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Top Story:  Coronavirus cases in the US soar.

Views expressed in this geopolitical news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

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Get set for the next round of Britain's Brexit brinkmanship | Marina Hyde
After four years of agonising ineptitude, we know how it goes: we give up the brink, and hand it over to the other side This week’s reports that Britain could leave the EU transition period without a deal elicited a thumbs-up emoji from Tory Eurosceptic MP Andrea Jenkyns, a leading light of the European Research Group. When I say light, I want you to picture a single bulb swinging from the ceilin
Coronavirus US live: cases soar as Sinclair TV stations to air Fauci conspiracy theory
Local stations to show interview with Plandemic researcher More than 4.1m cases and 145,000 deaths recorded in US Testing shortages hit California’s vulnerable hardest America ‘staring down barrel of martial law’ – Oregon senator Sign up to our First Thing newsletter 2.31pm BST White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is expected on Capitol Hill on Saturday for talks with Senate Republicans over t
AOC represents the future of America: women who refuse to be silenced | Arwa Mahdawi
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez elegantly eviscerated Republican congressman Ted Yoho on the House floor this week Sign up for the Week in Patriarchy, a newsletter​ on feminism and sexism sent every Saturday. Continue reading...


Storm Hanna moves towards Texas coast as another approaches Caribbean
Hanna is first hurricane of 2020 Atlantic season and could bring 6in to 12in of rain through Sunday night Tropical Storm Hanna was upgraded to a hurricane on Saturday, moving towards the Texas coast and threatening to bring heavy rain, storm surge and tornadoes, all while another tropical storm, Gonzalo, approached the Caribbean. Related: 'A summer unlike any other': heatwaves and Covid-19 are a
My beach holiday is out. I’ll forgo the palm trees, but I draw the line at camping | Hadley Freeman
Treacherously, my children are excited about this summer’s camping trip, suggesting they may need a maternity test My first holiday memory was potentially a horror story. I was five and my parents had taken us to Deauville, an oddly fateful holiday that led to me writing a book 35 years later (have I mentioned, I’ve written a book ?). But it also could have been the holiday that – doomy movie mus
New testing shortages hit California's vulnerable hardest amid record Covid-19 infections
Residents face delayed results and overwhelmed medical centers, with minority and low-income areas at particular risk As coronavirus cases surge, California is once again facing testing shortages and delays reminiscent of the first weeks of the pandemic in March. Those issues, healthcare providers say, are hurting the state’s most vulnerable first. This week, California marked record numbers of C
Made-for-TV fascism: how Trump’s ‘crime explosion’ ploy could backfire
Trump is facing a big election with an even bigger need for a political masterstroke – enter a surge of federal agents to fight supposed violence With an election looming and the polls looking bad, Donald Trump was in need of a quick political boost. Seizing on television images of a procession of refugees out of Honduras, the president announced an imminent “invasion” of the United States by a “


