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Top Story:  President Trump's brother, Robert, dies at age 71.

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Robert Trump: brother of president Donald Trump dies aged 71
President confirms his younger brother has died after being taken to hospital in New York Donald Trump’s younger brother, Robert Trump, died on Saturday night aged 71 after being hospitalised in New York, the president said in a statement. The president on Friday visited his brother in hospital after White House officials said Robert had become seriously ill . Officials did not immediately releas
Calls for nationwide sickout as Arizona school district cancels reopening
Arizona public school district forced to abandon plans after more than 100 teachers and staff members called in sick An Arizona public school district was forced to cancel its plans to reopen on Monday after more than 100 teachers and other staff members called in sick. “We have received an overwhelming response from staff indicating that they do not feel safe returning to classrooms with student
Newsweek apologizes for op-ed that questioned Kamala Harris' citizenship
Magazine’s opinion editor and editor-in-chief ended note by saying op-ed would remain on the site Newsweek has apologized for an op-ed that questioned the California senator Kamala Harris’ American citizenship and her eligibility to be Joe Biden’s running mate, a false and racist conspiracy theory which Donald Trump has not dismissed. “This op-ed is being used by some as a tool to perpetuate raci


Can Biden win over the young Latinos who flocked to Bernie Sanders?
Energized by universal healthcare and free college tuition, enthusiastic young Latinos favored ‘Tio Bernie’ – and Biden has work to do to convince this crucial voting bloc Thomas Kennedy remembers spending all day on the phone keeping up with excited new voters wanting to know how “el caucus” worked, ahead of the first Democratic primary contest in Iowa in February. The most noticeable callers we


We’ve got to start thinking beyond our own lifespans if we’re going to avoid extinction | Sonia Sodha
Short-term analysis of ways to save society, and indeed humanity, is useless In a biology lesson about the bacterial growth curve, the parallels with the climate crisis were hard to miss. Stick bacteria in a test tube with food and their population will grow exponentially until, eventually, they run out of resources and kill themselves off. Even a couple of decades ago, the comparison with humani
Postmaster general’s changes causing mail delays, USPS workers say
Carriers described ‘buckets of mail sitting’ and said they were being forced to come into work later and return earlier Workers at the United States Postal Service (USPS) say changes being implemented by recently appointed postmaster general and major Donald Trump donor Louis DeJoy are causing major delays, with mail carriers struggling to keep up. Related: Why is the US Postal Service's role in
Making billions v making ends meet: how the pandemic has split the US economy in two
US billionaires’ wealth is soaring while millions remain unemployed, creating a country with two economies and increased inequality It’s only a hundred miles from Manhattan to East Hampton but as the city swelters the Long Island town can seem a world away. Cool Atlantic breezes take the heat off long summer days spent on its miles of white, soft sand beaches. High-priced farm stands provide heir
End of an era: has coronavirus killed the political convention for good?
