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Top Story:  White supremacists behind majority of US domestic terror attacks.

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Trump's Twitter hacked after Dutch researcher claims he guessed password – report
Victor Gevers claimed he had access to president’s account, De Volkskrant reported, but Twitter said ‘we’ve seen no evidence’ Donald Trump’s Twitter account was allegedly hacked last week, after a Dutch researcher correctly guessed the president’s password: “maga2020!”, Dutch media reported. Victor Gevers, a security expert, had access to Trump’s direct messages, could post tweets in his name and
White supremacists behind majority of US domestic terror attacks in 2020
Data stands in stark contrast to claims by Donald Trump, who has argued that leftwing violence is a major threat White supremacists and other rightwing extremists have been responsible for 67% of domestic terror attacks and plots so far this year, with at least half of that violence targeting protesters, according to a new analysis from a centrist thinktank. The report found only a single deadly
Presidential debate live: Trump and Biden face off in final clash
Polls show Biden has the high ground over the president Sign up for Fight to Vote – our weekly US election newsletter 2.03am BST The final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is now underway, so stay tuned to the blog for updates and analysis. 2.01am BST Hi everyone, it’s Maanvi Singh. I’ll be providing live fact-checks and analysis throughout the night. Continue reading...


Uber and Lyft 'likely broke law' by classifying drivers as contractors, court rules
Ruling deals blow to firms’ battle against AB5, which requires companies give California drivers minimum wage and benefits A California appeals court has ruled there is “overwhelming likelihood” Uber and Lyft violated labor law by misclassifying drivers as contractors rather than employees, aligning with a lower court decision in a huge blow to the ride-hailing firms as they battle to protect the
Trump and Biden offer sharply different visions to tackle Covid in final TV debate
Trump defends response and says: ‘We’re rounding the corner’ Pair clash on Covid, race, finances and family entanglements Final presidential debate – follow it live Donald Trump and Joe Biden offered starkly different visions for combating the coronavirus pandemic during Thursday night’s final presidential debate in Nashville – perhaps the last chance for the president to shift the dynamics of a
Democrats refuse to participate as Amy Coney Barrett nomination advanced – video
Amy Coney Barrett ’s supreme court nomination was advanced by a unilateral Republican vote to the full Senate despite Democrats’ refusal to participate in the Senate judiciary committee hearing for what they called a ‘naked power grab’. Democratic senators stood outside the Capital and boycotted the vote to install Donald Trump’s third supreme court nominee less than two weeks before the election
California must cut San Quentin prison population amid pandemic, court rules
Officials showed ‘deliberate indifference’ to plight of prisoners during coronavirus, first district court of appeal said A California court has ordered state corrections officials to cut the population of the state’s oldest prison to less than half of its designed capacity, citing officials’ “deliberate indifference” to the plight of prisoners during the coronavirus pandemic. State prison offici
Goldman Sachs reaches $2.9bn deal to settle US-led 1MDB inquiry
Bank’s Malaysia division agrees to plead guilty to violating foreign bribery laws Goldman Sachs has agreed to pay $2.9bn (£2.2bn) to settle a US-led investigation into its role in the 1MDB corruption scandal . The settlement is expected to draw a line under a years-long saga that has cast a shadow over one of the most recognisable names on Wall Street. Goldman Sachs’ Malaysia division also agreed
Trump releases unedited 60 Minutes interview days before air date
Footage shows president growing increasingly frustrated as Lesley Stahl presses him on pandemic, slipping support and economy Donald Trump on Thursday leaked his own unedited and bad-tempered TV interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes on Facebook ahead of the show’s Sunday broadcast date and just hours before the final presidential debate with Joe Biden in Nashville. The president tweeted, “Look at the b
Joe Biden plans special commission to suggest supreme court reforms
Democrat says court system is ‘getting out of whack’ and says commission would have 180 days to make recommendations Joe Biden has confirmed he would appoint a special commission to study the US court system over 180 days, if he is elected next month, to provide reform recommendations relating to the supreme court and beyond. In response to questions about the US supreme court during an interview
Pope Francis backing same sex unions isn't a surprise. But it's still a big deal | James Alison
Francis once called me, a gay man, to affirm my priesthood. Now he’s expressing solidarity with gay people everywhere I had no advance knowledge either of Evgeny Afineevsky’s documentary, Francesco , or the interview in it that contains Pope Francis’ new formulation of his earlier position on same-sex civil unions . However, it didn’t come as a surprise to me. Anyone with any pastoral experience
'We need prison time': Purdue's belated guilty plea gets skeptical reaction
While the guilty plea was welcomed, there was also anger over the US justice department’s failure to prosecute executives Lawyers and public relations firms for the Sackler family who own Purdue Pharma have spent months pushing an aggressive campaign to deny that the company’s powerful painkiller, OxyContin, unleashed the devastating US opioid epidemic. They manipulated statistics and attacked cr
Fight to Vote: why early voting history is being made right now
Covid-19 is partly driving people to be more proactive, but there are signs that the turnout signals a swell of civic engagement Hello Fight to Vote friends, The election is extremely under way, with a record number of Americans casting their ballot via mail or in-person during early voting hours across the country. Continue reading...
Is capital finally losing faith in Trump? | Adam Tooze
