evidence confirms, that the garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose had been positioned t
'An embarrassment': Trump's justice department goes quiet on voting rights
The justice department, led by William Barr, has been quiet when it comes to protecting the right to vote, former department lawyers say The Department of Justice (DoJ), the agency with unmatched power to prevent discrimination at the ballot box, has been glaringly quiet when it comes to enforcing voting rights ahead of the 2020 election, former department attorneys say. Amid concern that the att
Trust me, I'm Mr Fun: Boris Johnson loosens England's lockdown | John Crace
Cheerer-upper-in-chief is hazy on details of new coronavirus rules, but stands firm on awkward questions – by ending daily briefings Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage This was Boris Johnson’s ideal day out in the Commons. For someone whose whole life seems to have been spent trying to explain his way out of awkward situations, the prime minister is notably averse to co


Joe Biden and Barack Obama raise $11m in first 2020 fundraiser together
In official return to the campaign trail, former president urged 175,000 viewers not to be ‘complacent’ about 2020 race Barack Obama made his first campaign appearance alongside Joe Biden since endorsing him for president in April, helping raise more than $11m while warning Democrats against being “complacent or smug” about the presidential race. The virtual fundraiser collected $7.6m from 175,00
Cameron Champ the latest PGA Tour golfer to test positive for coronavirus
Positive test emerges in screening for Travelers Championship PGA Tour set to release full set of testing results on Wednesday Cameron Champ has become the second player in a mere five-day window of the PGA Tour’s resumption to test positive for Covid-19. The 25-year-old American insisted he felt “great” despite the outcome, which was discovered during pre-tournament screening for the Travelers C
US police reform bills unlikely to pass amid partisan divide despite calls for change
Standoff means it is less and less likely Congress will approve any police reform legislation before the November election Hopes of legislation on new police reforms being passed before the election were fading on Tuesday despite protests across the country calling for change following the recent police killings of Black Americans. Dueling bills put forward in Congress, one by Democrats in the Ho
Trump family tries to block publication of book by president's niece – report
Court papers say Mary Trump previously signed a non-disclosure agreement and the book violates its terms, New York Times reports Donald Trump’s family has gone to court to try to block publication of a tell-all book by the US president’s niece, Mary Trump, the New York Times reported . According to her publisher, New York-based Simon & Schuster, Mary Trump’s book will describe “a nightmare of tra
'More testing, not less': Fauci contradicts Trump on coronavirus testing – video
Health officials contradicted Donald Trump over claims the president made at a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday when he told supporters that he told his people ‘to slow the testing down’ for the coronavirus. Dr Anthony Fauci and other health officials told a House panel they had never been instructed to slow down testing Fauci says US will increase Covid-19 testing despite Trump’s claims of
The Guardian view on China, Trump and the rest: might, right and trade bait | Editorial
The US has valid criticisms of China. But Europe cannot form an alliance of values with an administration that has none When Mike Pompeo spoke at the online Copenhagen Democracy Summit last week, there was plenty for European leaders to agree with. The US secretary of state assailed China over everything from its treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang and protesters in Hong Kong, to its misinformation
Boredom, sound waves, police? The US fireworks mystery and its many theories
Thousands of complaints about the noise have been called in from Ohio to Aurora to California, Boston to New York The summer has arrived with a bang, literally, across the country this year as thousands of complaints about fireworks have been called in, from Ohio , to Aurora , to California . In Boston, complaints went up 64-fold compared to last year, meanwhile in New York, 12,582 calls have bee
Senate Democrats and Republicans clash over police reform bill vote
Democrats Schumer, Booker and Harris sent McConnell a letter urging him not to hold procedural vote this week on bill Senate Democrats have signaled they will block a Republican police reform bill that critics say offers a “woefully inadequate response” to racial disparities in American policing practices. The Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, and fellow Democratic senators Cory Booker and K
From super-spreader Boris to Classic Dom's eyesight: daily press conference hits | John Crace
As No 10 announces Covid-19 press conferences are to end, here are some world-beating moments Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The daily Downing Street coronavirus press conferences, watched by millions since early March, are coming to an end. Here are some of the most memorable moments. Continue reading...
