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Top Story:  Portland sees peaceful night of protest after withdrawl of federal troops.

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Portland sees peaceful night of protests following withdrawal of federal troops
Thursday night’s protest passed off without major incident or intervention by the police in the absence of federal officers The withdrawal of federal agents from frontline policing of demonstrations in downtown Portland significantly reduced tensions in the city overnight. Protesters in support of Black Lives Matter once again rallied near the federal courthouse that became a flashpoint, and the
John Lewis knew the march is not yet over, the race is not yet won | Barack Obama
In a transcript of his remarks at the congressman’s funeral, the former president calls on Americans to follow Lewis’s lead at a time of crisis Representative John Lewis, a legendary civil rights leader and member of Congress, died of cancer on 17 July. In a eulogy at his memorial on Thursday, Barack Obama spoke about Lewis’s legacy, especially the importance of continuing his fight to protect vo
Trump badly miscalculated in Portland – and even he knows it | Cas Mudde
Trump overestimated how much voters fear ‘antifa’ - and underestimated how terrible his ham-fisted authoritarianism would look Opponents of Donald Trump often describe him as a “ political genius ” who has a cunning understanding of the anxieties and fears of American society, and is able to create and use crises to his favor. The current standoff in Portland shows, yet again, that this is not th


Vanessa Guillén: Trump meets with family of soldier killed at Texas army base
President promises investigation into death of Guillén, whose family says she was sexually harassed by a soldier suspected of killing her Donald Trump has met with the family of a soldier who investigators say was killed on the Texas army base where she was stationed, saying it is a “terrible story” and that he would help with funeral expenses. The family of army specialist Vanessa Guillén, whose
Words aren't enough. Sports team CEOs must use their influence to effect change | Etan Thomas
Statements of support and solidarity were a good start, but it’s time for the billionaires in control of sports teams to wield their power to bring about tangible change in their communities Malcolm X warned us a long time ago to be leery of settling for symbolic victories rather than justice and actual progress. Continue reading...
A historic antitrust hearing in Congress has put big tech on notice | Roger McNamee
We learned that antitrust cases and new forms of regulation may be on the way for Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google On Wednesday’s the world’s most powerful tech CEOs – Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tim Cook of Apple and Sundar Pichai of Google – were summoned to Washington. There, they were called to testify at the US House of Representatives’ antitrust subcommittee. It was
'A beehive of terrorists': Donald Trump threatens to deploy national guard in Portland – video
Donald Trump has called protesters in Portland, Oregon, ‘terrorists’ and threatened to send in the national guard if local authorities cannot disperse them. Speaking at a White House press conference, Trump called the city a ‘beehive of terrorists’ and accused its mayor of incompetence. Despite Oregon's governor, Kate Brown, saying this week that she had secured an agreement with the White House
Coronavirus US: Daily deaths remain above 1,000 as Fauci set to appear before House – live updates
Plan to slash $600 lifeline threatens misery for millions Federal agents show stronger force at Portland protests Obama hails Lewis as founding father of ‘fuller, better’ US Fauci to appear before House subcommittee this morning Sign up to our First Thing newsletter 1.12pm BST A US marine has died, two have been injured and eight others are missing after a “tragic incident” involving an assault a
As a cop, I killed someone. Then I found out it happens more often than we know | Thomas Owen Baker
I’m a former officer who studies police violence. Most databases vastly undercount the number of civilians killed by US police In 2005, I joined the police department in Phoenix, Arizona. I became a police officer for the health insurance and economic security, and because the people I’d looked up to as a working-class kid had told me being a cop was a respectable career. I was married with two s
The suburbs may be the 'American dream', but not for this New Yorker | Emma Brockes
The postwar history of suburbia is fraught with racial segregation – and Donald Trump knows this ‘You should move to the suburbs.” This remark, once made in jest, now surfaces frequently as a serious proposition . Every week in New York, more families leave – the well-off to hastily acquired rentals or second homes; others to their elderly parents’ basements, where the downsides of moving back in
Revealed: super-rich donate to Cuomo as he rejects tax hikes for billionaires
Investigation shows governor’s political machine has received money from more than a third of New York’s billionaire families New York governor Andrew Cuomo has stood firm against intensifying pressure to avert massive budget cuts by raising taxes on the many billionaires who live in his state. Related: 'Egregious' distancing violations at Chainsmokers charity concert – Cuomo Continue reading...
Living off the land: the new sisterhood of Black female homesteaders
From the South Side of Chicago to tiny Carolina farms, a growing number of Black women are reclaiming the land – and their wellbeing The car made its way along a tree-lined gravel road. The sky was clear, and as the car drove by, the trees swayed from side to side, almost like a sign of welcome. The road opened up into a large pasture. In the middle of the pasture was a wooden pergola with grapes
'You need to pay attention': virus-hit Texas readies for hurricane threat
Covid-19 has complicated state’s preparedness – and experts are worried about the impact on a vulnerable population On a recent weekend in Houston hundreds of people thronged a local Home Depot, buying plywood, bags of sand and gallons of water. They were getting supplies – not for a quarantine DIY project – but rather purchasing materials to protect their homes during hurricane season. Related:
'A failed experiment': the racist legacy of California governor Pete Wilson
Pete Wilson backed efforts to exclude undocumented immigrants from public services and ban affirmative action. California voters will soon reconsider the ban Former California governor Pete Wilson left the governor’s mansion in 1999, but his legacy lived on in the anti-diversity policies he championed and helped enshrine into California law. As governor, Wilson used his pulpit to push reforms tha
First Thing: Obama's eulogy for John Lewis was powerfully political
Former president called on Americans to resist successor’s efforts to undermine voting rights. Plus, what one cop learned from a fatal shooting Good morning. Three US presidents delivered eulogies for John Lewis at the congressman’s funeral in Atlanta on Thursday. A fourth, Donald Trump, was not in attendance, but his presence was felt strongly in Barack Obama’s eulogy – which was perhaps Obama’s
Nasa launches Perseverance rover in mission to find evidence of life on Mars – video
Nasa has successfully launched its next-generation Perseverance rover on a seven-month journey to Mars in search of evidence of ancient microbial life on the red planet. The car-sized robot will attempt to land on the Jezero crater – which may 


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