The president’s administration is full of plutocrats and CEOs – but big business is leaning toward Biden What has kept Donald Trump in the presidential race is his electoral base. It consists of white men, rural and small-town voters and small-business owners. The big bucks for the campaign come from a coterie of wealthy loyalists. This bloc will stick with Trump whatever he says or does. Related
Senate judiciary committee votes to advance Amy Coney Barrett nomination
Democrats refused to sit in hearing room in protest of Republican rush to install Trump’s pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg US politics – live updates Republicans on the Senate judiciary committee voted unilaterally Thursday to advance Amy Coney Barrett ’s supreme court nomination to the full Senate despite Democrats’ refusal to sit in the hearing room for what they called a naked “power grab”.
Jennifer Lawrence: I voted for John McCain rather than Barack Obama
The actor says she voted for the Republican party the first time she was eligible but Donald Trump’s election ‘changed everything’ The actor Jennifer Lawrence used to vote Republican, she has revealed. Speaking on the Absolutely Not podcast , Lawrence told host Heather McMahan she “grew up Republican. My first time voting, I voted for John McCain. I was a little Republican.” Lawrence said she rem
Ghislaine Maxwell deposition unsealed after court ruling
Document contains details about Jeffrey Epstein relationship Maxwell charged with involvement in Epstein’s sexual crimes A court document containing detailed information about Ghislaine Maxwell and her relationship with the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was unsealed on Thursday morning in New York just moments before a court-imposed deadline. This document, an April 2016 deposition, is among
Ohio and Pennsylvania helped elect Trump. But he betrayed us again and again | Bertram de Souza
Trump likes to paint himself as a savior of blue-collar America. But Biden is a better path forward Ever since the 31 August 2019 demise of the (Youngstown) Vindicator , a daily newspaper where I spent 40 years as a reporter, columnist, editorial writer and editorial page editor, I’ve written numerous commentaries and editorials about the presidency of Donald J Trump – all in my head. Sadly, ther
Latinos the targets of election disinformation – but activists are fighting back
As a critical voting bloc in Texas, Florida and Arizona, Latino voters have been bombarded with false claims and misleading information Messages that paint Joe Biden as a socialist spreading among conservative Latinos from Cuba and Venezuela. Conspiracy theories on YouTube about Barack Obama in Spanish. Billboards and posters falsely claiming that voting by mail is illegal in Texas. Related: Flor
US Senate elections: the key races that will determine power in Washington
The Democrats face a tough challenge to reclaim control of the Senate, up against the Republicans’ 53-47 majority. With 35 seats up for re-election it will probably come down to seven key races While the world’s attention is on Donald Trump’s attempt to win re-election as president over challenger Joe Biden, the battle for the US Senate that will culminate on 3 November is equally dramatic. Even
Our secret weapon for reaching Latino voters? WhatsApp | Xochitl Oseguera
This election, Latinos will be the largest minority voting bloc for the first time - and there’s a powerful way to reach them Legendary Watergate reporter Bob Woodward will discuss the Trump presidency at a Guardian Live online event on Tuesday 27 October, 7pm GMT. Book tickets here Every election season we are flooded with headlines that suggest Latinos do not vote, despite being the largest rac
Glitter is an environmental abomination. It's time to stop using it | Adrienne Matei
This year, several British brands announced they’d ban glitter from holiday products. US companies should follow suit Glitter is notorious for getting everywhere – touch one sparkly Christmas card and you’ll be finding flecks of the stuff in your food, hair and carpet for months. It’s so obnoxious some people even slather a mixture of it and Vaseline on political yard signs to punish thieves. But
Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail | First Thing election special
The 44th US president told Biden supporters in Pennsylvania: ‘Trump isn’t going to protect us.’ Plus, could Borat swing the election? Don’t already get First Thing in your inbox? Sign up here Good morning, Joe Biden’s former boss returned to the campaign trail on his behalf on Wednesday. Barack Obama told a drive-in rally in Philadelphia that this was “the most important election of our lifetime”
Credit cards helped my Black grandparents buy everything – until they didn't
My grandparents did the best they could to provide for us, but they were held back by what they lacked: generational wealth When I was eight years old, my grandmother began taking me on annual back-to-school shopping trips for new clothes. I looked forward to these visits to the mall every year; we would spend all day running from store to store, stopping midday for lunch, our big shopping bags s
'It affects everything': Hawaii residents demand transparency over Pearl Harbor munitions storage
US army plans to consolidate storage along the West Loch section of Pearl Harbor, near densely populated neighborhoods A munitions storage complex being planned by the US army in Hawaii to help counter Chinese influence in the Pacific is running into local opposition. In July, the US secretary of defense, Mark Esper, called for prioritizing resources, including long-range precision weapons, to th
US Ice officers 'used torture to make Africans sign own deportation orders'
Cameroonians say officers choked, beat and threatened to kill them, as lawyers tell of pre-election removal drive US immigration officers allegedly tortured Cameroonian asylum seekers to force them to sign their own deportation orders, in what lawyers and activists describe as a brutal scramble to fly African migrants out of the country in the run-up to the elections. Many of the Cameroonian migr
Electoral college explained: how Biden faces an uphill battle in the US election
Trump won the presidency in 2016 despite Clinton receiving almost 3m more votes, all because of the electoral college. How does the system work? When Americans cast their ballots for the 


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