Biden plots $2tn green revolution but faces wind and solar backlash
Enormous overhaul will have to defeat opposition from fossil-fuel lobbyists and residents unhappy with nearby turbines Joe Biden’s $2tn plan to eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions from the US electricity grid within 15 years has been applauded by climate campaigners, but the enormous overhaul will have to pick its way through a minefield of community as well as lobbyist opposition. Related: Ne
A change to the zodiac? This should never have been written into the stars
There has been a lot of talk about the Ophiuchus constellation joining the zodiac, but I won’t be changing my Cancerian ways I am zodiac person. I have five books on the zodiac (and am open to many more). When I meet someone, before they have even opened their mouth I’ll be trying to figure out what their star sign is. I’m not so into this stuff that I’ll dislike or avoid certain signs, but sayin
'Nobody’s ever seen anything like this': how coronavirus turned the US election upside down
With almost 100 days to go till election day, the virus has changed the issues, the way the fight is fought – and quite possibly the outcome Mar-a-Lago was the place to see and be seen for guests who paid thousands of dollars for the privilege on New Year’s Eve. Diamonds and furs abounded on the red carpet. When Donald Trump arrived at his estate in Palm Beach, Florida, in high spirits and a tuxe
Rachel Daly hopes to ease Houston's pain with Challenge Cup success | Louise Taylor
Yorkshire-born player leads from the front in Sunday’s final as she aims to win a trophy to boost a city hit by the Covid-19 pandemic Rachel Daly has always been a pioneer. As a child, Houston Dash’s captain stood out as the only girl playing for Killinghall Nomads, a junior boys’ side in a village just outside Harrogate, and now she is at the vanguard of a groundbreaking American sporting experi
America 'staring down the barrel of martial law', Oregon senator warns
Ron Wyden says Portland tactics threaten democracy Senator Jeff Merkley deplores ‘military-style assault’ Former Ice head: Trump is using agents as his ‘goon squad’ America is “staring down the barrel of martial law” as it approaches the presidential election, a US senator from Oregon has warned as Donald Trump cracks down on protests in Portland, the state’s biggest city. Related: This is what h
'That’s an illegal order': veterans challenge Trump's officers in Portland
Two veterans asked federal agents if they understood their oath to defend the constitution as teargas was fired The Black Lives Matter protest in Portland looked to be winding down last Saturday night when US marine corps veteran Duston Obermeyer noticed a phalanx of federal officers emerge from the federal courthouse. They shot teargas at the crowd and pushed a protester to the ground with such
Houston consulate: jeers for China as US repossesses mission
Door forced open after consular staff move out to heckling by anti-communist protesters A group of men who appeared to be American officials were seen forcing open a back door of the Chinese consulate in Houston as a US closure order took effect at 4pm on Friday. Related: US-China tensions escalate after closure of Houston consulate Continue reading...
Negotiations over US Covid-19 relief bill remain in flux as key benefit expires
Democrats warned time was being wasted on GOP infighting as infections soar and death toll rises Negotiations over America’s next Covid-19 rescue bill remained in flux on Friday, as the virus posed new risks to parts of the midwest and south, the death toll rose and extra federal payments that helped avert financial ruin for millions of unemployed people were set to expire. Mitch McConnell, the S
Michigan State's entire football team to isolate for 14 days after positive tests
Team to quarantine for two weeks after multiple positive tests Surveillance testing will be repeated again after two weeks Michigan State University said on Friday that all members of its football team will quarantine or isolate after another staff member and an athlete tested positive for Covid-19. The team had already paused workouts once after a staff member tested positive on Wednesday. The a
US and Russia to hold talks on regulating militarisation of space
US claims Russia tested satellite-launched weapon this month Negotiators to meet in Vienna on Monday US and Russian officials will meet in Vienna on Monday to discuss whether and how to regulate the militarisation of space, in the wake of an alleged Russian satellite-launched missile test . The two governments agreed to hold a “space security exchange” in January, but the meeting was put off as a
'Not safe': Niagara Falls tour boats show US and Canada's different responses to Covid-19 – video
Footage of Niagara Falls tour boats highlights the stark differences in physical distancing between Canadian and US-managed companies. Canadian tour company Hornblower Niagara Cruises's ships can carry up to 700 people but Ontario’s strict rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus have permitted them to carry only six passengers at a time. In contrast, the US-owned Maid of the Mist boats, which
Seattle media must provide protest photos to police, judge rules
Judge says images are critical for investigations but newspaper argues move puts independence and reporters’ safety at risk A judge has ordered five Seattle news outlets to comply with a subpoena and give the Seattle police department unpublished video and photos from a 30 May racial justice protest. The King county superior court judge Nelson Lee sided with the city’s police department, ruling t
