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Top Story:  Donald Trump's sister calls him "cruel."

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Donald Trump's sister calls him 'cruel' in tapes made by niece – US politics live
President: ‘Every day it’s something else, who cares’ Biden says he could run for second term if elected A disputed election, a constitutional crisis … welcome to 1876 Opinion: How Donald Trump canceled the Republican party Sign up to our First Thing newsletter 2.31pm BST The White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has appeared on ABC’s This Week and has been talking about his boss, Donald Trum
Pool sales heat up as people seek a backyard escape amid pandemic
With Covid-19 limiting our recreational options, US businesses are reporting a boom in sales and rentals When the soon-to-be newlyweds Amanda Shaftel and Aaron Weiss were forced to postpone their wedding this past spring, what did they do? They started a pool business. Having a wedding during a global pandemic was not in the cards but their new venture could not have been better timed. The busine
Biden indicates he could run for second term if he beats Trump in November
Biden, 77, will be oldest president ever if he wins election US politics – live coverage Sidney Blumenthal: How Trump canceled the Republican party Joe Biden, who will be the oldest US president ever inaugurated if he beats Donald Trump in November, has indicated he could run for a second term. Related: Trump v American democracy: the real battle on the ballot this November Continue reading...


The Libertarian party was up and coming in 2016. What happened?
Four years ago the party’s ticket included two former governors. This year it features fringe figures who flirt with the far right The Libertarian party nominated two respected former state governors for president and vice-president in 2016, and enjoyed its most successful election performance ever, winning nearly 4.5m votes. To many, it seemed that the Libertarians were a genuinely relevant thir
A disputed election, a constitutional crisis, polarisation … welcome to 1876
Eric Foner, the pre-eminent historian of the civil war and Reconstruction, sees parallels with our own time but warns yesterday’s solution would be a disaster As Donald Trump warns inaccurately of voter fraud and polls show the unpopular president staying within touching distance of Democrat Joe Biden, the prospect of an unresolved US election draws horribly near, especially as the impact of the
The racist mob attack that haunts Jacksonville, Florida, 60 years on
If Trump had had his way, he would have accepted the nomination in the Florida city on the anniversary of one of its darkest days Six decades have passed since a 200-strong racist white mob wielding bats and axe handles rampaged through Jacksonville. They beat young Black men with impunity under the noses of police officers in a downtown park named for a Confederate civil war veteran from a famil
Trump v American democracy: the real battle on the ballot this November
The president has claimed the only way he can lose is if the vote is rigged – setting the stage for bitter conflict after election day The soaring oratory had been replaced by visible anguish. Barack Obama stood in Philadelphia, where the signing of the constitution laid the foundation stone of American democracy, and warned that his successor is ready to tear it all down to cling to power. Last
Joe Biden picks Seamus Heaney to add to his appeal
Presidential frontrunner quotes Irish wordsmith in his nomination acceptance speech Joe Biden is not the first nor is he likely to be the last politician to summon political spirits with poetry, but choosing verse from The Cure at Troy, Seamus Heaney’s free translation of Sophocles’ Philoctetes, for his Democratic party nomination acceptance speech on Thursday had scholars of the poet’s work and
From Washington to Minsk, democracy is under siege ... and losing the battle
The supposed triumph of western liberal values in the 1990s – the ‘end of history’ – now rings hollow indeed It would be reassuring to think that if Russia moved to intervene militarily in Belarus – as it did in Ukraine and Georgia – the EU, the US and Nato would finally draw a line. Vladimir Putin would be firmly told: “Not again. Enough of your overt aggression, covert operations, ‘little green
First ladies: voices of reason and compassion, central to US politics today
Michelle Obama’s powerful speech at the Democratic National Convention showed how the roles of leaders’ wives are more important than ever Michelle Obama may think that Donald Trump “cannot meet this moment”, but she has proved without a doubt that she can. When Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last week, she pleaded for Americans to vote for Joe Biden like their “lives dep
How Donald Trump canceled the Republican party | Sidney Blumenthal
The convention will be a ghastly reminder of what happened to the party of Lincoln – even as it desperately grabs for his mantle The Republican convention that nominates Donald Trump for a second term will be the greatest event in the political history of cancel culture. What Trump is cancelling is nothing less than the Republican party as it has existed before him. He ran in 2016 in the primarie
Defund the police: can other cities learn from Seattle's stumbling blocks?