With Democrats and Republicans holding no in-person conventions this year, some have called to ditch them completely – but others say they’re a vital political tool There won’t be any huge balloon drops at the Democratic or Republican party conventions this year. Presidential candidates will not get the chance to accept their nominations in front of massive, cheering crowds. Political reporters a
Mike Pence shows his worth by reaching the parts Trump cannot
The vice-president, a key link with white evangelical voters, is also a champion debater unlikely to be fazed by Kamala Harris Two green tractors were mounted on the podium. Beneath “Farmers & Ranchers for Trump” signs, the seated audience wore “Trump 2020” campaign regalia. They warmed up with The Best, YMCA and other songs familiar from Donald Trump’s campaign rallies. But when the headline spe
Stipe Miocic outlasts Daniel Cormier to retain UFC heavyweight title
Miocic wins unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46 and 48-47) Cormier finishes fight despite no visibility in his left eye Stipe Miocic defeated Daniel Cormier by unanimous decision in a five-round bout Saturday night to win the rubber match of a fantastic trilogy between the fighters and retain his heavyweight championship at UFC 252. Miocic (20-3) swept the scorecards 49-46, 49-46 and 48-47 to stake
How the home team advantage is lost when no one's watching | Torsten Bell
New research confirms that a lack of spectators changes the expected course of matches What difference does banning spectators from pandemic-era sports matches make? Quite a bit, concludes new research. First, fewer people catch Covid-19. A US study on basketball and ice hockey games finds one big indoor match before bans increased deaths by a staggering 9% in nearby areas. No shock, Sherlock – b
Jessica McCaskill stuns Cecilia Brækhus for undisputed title in massive upset
Investment banker wins undisputed 147lb title in major shock Norwegian takes first loss of 13-year career by majority decision Brækhus, 38, hints at retirement: ‘I miss my friends, my family’ Jessica McCaskill, a 33-year-old investment banker from Chicago who overcame homelessness as a child and moonlights as a professional boxer, sprang a seismic upset on Saturday night in dethroning Cecilia Bræ
Can we have a conversation about Kamala Harris's ideas? | Kenan Malik
We expect Donald Trump to question her Americanness, but the left is equally desperate to label her So, who is Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s pick for US vice-president? No, not what does Harris believe, or what are her policies, or what is her record? Rather, the debate is about her identity. Harris was born in Oakland, California. Her father is Jamaican, her mother Indian. For the right, that raise
US voters can replace a party that knows how to fight with one that knows how to govern | Robert Reich
The division between Republicans and Democrats is no longer between left and right but between different core competences As America heads into its quadrennial circus of nominating conventions (this year’s even more surreal because of the pandemic), it’s important to understand the real difference between America’s two political parties at this point in history. Instead of “left” versus “right”,
'I knew the victims' pain': the pioneering detective who took on the Golden State Killer
Forty years ago, Carol Daly was the only female detective investigating the attacks. This week, she will attend his sentencing She had waited decades for the call. There had been a time when chasing the trail of the Golden State Killer had dominated Carol Daly’s life. But by April 2018, Daly, a 79-year-old former detective with the Sacramento county sheriff’s department, had long ago forced herse
Trump says he will 'take a look' at pardon for Edward Snowden
President said at press conference he did not know much about whistleblower’s case Donald Trump said on Saturday that he would look at the issue of giving a pardon to whistleblower Edward Snowden . Snowden disclosed highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013. He revealed the news covertly to the Guardian after he fled to Hong Kong, before flying to Moscow to avoid ext
Trump campaign adviser gets into Twitter spat with Marge Simpson
Character said she’s ‘starting to feel a little disrespected’ in clip after Jenna Ellis said Kamala Harris ‘sounds like Marge Simpson’ America’s already wildly unpredictable 2020 election campaign has taken a further bizarre twist after a top Donald Trump adviser got into a spat with Marge, one of the characters of the hit animated comedy show The Simpsons. The fight began when Jenna Ellis, a sen
Why Germany would be especially happy to see the back of Trump | John Kampfner
The competence embodied in Merkel provokes loathing from the US president Donald Trump has declared war on Germany. In a manner of speaking. Europe’s most important country, potentially America’s most valuable partner, has in the mind of the president become an adversary. Of all Trump’s many foreign policy disasters, this is perhaps his most significant. In late July, it was announced that retire
Pelosi vows to protect USPS, which Trump is ‘openly working to destroy’
House speaker said president is actively trying to ‘sabotage’ agency’s ability to deliver mail-in ballots in time for election Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi has accused Donald Trump of “openly working to destroy the post office”, and said the US president is actively trying to “sabotage” the agency’s ability to deliver Americans’ mail-in ballots in time to be counted for the 2020 election. Related: P