Michael Cohen released from prison again after ACLU files legal challenge
Organization said White House should remember it ‘can’t put someone in prison for writing a book critical of’ Trump After Michael Cohen left solitary confinement in New York on Friday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the Trump administration “would do well to remember that it cannot put someone in prison for writing a book critical of the president”. Related: Mary Trump on her Uncl
Letter: John Lewis obituary
As the Guardian’s Washington correspondent in the early 1980s one of my assignments was to travel the deep south and write about abuses of the Voting Rights Act, which were making it hard for African Americans to register for elections. In the course of my work I called in for a chat with John Lewis , whose office was in sight of the state capitol in Montgomery, from where, at the time, the Confe
Airbus takes final approach to settle 16-year WTO row with US
Aircraft maker says it will end French and Spanish state support used by Trump administration to justify tariffs Airbus has said it is taking the last step to end 16 years of bitter litigation with the US at the World Trade Organization (WTO) over subsidies that the White House said disadvantaged rival aerospace company Boeing. The European aircraft manufacturer on Friday said it will end a syste
US push for global alliance against China hampered by years of 'America first'
Beijing is flexing its muscles on multiple fronts but Trump’s retreat from world leadership leaves it ill-placed to helm a fightback The confrontation between the US and China is gathering pace with each passing week. In the past few days, the Chinese consulate in Houston has been shuttered amid allegations it was a spy hub, and the US mission in the south-western city of Chengdu was closed in re
Congress wants to fix public lands. It's just a bandage on the wounds Trump caused | Sally Jewell and Ken Salazar
Congress shed its partisan colors to pass a bill that will invest billions in national parks – but it will not cover up the environmental damage Trump has done Among mountain trails and city parks in our home states of Colorado and Washington, we have gratefully found refuge in nature amid this global pandemic. Never has fresh air tasted so good as now, when it provides escape from a virus that i
Portland protests: why Trump has sent in federal agents – video report
Federal agents in Portland , Oregon, have detained protesters in unmarked vans, teargassed crowds and beaten reporters in recent days, as Black Lives Matter rallies in the city near the end of their eighth consecutive week. The Trump administration, which deployed the officers at the beginning of July, has been accused of heavy-handed and biased policing of demonstrations, which began over the ki
Biden predicts Trump will try to 'steal the election' by fighting mail-in voting – live
Ice’s ex-acting head: Trump is using federal agents as his ‘goon squad’ Chad Wolf: the Trump official leading the crackdown in Portland Florida hospitals stretched to capacity by outbreak Join us for a live event at 12 EDT today: Who killed Berta Cáceres? Sign up to our First Thing newsletter 3.15pm BST Coronavirus cases are surging in Texas, and one county is being forced to make devastating ch
Goldman Sachs pays $3.9bn to settle 1MDB corruption scandal
Malaysian finance minister hails return of ‘assets that rightfully belong to the people’ Goldman Sachs has reached a $3.9bn (£3.1bn) settlement with the Malaysian government over the multi billion-dollar 1MDB corruption scandal . The deal struck by the Wall Street bank, which allegedly failed to act while $4.5bn was looted from its client, Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund 1MDB, involves a cash pa
Christopher Columbus statue removed in Chicago following protests
Mayor ordered statue removed overnight after hours of vocal confrontations between protesters and supporters and a week after a clash with police A statue of Christopher Columbus in downtown Chicago’s Grant Park was taken down early on Friday, a week after protesters trying to topple the monument to the Italian explorer clashed with police. The controversial statue was taken down at the direction
This is what happens when the War on Terror is turned inward, on America | Hamilton Nolan
Trump has realized that our vast post-9/11 security state can be used to police internal bogeymen like antifa A strange and necessary ingredient of America’s descent towards fascism is that it will have little impact on the majority of people. As militarized federal agents are deployed into major cities to snatch protesters and charge them with harsh federal crimes for daring to deface the ruling
Covid-19 puts workers in danger. It's another reason we need unions | Steven Greenhouse
At one US meat plant, 890 workers contracted Covid-19. At another, eight people died. Only organized labor will protect us In May, workers at a McDonald’s in San Francisco said that when they asked their employer for masks, they were told to use coffee filters instead . In April, at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island, a workers’ representative told me they only saw two hand sanitizers for the f
Trump's free-speech legal folly has merely emboldened his critics | Lloyd Green
The president remains as keen to sue as ever – but his attempts to intimidate his targets have proved a spectacular flop Donald 


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