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Top Story:  Virginia joins states banning hair discrimination.

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'Wear your crown, because change is coming': Virginia joins states banning hair discrimination
Virginia’s Crown Act goes into effect Wednesday – and other southern states could follow Carmen Davis went natural in 2014, motivated by her mother to do the “big chop”, a phrase commonly used to describe cutting off chemically straightened Black hair in favor of naturally textured kinks, coils or curls. Related: Cut and run: the underground hairdressers of lockdown Continue reading...
From the climate crisis to Covid-19: can journalism focus on the stories that matter? | Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope
Newsrooms should know: the disaster is here. It is raging now. Our job is to cover it with the urgency it deserves To hear many journalists tell it, the spring of 2020 has brought a series of extraordinary revelations. Look at what the nation has learned: that our healthcare system was not remotely up to the challenge of a deadly pandemic. That our economic safety net was largely non-existent. Th
Seattle: at least 10 arrested as officers enter police-free protest zone
Mayor issued executive order for protesters to vacate Capitol Hill Occupied Protest as demonstrators responded with chants Seattle police converged on the city’s “occupied” protest zone early on Wednesday after the mayor, Jenny Durkan, issued an executive order for protesters to vacate the area. People have occupied several blocks around a park and the Seattle police department’s east precinct fo


PGA Tour happy playing a high-risk game to reboot sport in the US | Ewan Murray
Criticism of disregard for pandemic protocols seems to show elite golf is operating in la-la land but the show will roll on The world’s best players are not prone to taking umbrage with the media. The gulf between levels of criticism – professional and personal – bestowed on a Ryder Cup golfer versus a Premier League footballer is extreme. Golfers lead a relatively charmed life. So it becomes not
US politics: QAnon-linked Lauren Boebert wins primary in Colorado – live updates
Boebert, who defied state Covid-19 restrictions, defeats five-term Rep. Scott R. Tipton Fauci warns of ‘disturbing’ death toll as eight states post record one-day highs for new cases Sign up to our First Thing newsletter 12.10pm BST Minority communities in the US have seen disproportionate rates of infection, hospitalisation and death throughout the coronavirus pandemic. A post from Caitlin Owens
First Thing: the US bought the world's entire supply of a Covid-19 drug
The Trump administration snapped up stocks of remdesivir, one of just two two drugs proven to work against the virus. Plus, the black female homicide detective who was New Orleans’ top cop Don’t already get First Thing in your inbox? Sign up here Good morning. Donald Trump promised to put America first, and at least in the case of the coronavirus drug remdesivir, that’s precisely what he has done
The incredible story of New Orleans' first black female homicide detective
In the 1990s, Jacklean Davis was a policing superstar, hailed as the best crime solver in the city. But a dispute turned into a major federal case against her, brought by a prosecutor whose conduct in other cases was called ‘grotesque’ This piece is co-published with The Appeal On 22 February 2002, Sgt Jacklean Davis was on a walk with her supervisor, Lt Samuel Lee, when Lee got a call from their
Could Dayton’s Black voters turn Ohio blue?
The mobilization of Black Daytonians could prove significant to the upcoming elections, as this battleground state becomes competitive again electorally Cars are a more common sight than people on Dayton’s West 3rd St , a major boulevard known as the heart of the Black community in this Ohio city. Once a bustling commercial corridor, West 3rd has become synonymous with empty buildings and urban n
Los Angeles sheriff's department faces a reckoning after another police shooting
One of the most powerful local police agencies in the US has a history of abuse. Families of those killed by LASD want systematic change One of America’s most powerful local law enforcement agencies is facing a reckoning after decades of reports of violence and corruption. The Los Angeles sheriff’s department (LASD) is the largest county police agency in the US, with 9,000 officers who patrol nea