Working from home was the dream but is it turning into a nightmare? | John Naughton
Back-to-back Zooms and employee surveillance apps have seen work invade the home in sinister ways Remember when it was so exciting to be able to WFH – work from home? When your boss, instead of being grumpy and taking a grudging “well-if-you-must” attitude was suddenly insisting that you had to work remotely? And how refreshing that seemed at the beginning? No more dispiriting 90-minute commutes,
Georgia: fights break out during protest near Confederate memorial
Several dozen rightwing demonstrators, many wearing military gear, faced off against counter-protesters in Stone Mountain After several hours of mostly peaceful demonstrations on Saturday in an Atlanta suburb that’s home to a giant Confederate memorial, large numbers of police moved in to disperse the crowds when fights broke out. Several dozen rightwing demonstrators, some waving the Confederate
Pelosi says Trump is 'openly working to destroy' the USPS ahead of election – live
House speaker also criticized Republicans’ ‘complete disarray’ in letter Warnings that changes to USPS could disenfranchise voters From Oakland to the White House? The rise of Kamala Harris Flu and Covid: winter could bring ‘double-barrel’ outbreak to US Sign up to our First Thing newsletter 3.27pm BST The Associated Press reports that a white state trooper has been charged with murder over the f
Venus Williams gives hope of more good days in tennis still to come
Her performance against sister Serena was comfortably the best level she has exhibited in more than a year At the turn of the millennium, as the 2000 season arrived, Venus Williams was nowhere to be seen. She was the third-best player in the world and just 19, but for three months she had withdrawn from all tournaments, citing a wrist injury. By March, a curious rumour began to spread: people won
The WAP uproar shows conservatives are fine with female sexuality – as long as men control it | Arwa Mahdawi
The same conservatives who dismiss Trump’s ‘pussy-grabbing’ comments want women to think that it’s immoral to enjoy themselves Sign up for the Week in Patriarchy, a newsletter​ on feminism and sexism sent every Saturday. Continue reading...
US defense department creates taskforce to investigate UFOs
Taskforce to detect and anlyze unidentified aerial phenomena that could ‘potentially pose a threat’ to national security, Pentagon said The US department of Defense has formed a new body to investigate what it calls “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs) to monitor reported sightings of what most people call UFOs. The move is likely to spark wide interest in alien hunters worldwide looking for si
Each week Beijing's message to Hong Kong gets clearer: we can do what we like | Ilaria Maria Sala
Publisher Jimmy Lai’s arrest shocked Hongkongers, but since the anti-sedition law they’ve entered uncharted waters On Monday, 10 August, Hong Kong woke up to the startling news of the arrest of Jimmy Lai , the 71-year-old publisher of Apple Daily, the only pro-democracy high-circulation newspaper in the territory. As the day progressed, more arrests linked to Lai and his businesses were carried o
A clusterpocalyse is heading our way – so stock up on good times (not loo roll) | Hadley Freeman
We should be watching movies that have nothing to do with the current depressing situation Exciting news, everyone: this winter will be terrible! This is palpably and collectively beginning to sink in, with conversations transitioning from, “It seems like we’ve flattened the curve now, right?” to “Oh, the apocalypse is coming. Well, something to put in the diary at last, I guess.” In case anyone
Should we stop calling rape victims 'survivors'? | Moira Donegan
Michelle Bowdler’s superb book Is Rape a Crime? questions the conventions of the ‘rape story’ Michelle Bowdler doesn’t want you to call her a rape “survivor”. “I don’t love the word ‘victim’ but I disdain the word ‘survivor’,” she tells me over Zoom, sitting in her red-walled study. She thinks the word survivor implies resolution to an event whose repercussions are in fact often lifelong, and tha
Chicago 1968: glimpses of when the Democrats met amid a summer of unrest
The Democratic national convention took place amid protests about the Vietnam war, a police riot and a looming flu pandemic Every four years in the US, political parties convene to nominate their respective candidates for November’s presidential election. The conventions are historically grandiose affairs with a circus-like atmosphere. Speeches are given, balloons are dropped and the party messag
For Manhattan's retail industry normal may never return
Brands and restaurants have decided the city’s sky-high rents are just too expensive for them ‘It’s the worst I’ve seen’: London’s West End struggles to bounce back On a damp and humid Thursday afternoon Manhattan’s Union Square is looking sorry for itself. There’s 73,000 sq ft of empty retail space up for grabs at 44 Union Square in the now boarded up neo-Georgian landmark that was once Tammany
The movement to defund police has won historic victories across the US. What's next?
A dozen local governments have moved to reduce their police budgets by more than $1.4bn, marking a significant shift in American politics In the days after the killing of George Floyd, an 


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