Seattle, site of anti-racist protests in the wake of George Floyd’s killing, have faced logistical issues and clashes with city leaders Seattle was on the verge of taking one of the most radical steps of late toward large-scale police reform of any city in the US just last month. In the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May, and widespread police brutality and anti-raci
Fire and pestilence, flood and wind, the personal is political: Trump must go | Robert Reich
Americans face existential challenges. The president has done nothing to help and much to make things worse The climate crisis has arrived. Just look to California’s fires My wife and I have been warned we may need to evacuate our cabin in the hills north of San Francisco, because of fires ravaging the Bay Area . Related: How Donald Trump canceled the Republican party Continue reading...
'Donald is cruel': Trump's sister recorded saying president has 'no principles'
Maryanne Trump Barry, a former federal judge, made the comments to her niece Mary Trump in secretly taped conversations Donald Trump’s older sister, a former federal judge, is heard sharply criticizing her brother in a series of recordings released Saturday, at one point saying of the president: “He has no principles.” Maryanne Trump Barry was secretly recorded by her niece, Mary Trump, who recen
The Californians with nowhere to go as wildfires rage – photo essay
Tens of thousands have been forced to leave their homes to escape the flames. Photographer Rachel Bujalski meets evacuees At the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California, Michelle and Carlos Jacinto sat in their car at the fairgrounds to eat lunch and take a break from their designated temporary evacuation center. They left their home in Forestville two nights ago, as wildfires tore th
Andy Murray beats Frances Tiafoe on return after nine months away
Scot returns to competition with first-round victory Murray wins 7-6, 3-6, 6-1 in Western & Southern Open Andy Murray marked his return to competition after a nine-month lay-off by beating Frances Tiafoe 7-6 (6), 3-6, 6-1 in two hours, 28 minutes to advance to the second round of the Western & Southern Open in New York. For Murray, just returning to the ATP was a positive step forward. After last
Judge orders Donald Trump to pay Stormy Daniels $44,000 in legal fees
Payment relates to case over non-disclosure agreement in alleged affair between adult film star and president A California judge has ordered Donald Trump to pay the adult film actor and director Stormy Daniels $44,100, to cover legal fees in the battle over her non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the president. Related: William Barr told Murdoch to 'muzzle' Fox News Trump critic, new book says Co
Mike Pompeo to visit Israel and UAE to discuss new diplomatic ties
US secretary of state is also expected to address other security challenges in region Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, will visit Israel on Monday and the United Arab Emirates a day later to discuss the countries’ normalisation deal, according to two sources briefed on his itinerary. Also on Pompeo’s agenda will be the security challenges posed by Iran and China in the region, said the sou
House Democrats pass $25bn bill to fund US Postal Service
Pelosi said the bill’s aim was to ‘reject the Trump administration’s efforts to undermine’ the mission of the postal service The US House of Representatives has passed a bill to fund the US Postal Service, amid ongoing complaints by Democrats that the Trump administration is attempting to sabotage the delivery of mail-in ballots ahead of the presidential election in November. The Democratic bill,
Trump spreads false claim Democrats dropped God from Pledge of Allegiance
Claim first spread on Facebook, which flagged it as untrue Pledge was recited in entirety on three nights of DNC Trump to attend Republican convention in person Before playing golf on Saturday, Donald Trump took time to spread a false claim about God on Twitter. “The Democrats took the word GOD out of the Pledge of Allegiance at the Democrat [sic] National Convention,” the president wrote . Conti
Trump to attend Republican convention as Biden promises coronavirus action
GOP will mount in-person elements despite pandemic Barr told Murdoch to ‘muzzle’ Fox News Trump critic – book Michigan: can young voters flip a key county against Trump? Donald Trump is set to travel to Charlotte on Monday, to attend in person as delegates to the Republican National Convention renominate him for US president. Related: 'I decided I had to do something': can young voters flip a key
Trump-Russia investigation: former CIA chief interviewed by US attorney
John Brennan led the agency as it and others concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to benefit Donald Trump The former CIA director John Brennan was interviewed on Friday by US attorney John Durham’s team, as part of its inquiry into the investigation of Russian election interference in 2016. Related: US Senate report goes beyond Mueller to lay bare Trump campaign's Russia links Co
All hail the California court that put the brakes on Uber and co | John Naughton
Gig economy firms have rightly been held to account for their disingenuous approach to workers’ rights Last Monday, the superior court of California handed down a landmark judgment that looks like taking the wind out 


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