Donald Trump says he will issue executive order on historical monuments – video
The US president has said he would issue an executive order regarding historical monuments, as the movement to remove Confederate-era statues and other memorials considered racist gains momentum across the country. Calls to take the monuments down follow a wave of protests after the 25 May death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man killed by police in Minneapolis. Ongoing demonstrations have acc
Nascar failed to fight racism for 72 years. Don't praise its support of Bubba Wallace yet
If Nascar hadn’t been so keen to take the path of least resistance in the past, its only black driver would never have been forced down his hard road Last Sunday, during a lull in an otherwise raucous Father’s Day celebration with family at his Danville, Virginia, home, Warrick Scott couldn’t help but think of the man who had set up this scene. As rain fell on Alabama and ultimately postponed the
Noose found hanging from tree at Nascar circuit in California
Sonoma Raceway president says incident under investigation Makeshift noose found Saturday behind former admin office A makeshift noose was found hanging from a tree at the Sonoma Raceway in California and officials said they are investigating the incident. Related: Rayshard Brooks funeral set for Atlanta, as Kentucky and New York vote - live updates Continue reading...
Covid-19 forces Orlando Pride out of NWSL tournament amid reports of bar visits
Six players and four staff members test positive for coronavirus Reports say younger players visited nightclubs and bars The Orlando Pride have withdrawn from the upcoming National Women’s Soccer League tournament after six players and four staff members tested positive for Covid-19. Sources around the league said a group of younger Orlando players had not maintained social distancing protocols a
Fauci says US will increase Covid-19 testing despite Trump's claims of slowing down
Top US infectious disease expert disputes Trump’s comments in congressional testimony and warns of ‘disturbing surge’ The US’s top infectious disease expert has testified before Congress that the country will be doing more Covid-19 testing, not less, hours after Donald Trump insisted he was serious when he called for testing to slowdown in the US. Coronavirus cases have continued to rise in about
Rayshard Brooks funeral held at church where Martin Luther King preached
Service taking place at a church in Atlanta Tuesday for Brooks, who was fatally shot by a police officer A private funeral for the Black man who was killed by a White police officer in a fast-food parking lot is taking place on Tuesday at the church in Atlanta where the Rev Martin Luther King Jr once preached. Rayshard Brooks’ gold casket was escorted by a black and white funeral hearse, and feat
Presidential harassment! Why Trump believes playing the victim will help him win | Arwa Mahdawi
The US president seems to be preparing to contest a defeat in November by railing against ‘rigged’ mail-in ballots – but his party is the one attempting to suppress voters Donald Trump will not go gentle into that good night: he will rage, rage, rage-tweet against the dying of his might. Indeed, he is already doing so. After a humiliating turnout at Saturday’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma – which cap
Guardian investigation into US water poverty: read the full analysis
Guardian US commissioned an analysis of the cost and affordability of water and sewage services in 12 diverse American cities Guardian US commissioned the economist Roger Colton, an authority on the affordability of utilities, to analyse the cost and affordability of water and sewage services in 12 diverse American cities. The objective was to investigate the extent of water poverty in the US ove
The venture capitalist with a Silicon Valley solution for minority-owned businesses
A new kind of venture capital fund would use money from the US government to invest in companies that most need it On first blush a Silicon Valley venture capitalist might not strike you as the first person to turn to when trying to address the racial wealth divide but these days we should take good ideas where we find them. Ash Shrivastav works for Buckhill Capital , a Silicon Valley-based priva
Revealed: police unions spend millions to influence policy in biggest US cities
Guardian analysis shows how organizations and officers in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago work against reform Police unions and officers active in America’s three largest cities spend tens of millions of dollars annually to influence law enforcement policy and thwart pushes for reform, a Guardian analysis of local, county, state and federal campaign finance records found. Reform advocates say t
Rayshard Brooks funeral set for Atlanta, as Kentucky and New York vote - live updates
Rayshard Brooks funeral to take place in Atlanta New York and Kentucky vote in primaries Trump extends a ban on employment-based visas Seattle will move to dismantle ‘Chaz’ occupied protest zone Sign up to our First Thing newsletter 12.11pm BST The president has just re-iterated his line that the US has so many coronavirus cases because the US is testing so much. Cases are going up in the U.S. be
'We can stop the cycle': crime survivors work toward prevention, not policing
A network of victims has come together to lobby for services. ‘Young black men are the most harmed and least supported’ In August 2009, two people shot 26-year-old Aswad Thomas during a robbery attempt. He suffered two gunshot wounds that pierced his lung, dislocated his shoulder, and ended his burgeoning professional basketball career. After the shooting, Thomas learned that his assailant had be
First Thing: Covid-19 cases are surging in more than half of US states
Infections have risen in 29 states, with several breaking their daily records. Plus, how a botched assassination plot exposed the rot in Russia’s spy services Don’t already get First Thing in 


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