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Top Story:  California Uber and Lyft drivers brace for shutdown over worker classification.

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California Uber and Lyft drivers brace for shutdown over worker classification
Companies threatened to shut down operations over a court ruling ordering them to classify their drivers as employees by 20 August Uber and Lyft drivers are bracing for a shutdown in California, one of the rideshare companies’ largest markets. For drivers it is a bittersweet moment. One that couldn’t come at a worse time and yet holds the promise of a better future. The coronavirus pandemic has h
We must do a comprehensive study on Covid-19 'long-haulers.' A lot is at stake | Oved Amitay and Anthony L Komaroff
Covid patients are reporting persistent, long-term symptoms of chronic fatigue. Let’s get to the bottom of this “Long-haulers” is no longer just a job description for truckers. This term now refers to the growing number of people who contracted Covid-19 and have continued to have symptoms for more than 100 days – even though tests reveal no virus left in the body. Covid-19 “long-haulers” continue
Our cheap, cynical government is the real threat to recovery, not Covid-19 benefits | Moira Herbst
There are millions unemployed, but plenty of work to do. How about a Pandemic Jobs Program that pulls in elements of the Green New Deal? In America, it seems, workers always come last . With more than 31 million out-of-work Americans now cut off from enhanced unemployment benefits, and with Washington’s failure to deliver relief, working families and the broader economy are set to fall off a clif


Pompeo pressed on claims China is helping build Saudi uranium facility
Democrats write to secretary of state over claims Beijing is helping to develop yellowcake factory Congressional Democrats have asked the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, to provide information about China’s alleged role in building a uranium processing facility in Saudi Arabia. US officials have told journalists and nuclear experts they suspect a mill for producing yellowcake – refined uraniu
Emotional stories and a virtual roll call backing Biden: day two at the DNC – video highlights
Democrats formally nominated Joe Biden for president during an emotional second night of their party’s virtual convention, warning that Donald Trump was an 'existential threat' to America who had failed to get a grip on the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the key moments from the evening Jill Biden closes second night as Joe formally secures nomination – as it happened Sign up to our First Thing n
Obama expected to denounce Trump's 'cynical moves' on mail-in voting – US politics live
Former president expect to make case “democracy itself is on the line” Democrats formally nominate Joe Biden for president Senate report lays bare Trump campaign’s Russia links US recorded 43,226 new coronavirus cases and 1,349 new deaths Sign up to our First Thing newsletter 12.53pm BST Julian Borger in Washington has a story for us this morning about US secretary of state Mike Pompeo being pres
First Thing: Senate trumps Mueller with its Russian collusion report
1,000-page document lays bare a stunning web of contacts between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia. Plus, an oral history of Fame Don’t already get First Thing in your inbox? Sign up here Good morning. More than a year after the messy conclusion of the Mueller investigation, the US senate intelligence committee has released its 1,000-page bipartisan report into the stunning array of links betwee


Masks blunt the spread of coronavirus – but not all are created equal
Published findings on effectiveness of 14 different face-coverings spark debate over bandannas and neck gaiters Masks have been found to be one of the most effective tools at blunting the transmission of the coronavirus, but not all face-coverings are created equal. Researchers at Duke University recently ignited a debate over bandannas and neck gaiters earlier this month when they published find
Purdue Pharma escaped serious charges over opioid in 2006, memo shows
A justice department document shows prosecutors recommended the OxyContin maker face wire fraud and money-laundering charges A Department of Justice internal memorandum obtained by the Guardian shows that government prosecutors found evidence that executives at the drugs giant Purdue Pharma may have committed multiple crimes, including wire fraud and money laundering, to boost sales of its billio
Is anyone safe from Covid-19? This is what we know so far about immunity | Zania Stamataki
The good news is that our natural defences can eliminate the virus and scientists are making progress with antiviral therapies Zania Stamataki is a senior lecturer in viral immunology Coronavirus – latest updates About nine months ago – as we now all know – a new coronavirus jumped to humans, causing a complex respiratory disease called Covid-19. The virus breezed through the planet with ease , h
