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  1. Top South Africa police officer charged with corruption

    One of South Africa's most senior police officers has been released on bail of 20,000 rand ($1,200; £930) after appearing in court on charges of corruption, fraud and money-laundering related to the awarding of a multi-million rand tender.

    The charges against deputy national police commissioner Lt-Gen Bonang Mgwenya relate to a tender for the supply of emergency warning equipment to the police.

    Lt-Gen Mgwenya, who was arrested in a pre-dawn raid, has not yet been asked to plead to the charges.

    You can catch a glimpse of the scene in court in this video:

  2. Buhari pledges 'extensive' police reforms

    Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has promised "extensive" police reforms as protests against police brutality continue despite his announcement that the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad has been disbanded.

    In a video posted on Twitter, he also promised justice for victims of police abuse, and expressed regret for the loss of lives in south-western Oyo state during the protests.

    Mr Buhari added that most police officers were hard-working, and the reputation of the force should not be tarnished by a "few bad eggs".

    You can watch him speak here:

  3. Tesco's Kenyan avocado supplier wants abuse claims probed

    Will Ross

    Africa editor, BBC World Service

    An avocado fruit

    A Kenyan food exporter has asked the country's chief prosecutor to investigate allegations of human rights abuses on its farms a day after the British retailer Tesco suspended supplies.

    Kakuzi, which is the country's largest avocado producer, says it is the victim of a smear campaign.

    It faces allegations that its security guards have over the last decade assaulted and raped local villagers and in one instance killed a man accused of stealing avocados.

    The law firm Leigh Day says dozens of Kenyans have launched a legal claim in the High Court in London against the firm's parent company, Camellia Plc.

    In a statement Kakuzi said it did not condone any criminal activities.

  4. Lagos toll road blocked amid police brutality anger

    Nduka Orjinmo

    BBC News, Nigeria

    Demonstrators in Nigeria have blocked a major toll road in the commercial hub of Lagos as nationwide protests calling for an end to police brutality continue for a fourth day, despite the announcement by the police chief and the presidency that a hated police unit has been dissolved.

    Anger has risen after police fired live ammunition, tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters in the capital, Abuja, and Ogbomosho city in south-western Oyo state after Sunday's announcement that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (Sars) has been disbanded.

    Protesters say the brutality suggests that Sars officers have not yet been pulled off the roads.

    There is a massive traffic gridlock in Lagos as the toll road is blockaded for a second day. It is a major source of revenue for a private company as part of a concessional deal with the government.

    The road connects the residential areas of Lekki and Ajah to the business districts of Ikoyi and Victoria Island on Lagos Island.

    Motorists are being advised to go home by the protesters at the toll gate.

    Protesters are also said to be gathering on the Lagos mainland where the country’s busiest airport, the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, is situated. There are some threats to disrupt its operations.

    Protesters say the Sars is a rogue unit that carries out widespread abuses, including extrajudicial killings.

    They view the announcement by the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, about its disbandment as meaningless, saying this is the fourth time in four years that the police have made such an announcement.

    The presidency also tweeted on Sunday that President Muhammadu Buhari had issued a "directive" to disband the unit "with immediate effect".

    Protesters have a list of five demands:

    • Immediate release of all detained protesters
    • Investigating the actions of the unit
    • Paying compensation to families of victims
    • Redeploying unit members only after "psychological evaluation and training"
    • Improving police salaries.
  5. Uganda's leader Museveni adopts childhood name

    Uganda's President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni
    Image caption: The president will now be reffered to as Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni

    Uganda’s President, known publicly as Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has officially changed his names, to include his childhood name, Tibuhaburwa.

    The name, which is in his Runyankore mother tongue, can be translated as "he who cannot take advice or be guided/corrected".

    The name change has drawn speculation and jokes from Ugandans online, some wondering what the job of his advisers is.

    The president signed a declaration as required by the Registration of Persons Act, to be formally known as Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni.

    Though the name has been referred to in different instances over his 34-year rule, he has never used it publicly.

    According to the deed poll document dated 6 October, the president says that the name has always been on his academic papers.

    But it is believed that the move follows a requirement from the Electoral Commission, for 2021 election candidates to ensure that names on their nomination documents match those on their academic records.

    The electoral body announced recently that candidates whose names on the papers submitted are not the same as those on their academic papers will not be nominated.

    In 2017, a court ruling annulled an MPs election victory based on the fact that he had interchanged his names on different official documents.

  6. Senior SA police officer arrested over corruption

    A high ranking South African police officer was arrested on Monday morning over corruption, according to the investigations directorate.

    The unnamed deputy national police commissioner is the latest officer to be arrested in connection with a multi-million tender for emergency warning equipment.

    Former National Police Commissioner, Khomotso Phahlane, is among those implicated in the case. He however denied any wrongdoing.

    Other senior officers have been charged with corruption, fraud, theft and money laundering.

    The deputy commissioner is expected to be charged on Monday.

  7. South Sudan's suspected Ebola cases 'test negative'

    Nichola Mandil

    BBC News, Juba

    Ebola virus

    The authorities in South Sudan have said the suspected cases of Ebola in the north-western region have tested negative.

    But samples were not collected from those who died from a yet to be established illness that sparked suspicions.

    They were buried before a medical team from the health ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO) arrived in the area.

    Last week, the health ministry received an alert from Raja county in Western Bahr El-Ghazal State, after three people died from an unknown disease in Timssa area, near Central African Republic (CAR).

    Three others were reported to be in “critical condition”.

    “The ministry of health would like to inform the general public that the samples tested negative of Ebola and other forms of Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers," John Rumunu, director-general for health preventive services, told reporters in the capital, Juba.

    "There is no Ebola virus in South Sudan and there is no reason to panic,” he added.

    Dr Angelo Goup Thon, the acting director for emergency preparedness and response, said samples collected from critically ill patients that had returned a negative test result had been sent to Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) for toxicology analysis.

    Results are expected in two days.

  8. Schools reopen in DR Congo

    Schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo are reopening, a month after the initial date was postponed.

    Teachers have said that schools are not ready to reopen and want learning to resume on 26 October, but the authorities have refused to postpone.

    The initial reopening was scheduled for 3 October.

    Some teachers' unions have threatened to strike if salary arrears are not cleared. Teachers also want an audit to detect bogus teachers.


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