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US sets world record for coronavirus cases in 24 hours.

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Without learning to think statistically, we'll never know when people are bending the truth | Paul Goodwin
Some simple checks can help separate an honest statistic from a falsehood School spending hits record levels in England, claims a minister , while some schools close on Friday afternoons because of a lack of funds. China is the biggest environmental polluter in the world, Donald Trump once tweeted . But, per capita, Saudi Arabia emitted the largest tonnage of CO 2 in 2018 and China was in 13th pl
Critical mail delays hit swing states ahead of US election
The Guardian tested postal service speed in the battleground state of Michigan and found delays that may be wider spread Delivery of first class mail in several Michigan cities remains much slower than usual during the two weeks preceding the election, a test of the local postal system found. The Guardian sent about 150 first class letters between locations in Detroit, Ann Arbor and Hamtramck, th
US sets world record for coronavirus cases in 24 hours
Daily caseload of 100,233 surpasses tally set in India last month Study links Trump rallies to 30,000 cases and 700 deaths The US has set a world record for coronavirus cases in 24 hours, according to one count, with just over 100,000 new infections recorded. Continue reading...


Women will decide this election – and Trump keeps insulting them
Trump can’t seem to figure out why the Suburban Housewives of America aren’t keen on him – or how to get them back Continue reading...
Jimmy Lai distances himself from report on Hunter Biden's alleged China links
Hong Kong media tycoon says he was not personally involved but his firm paid for research The Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai has said he personally had “nothing to do with” a report on Hunter Biden’s alleged Chinese business links, but admitted funds from his private firm had been used to pay for it. Lai, a prominent democracy advocate in Hong Kong and a staunch critic of China, said on Twitter
Here's why we need more African archaeologists | Sada Mire
The form that archaeology has taken in Europe doesn’t apply everywhere. Better knowledge of local cultures is vital Cultural heritage is a basic human need . Yes – humans don’t only need food and shelter, culture is required for them to survive and thrive. Our cultural values glue us to one another and help us create security and a community. I believe that cultural and archaeological sites can b
Kevin Peterson Jr: unrest in Washington state after police shooting
Protesters face off with federal agents in downtown Vancouver Right- and leftwing protesters square up amid tension Tensions boiled over into unrest late on Friday following a vigil for a Black man shot and killed by law enforcement in a city near Portland, Oregon, in south-western Washington state. Related: Kevin Peterson Jr: protesters decry police shooting in Washington state Continue reading.
US election polls tracker: who is leading in swing states, Trump or Biden?
With the presidential election just days away, the Guardian is tracking the latest polling in eight states that could decide the election Joe Biden is leading ​Donald Trump in the national polls for the presidential election. Continue reading...
‘An awakening I haven’t seen before’: Detroit voters say 2020 won’t be like 2016
Residents fuel a get-out-the-vote blitz in the biggest city in Michigan, a crucial swing state Cole Thompson isn’t voting this year – he can’t because he’s only 17. But on a frigid and rainy afternoon last week, he and about half a dozen of his classmates at University of Detroit Jesuit high school fanned out in the blocks around their school to leave flyers on door handles encouraging people to
‘I’m not voting for personality’: why this Pennsylvania county is the one to watch
Northampton county has backed the winning presidential candidate all but three times since 1920, making it the bellwether in a crucial swing state A steady stream of voters arrived to deliver their sealed ballots at an early voting drop-off box inside the courthouse in the Pennsylvania city of Easton, a diverse community in Northampton county which could be pivotal in deciding who wins the key ba
American anxiety drives a crystal boom: 'People are looking for healing'
The coronavirus pandemic and a bitter election season have helped sales of goods associated with metaphysical wellness to soar Brian Busse heaves a pickaxe against the side of Colorado’s formidable Mt Antero, 12,000 feet above sea level. Up here, the air is so thin that it offers little resistance and his stroke sends shards of light gray granite flying against the stark blue sky. A burly figure
Scenes from a presidency – in pictures
Memorable moments from four years of Donald Trump’s time in office Continue reading...
If Trump wins, will I be giving my twins a life lesson: sometimes bad guys finish first? | Hadley Freeman
The boys were barely toddlers during the last US election, now they are asking questions about who the president is and what’s he’s like The other night I watched The Trump Show – the new BBC series about, oh, go on, have a guess. I do r


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