Revolt in Belarus and the rise of Kamala: the 21/08 Guardian Weekly
The women at the forefront of the rebellion against Alexander Lukashenko and profile Joe Biden’s history-making running-mate. To get the Guardian Weekly delivered to your home, click here Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko revelled in his reputation as “Europe’s last dictator”. But after 26 years of rule in the former Soviet republic, another rigged election on 9 August saw Belarusians tak
It took me 15 trips to withdraw money. Banking is a maze for ordinary Nigerians
Red tape intended to disrupt fraudsters excludes people from accessing vital financial services. An overhaul is long overdue It took winning an international writing prize for me to realise how excluded I was from banking in my country. Before this, I had a savings account that I had opened at school, during a financial literacy session, with nothing but my school identity card, a blue pen, and a
Greta Thunberg: After two years of school strikes, the world is still in a state of climate crisis denial
We can have as many meetings as we like, but the will to change is nowhere in sight. Society must start treating this as a crisis • Report: Vital time being lost to climate inertia, say activists On Thursday 20 August, it will be exactly two years since the first school strike for the climate took place. Looking back, a lot has happened. Many millions have taken to the streets to join the decades
Virtual roll call and emotional stories: key takeaways from the DNC's second night
Democrats nominated Biden with a vibrant roll call that showed every US region as Ady Barkan called for better healthcare Democrats formally nominated former vice-president Joe Biden for the presidency on Tuesday, the second night of their virtual convention . Here are some of the key takeaways from the night: Continue reading...
DNC's uplifting moments paper over contradictions and hypocrisies
Inspiring speeches, grassroots party members and a shining roll call downplay the ageing factor and leaders’ political missteps If Joe Biden wins November’s US election, he will be the oldest president in American history, surpassing Donald Trump’s record. At 78 on inauguration day, he will be older than Ronald Reagan on the day he left office. The second night of the virtual Democratic national
Ady Barkan delivers powerful DNC speech demanding quality healthcare
Activist who lost his voice because of ALS urged Americans to vote for Joe Biden and called Trump an ‘existential threat’ Progressive activist Ady Barkan , who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), gave a powerful address at the Democratic national convention on Tuesday endorsing Joe Biden for president, calling Donald Trump an “existential threat” and demanding access to quality healthcare fo
Activist Ady Barkan delivers powerful speech on protecting US healthcare – video
Prominent activist Ady Barkan called on voters to act in the forthcoming presidential election to safeguard the future of the US healthcare system. 'Even during this terrible crisis, Donald Trump and Republican politicians are trying to take away millions of people's health insurance,' Barkan said on the second night of the Democratic national convention Democrats formally nominate Joe Biden for
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praises Bernie Sanders in DNC speech – video
In a symbolic speech at the Democratic National Convention, New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praised Bernie Sanders for his 'historic grassroots campaign to reclaim our democracy', calling it 'a movement that realized the unsustainable brutality of an economy that rewards explosive inequalities of wealth for the few at the expense of long-term stability for the many'. Before Joe Bi
Democratic national convention day two: Ocasio-Cortez & Jill Biden among speakers – watch in full
Democrats attending an online convention are expected to formally pick Joe Biden as their party's nominee to face President Donald Trump in the Nov 3 election. The main speakers on the second night of the convention include Joe Biden's wife, Jill, former President Bill Clinton, liberal firebrand Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the party's 2004 presidential nominee John Kerry US news -
Democratic convention live: second night begins with Jill Biden to speak
Colin Powell to endorse former vice-president Cindy McCain to detail husband’s ‘unlikely friendship’ with Biden Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez among scheduled speakers Biden to be formally nominated on convention’s second night Sign up to our First Thing newsletter 2.31am BST Hi there, it’s Maanvi here - chiming in. One notable moment from Sally Yates ’ address: She clearly referred to Donald Trump’s t
Democrats formally nominate Joe Biden for president