Millions of Americans are trapped. They need higher wages, now | Amelie Ratliff
The 2019 Raise the Wage Act would lift 40 million Americans out of working poverty, but it sits dormant in the Senate I’ve been on both sides of our country’s inequality gap. I am blessed to be a millionaire now, but I wasn’t always. It’s hard to make a living in this country without the financial security and safety net increasingly only enjoyed by those of us at the top. In the early 1980s, whe
From incompetence to outright villainy: the NFL's worst-run teams
There are plenty of bad teams in the league, but there’s a special place reserved for franchises whose entire structures are rotten Much has been made of late of the New York Jets’ heroic efforts to lose their best player, Jamal Adams . The Jets are not alone in their bid for the Incompetence Championship Belt, though. Here’s a rundown of the contenders (note: these are the worst-run franchises i
Donald Trump should stay away from Mount Rushmore, Sioux leader says
The president’s planned visit to the monument on ‘stolen’ Native land risks spreading coronavirus, tribal president warns Donald Trump should not carry out his planned 3 July visit to the Mount Rushmore monument in South Dakota because it represents a safety risk in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and is an insult to Native Americans on whose stolen land it was built, the president of the
'Slob style' is the Covid-19 fashion statement. But will it survive after lockdown? | Morwenna Ferrier
Self-styled mavericks like Dominic Cummings will always dress like they don’t care. As for the rest of us, we’ll soon find out what works I went on maternity leave last summer. Occasionally during that time I would think idly about what I would wear when I was back at work and my body looked less like a souffle. A few weeks ago, when the moment finally arrived, I found myself in the middle of a p
The greatest: Serena Williams broke through barriers and shattered records | Andy Bull
In our series on the best tennis players of the past 50 years, we consider the American who swept all before her time and again Who’s your choice? Have your say You could build Serena Williams’s pedestal from her records. Pile up the 23 grand slam singles titles, more than anyone else has won in the Open era, and her 16 grand slam doubles titles, too. Add it to the 319 weeks she spent at the top
'Where are you Roger Ailes?' Trump appears to ask dead Fox News chairman for help
Plea draws suggestions on social media that the president was not aware the disgraced media figure had died in May 2017 Donald Trump appeared to make an otherworldy plea for help to boost the fortunes of Fox News on Tuesday, asking about the whereabouts of its long-dead and disgraced chairman Roger Ailes. In a tweet criticising the channel’s hiring of Democratic figure Donna Brazile, he said: “Wh
Global report: US reports another record increase in coronavirus cases
New cases jump by 80% in two weeks; South Korea using remdesivir; outbreak in Australia’s state of Victoria worsens Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The United States again reported a record one-day increase in coronavirus cases on Tuesday, with 44,358 new coronavirus cases confirmed in the country, according to coronavirus database the Covid Tracking Project , as inf
Governor signs historic bill to remove Confederate symbol from Mississippi flag
Lawmakers have seen increasing pressure to change the flag amid a nationwide reckoning with systematic racism Mississippi has officially retired the last state flag in the US with the Confederate battle emblem, a racist symbol that has served as a source of division for generations. The Republican governor, Tate Reeves, signed a historic bill withdrawing the state’s 126-year-old flag on Tuesday.
Trump views US troops as disposable – the Russian bounty scandal makes that clear | Simon Tisdall
Time and again, the president has failed to protect military personnel. For Trump, he always comes first, no matter who dies Donald Trump likes to suggest he has got the back of US soldiers battling America’s foes around the world. It was a big theme of his 2016 campaign and his West Point speech earlier this month. So great was his boundless care for America’s fighting men and women, he said, th
Three asylum seekers at camp near US border test positive for coronavirus
Advocates have long worried about potential for an outbreak at Matamoros camp, where an estimated 2,000 migrants live Three asylum seekers have tested positive for coronavirus in a sprawling border encampment, marking the first cases in a settlement that advocates have long viewed as vulnerable amid the pandemic. Since confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mexico began rising in March, advocates and
Pacers coach Nate McMillan says America has never been 'great' for black people
Indiana coach takes aim at Donald Trump’s famous slogan Pacers will resume season at end of July in Orlando Indiana Pacers coach Nate McMillan has said he finds Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan insulting during an interview dealing with race in America. “To me, it was a trigger word,” McMillan, who is black, told the Indianapolis Star . “Make America ‘great’ ... again? What part a
US buys up world stock of key Covid-19 drug remdesivir
No other country will be able to buy remdesivir, which can help recovery from Covid-19, for next three months at least Coronavirus – latest US updates Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The US has bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of one of the two drugs proven to work against Covid-19, leaving none for the UK, Europe or most of the rest of th
Coronavirus has laid bare the racial fault lines in access to clean, safe water | Ronda Lee Chapman
Many of the Covid-19 hotspots have been in majority-black and Indigenous areas where residents have been fighting for affordable water access They shut his water off over an unpaid bill – and then a fire broke out Covid-19 is a never-ending lesson in the history, legacy and reality of structural racism in America. We see it everywhere the pandemic forces us to look: in infection rates, unemployme
Trump niece's book blocked by New York judge but lawyer promises appeal
President’s brother, Robert Trump, is trying to stop publication of niece’s ‘revelatory’ tell-all book An attorney for Mary Trump promised an immediate appeal on Tuesday after a judge in New York issued a preliminary injunction to stop Donald Trump’s niece publishing a book about the family. Related: The Room Where It Happened review: John Bolton fires broadside that could sink Trump Continue rea
If more Americans wore masks the pandemic would slow, experts say
‘Masks are incredibly important’ to avoid airborne transmission of coronavirus, but a third of Americans say they sometimes or never wear them A cultural shift among Americans to adopt mass mask wearing would be one of the simplest and most effective ways to curb further devastation from the coronavirus pandemic, according to public health experts. Related: Fauci testifies before Senate as states
Court reinstates Wisconsin voting restrictions in victory for Republicans
A new ruling limiting early voting in the state, among other measures, will probably suppress minority voters A federal appeals court reinstated significant voting restrictions in Wisconsin on Monday, handing Republicans a victory just months before the November election in one of the country’s most important battleground states. The ruling reinstates a Republican-backed law that allows local ele


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