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Top Story:  Trump must win the Midwest.

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Trump must win the Midwest. But out here his breezy reelection gambit falls flat | Art Cullen
We’re more concerned about drought, economic uncertainty and Covid than rightwing talking points about crime and socialism It’s dry. So dry that my neighbor Steve Drey, the tractor parts man who hears it first, figures that the combines might start rolling through the brown corn in just a week or two. Some farmers are cutting corn for livestock silage, and it’s punky. One hundred fifty bushels pe
The five most terrifying performances by women at the RNC – ranked! | Arwa Mahdawi
When it comes to hypocrisy, bigotry and lack of a moral compass, the women in Trump’s inner circle are on an undeniably equal footing with the men Sign up for the Week in Patriarchy, a newsletter​ on feminism and sexism sent every Saturday. Continue reading...
Kenosha marches on as protesters describe 'kidnap' by federal agents
Residents take to streets to patch up damage Activists report being held for hours without charge For many Kenosha residents, Saturday morning was starting like the five mornings before them since Jacob Blake’s shooting by the police last Sunday, after a night of large, peaceful protests demanding justice and equality. Hundreds took to the streets, some working to patch damage and doll up the bli


Let's not forget, Bill Gates hasn't always been the good guy…
A quarter of a century after the launch of Windows 95, it’s striking to remember the philanthropist we know today as a mogul hellbent on world domination Twenty five years ago last Monday, Microsoft released Windows 95 , its first operating system based on the Wimp (Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointer) interface that had been developed at Xerox PARC in the early 1970s and, er, borrowed by Steve Jobs f
Hurricane Laura: Donald Trump visits storm-lashed Louisiana and Texas
14 deaths reported but direction change helped limit casualties Widespread flooding, plus lack of power and drinking water Donald Trump departed the White House on Saturday morning heading for south-west Louisiana to tour the damage there and in neighbouring Texas, two days after Hurricane Laura powered in off the Gulf of Mexico with winds up to 150mph, knocking out power and causing extensive fl
'To be young, gifted and black': Chadwick Boseman on starring in Black Panther – video
Chadwick Boseman, who rose to mainstream prominence as Black Panther in the Marvel superhero films, has died of cancer at the age of 43. In 2019, he spoke about his experience in the role, and as a black man in Hollywood, after Black Panther won the top prize at the Screen Actors Guild awards. 'Did it change the industry?' he asked of the blockbuster, which grossed more than $1.3bn at the box off
Elon Musk reveals pig with Neuralink computer chip implanted in brain – video
Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's neuroscience startup Neuralink has unveiled a pig with a small computer chip implanted in its brain. Describing the implant as 'a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires', Musk said the pig was 'happy and healthy' two months after initially having it fitted. He presented a demo displaying the pig's neurons firing 'in real time'. Neuralink: Elon Musk unveils pig h
Sophia Popov snub is as extraordinary as it is shameful for women's golf
German’s unlikely triumph at Royal Troon gave her sport rare exposure but the fairytale has been lashed with a hammer Golf doesn’t have an equivalent to the own goal, which is just as well for those who administer the second women’s major of the year. If such a straightforward comparison existed, the ANA Inspiration might have been subject to more candid criticism than has already been the case.
Chadwick Boseman's most memorable roles, from Black Panther to 42 – video
Chadwick Boseman, who played Jackie Robinson and James Brown before finding fame as the regal Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has died of cancer at the age of 43. After graduating from Howard University, Boseman had small roles in television before drawing attention in Hollywood IN 2013 with his striking portrayal of the baseball star Robinson in 42. His portrayal of T'Challa in t
Austerity is killing Ecuador. The IMF must help end this disaster | Allison Corkery, Andrés Chiriboga-Tejada, Jayati Ghosh and Adrian Falco
In Ecuador, IMF-promoted austerity has been disastrous and brutal. It’s time to reverse course Ecuador is among the countries hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic: staggering deaths, an overwhelmed health system, and an economy plunged deep into depression. Amid this chaos, the 1 September deadline is fast approaching for the government of Ecuador to restructure $17.4bn in debt owed to internatio
Liberals are quick to dismiss Trump. They do so at their peril | Michael Massing
The Republican party, led by a plutocrat, continues to outdo Democrats in appearing the champion of working families In assessing the Republican national convention, liberal columnists poured forth a torrent of bile and scorn. Some sample headlines from the Washington Post: “The GOP Convention Just Ripped the Mask off Trump’s Corruption and Lies.” “Trump Shows us the Limits of Running the Country
Chadwick Boseman: a life in pictures
The US actor best known for his role as T’Challa in Black Panther, has died at the age of 43. We look back at his life and career Continue reading...