Second night of Democratic convention saw 17 rising stars in party deliver the keynote and an elevator operator nominate Biden Democrats formally nominated Joe Biden for president during an emotional second night of their party’s virtual convention, warning that Donald Trump was an “existential threat” to America who had failed to get a grip on the coronavirus pandemic. The official nomination el
'They're afraid of the voter': Pelosi says Democrats will fight for USPS – video
The House speaker on Tuesday said Democrats would fight to protect the US Postal Service and postal voting after Donald Trump's new postmaster general announced he was halting some operational changes to mail delivery that critics warned could disrupt the November election. Speaking to reporters in front of a US post office in the Bayview neighbourhood in San Francisco, Pelosi mocked the Trump ad
Vucevic and Magic stun No1 seed Bucks in NBA playoff series opener
Nikola Vucevic scores 35 points and 14 rebounds in victory Giannis Antetokounmpo returns from suspension to loss Surging Blazers shock Lakers in Game 1 behind Lillard’s 34 Nikola Vucevic scored a playoff career-high 35 points and had 14 rebounds, and the Orlando Magic stunned the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks 122-110 on Tuesday in the teams’ playoff opener. Related: Surging Blazers shock Lakers in p
Louisiana’s Covid test proposal would exclude 'thousands' from mail-in voting
Election official wants to require a positive diagnosis for mail-in voters despite lags in testing In an unprecedented move, Louisiana’s top election official wants to require a positive Covid-19 test if a voter wants to vote absentee over concerns about the virus. This comes amid a lack of consistent access to testing in the state. Louisiana is one of seven states that will still require an excu
Black Virginia state senator charged with 'injury' to Confederate monument
Fellow Democrats condemn charges for Louise Lucas Statue was toppled during protest in Portsmouth in June A Virginia state senator has been charged with damaging a Confederate monument in Portsmouth during protests that also led to a demonstrator being critically injured when a statue was torn down, authorities said on Monday. Related: Postmaster general suspends operational changes until after e
US Senate report goes beyond Mueller to lay bare Trump campaign's Russia links
Bipartisan intelligence panel says that Russian who worked on Trump’s 2016 bid was career spy, amid a stunning range of contacts A report by the Senate intelligence committee provides a treasure trove of new details about Donald Trump’s relationship with Moscow, and says that a Russian national who worked closely with Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 was a career intelligence officer. The bi
USPS crisis: postmaster general to suspend all changes until after election
Louis DeJoy announces pause following widespread outcry Pelosi says suspension ‘does not reverse damage already done’ The US women leading the fight against voter suppression The US postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, has announced he is suspending cost-cutting operational changes until after the November elections, after days of widespread outcry and claims Donald Trump was deliberately slowing dow
Turnaround on Wall Street as S&P index hits new high
Shares in S&P 500 are up 50% on Covid trough in late March Wall Street’s rapid recovery from its Covid-19 slump has entered a new phase after a leading yardstick of American shares briefly hit a record high. In early trading in New York the S&P 500, which measures the stock market valuation of the 500 leading US quoted companies, rose to 3,394.82, exceeding its previous high by a single point. Co
Julián Castro warns Democrats of 'potential slide of Latino support'
Lone Latino to run for president this year says party ‘could win the battle and lose the war’ amid lack of representation at convention US politics – live coverage Julián Castro, the lone Latino to run for the Democratic presidential nomination this year, has warned at the outset of the party’s convention Democrats risk losing Latino support if they do not make greater efforts at inclusion. Relat
I had to call police after Tucker Carlson targeted me on air, photojournalist says
Tristan Spinski says people tried to break into his home after Carlson revealed his name over upcoming New York Times piece A photojournalist said he hid in fear in his own home, locking himself in an upstairs room with his family, after people tried to break in when he was named on air by the Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Related: Trump tells Michelle Obama 'sit back and watch' after DNC speech
US judge blocks law banning trans athletes from women's sports
Transgender athletes now free to compete in college sports American Civil Liberties Union filed lawsuit challenging law A federal judge on Monday issued a temporary injunction to stop Idaho from enacting a law banning transgender girls and women 


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