Athletes have only scratched the surface of their power to bring change
Many have questioned how much concrete change can come from the recent sporting boycotts. But players can change America on many levels We are all George Hill – exhausted, dejected and mad as hell, quite frankly. Whether a white ally who has committed to the fight for racial justice or a black American whose very existence, it seems, is an act of unlawful protest in this country or somewhere in b
'DemExit': virtual convention aims to create US leftwing alternative
The Movement for a People’s Party believes Democrats and Republicans will always choose profits over people, and 12,000 have signed up to hear more Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the virtual Democratic national convention made one reference to “middle class” and one to “working families”. It never mentioned the word “poverty”. Related: Biden feared 'ideological jihad' from Sanders after primary
New York's not dead, but pandemic has laid bare deep-seated problems
Jerry Seinfeld got into a spat about the Big Apple with a fellow millionaire but for others racial and class inequalities give debate about the city’s health a very different look Shabazz Stuart was one year old when the TV sitcom Seinfeld first went on air, and seven when the much-loved show about nothing broadcast its final episode. He’s only ever known it as one of those late-night repeats tha
Sexual assault, forced labor, wage theft: garment workers in Jordan suffer for US brands
Activist groups work towards improving labor conditions in textile factories but abolishing the industry’s ‘norms’ is an uphill battle Mehedi Mehedi, a 36-year-old Bangladeshi garment worker who had spent 14 years working in Jordan, left the country forever last December. It was not an easy decision to make: Mehedi had met his wife in Jordan, he had no guarantees of finding a job back in Banglade
What lies ahead as the US election enters the home stretch
A relatively small proportion of electorate tuned into party conventions as first debate set in coming weeks and record number of states voting by mail Rounding the bend after the national party conventions, the US presidential race typically enters a three-month sprint to election day, with the candidates facing off a few times to debate each other and staging boisterous rallies before crossing
A tale of two videos: Jacob Blake, Kyle Rittenhouse and two types of policing
Cellphone images showed officers shooting a black man in the back but a white boy with an assault rifle who had allegedly just killed two was ignored A lawyer for the family of Jacob Blake Jr called it “a tale of two videos”. In one video, a white police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shoots Blake, a black man, repeatedly in the back. Continue reading...
Melania & Me review: a friend spurned, a first lady burned and Donald Trump … unharmed
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has reason to seek revenge but her book does not contain much to concern the first family Stephanie Winston Wolkoff knew Melania Trump for more than 15 years but as an aide to the first lady she lasted less than 14 months. Like other scarred veterans of the Trump administration, she now airs her grievances on paper . Related: Melania & Me: Ivanka Trump sought to undermin
Political protests by NBA players will 'destroy basketball', says Trump
US president denounces Kenosha-inspired boycott of playoffs and warns NFL football season could also suffer Donald Trump has claimed that what he viewed as political activity by the National Basketball Association would destroy the sport. After star players such as Lebron James refused to take the court for playoff games this week in protest at the Kenosha police shooting, the US president expand
'No social distancing': US college towns close bars as Covid-19 cases surge
Rise in campus infections from Missouri to Utah, and Alabama to Iowa forces local authorities to close bars and mandate masks Europe: locals rediscover streets and beaches amid tourist absence Coronavirus live updates College towns across the United States have reimposed shutdowns after a spike in campus cases of coronavirus caused by students partying in large numbers on their return for the new
Michelle Obama: 'I'm just devastated by the shootings in Kenosha'
The former first lady condemned the shooting of Jacob Blake by police as well as killings of Wisconsin protesters Michelle Obama said she was “devastated” by the shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this week and is “exhausted and frustrated” at the trauma of Black and brown people in the US. In a lengthy statement released on Friday, the former first lady condemned the shooting of Jacob Blake , a Wi
'We're not taking it any more': Jacob Blake's family lead Washington rally – video
The family of Wisconsin shooting victim Jacob Blake condemned racism and demanded criminal justice reform as they spoke in front of thousands at the Commitment March in Washington DC. Earlier this week Blake was shot multiple times in the back by police, leaving him paralysed. The protest, announced in early June following the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, marked th
Andy Murray hopes to drum up an atmosphere himself at US Open
Scot thrives on channelling energy of live crowd Murray faces Yoshihito Nishioka in first round Andy Murray wants to fill his lungs and start yelling at the top of his voice again to help him go deep at the US Open, which starts on Monday to the clanking echo of empty stadiums. Murray briefly went into the main draw at Flushing Meadows on merit from his world ranking of 129, after the Australian
House Democrats launch contempt proceedings against Mike Pompeo
Committee says secretary of state has refused to comply with subpoenas for documents connected to Ukraine scandal Congressional Democrats have launched contempt proceedings against Mike Pompeo for his refusal to comply with subpoenas for documents connected to the Ukraine scandal that led to Donald Trump’s impeachment. The move is the culmination of a long-running struggle over Congress’s authori
California wildfires: firefighters make progress as evacuation orders are lifted
Crews are working to restore electricity and water to the tens of thousands displaced by the blazes caused by a rare lightning storm A thick layer of smoke-laced fog that blanketed swaths of the San Francisco Bay area on Friday was a sign of respite for firefighters, who, aided by cool and humid weather, are making progress in taming the massive blazes that are raging across the region. A heatwav
Imagine the impact if Premier League players followed the NBA's protest lead | Barney Ronay
Imagine footballers turning their shared scrutiny towards the power their existing club owners wield – such as the Trump supporters at Manchester United, Arsenal and Crystal Palace And fade to black. There is a beautiful simplicity to the current protests in American sport. These reached a new pitch this week as teams in the NBA, WNBA, MLB and MLS, along with tennis players at the Western & South
'Say her name': Rand Paul confronted by protesters over after Republican convention – video
A group of angry protesters has confronted senator Rand Paul near the White House in Washington DC. As Rand walked through the crowd with his wife, demonstrators chanted 'say her name', in reference to Breonna Taylor, a black woman from Kentucky who was shot dead by police in May. After the incident, Paul tweeted to say that he had been 'attacked by an angry mob of over 100'. US politics live Con
Jacob Blake unshackled from hospital bed after father says he was restrained for a week
Jacob Blake Sr said in TV interview he did not know why his son was under restraint after being shot by police in Kenosha Attorneys for Jacob Blake said on Friday the the 29-year-old who was shot seven times by a Kenosha, Wisconsin , police officer 


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