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US postal worker recants voter-fraud claims.

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Johnson's Biden win tweet contains hidden Trump congratulations
Overwritten image suggests No 10 was uncertain about US presidential election victor until late in the process Downing Street’s congratulatory message to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on winning the US presidential election contains a hidden message congratulating Donald Trump for winning a second term in office. The message, posted on Twitter as an image a few hours after the US TV networks called
Brace yourselves. The next Donald Trump could be much worse | Bhaskar Sunkara
If Biden governs as an establishment Democrat, it won’t be long before the US elects another, far more effective Donald Trump Joe Biden has defeated Donald Trump. Millions across the country are applauding the downfall of a president who has been mendacious in his public communications, loathsome in his personal conduct, and utterly inept in his handling of a pandemic that has killed 230,000 Amer
70% of Republicans say election wasn't 'free and fair' despite no evidence of fraud – study
78% of Republicans who alleged unfairness said mail-in ballots spurred fraud, while 72% believed ballot tampering occurred According to a new survey , 70% of Republicans do not believe the presidential election was “free and fair”, even though multiple news outlets have called it for Joe Biden . There has been a dramatic decline in Republican voters’ faith in the system. Before the election, in t


US postal worker recants voter-fraud claims after Republicans call for inquiry – reports
Democrats on House oversight committee say worker retracted allegations in interview with investigators A postal worker whose allegations of ballot tampering have been the basis of Republicans’ calls for investigations has reportedly recanted his story. Related: Trump's longshot election lawsuits: where do things stand? Continue reading...
California counties return to restrictive Covid rules amid hospitalization surge
Health officials warn the latest numbers paint a troubling picture as patient numbers rise by 32% over the past two weeks Multiple counties in California will move back into more restrictive Covid-19 rules amid a surge in hospitalizations, with health officials warning the latest numbers paint a troubling picture as the state heads into winter. The number of patients hospitalized with coronavirus
'An embarrassment': Biden responds to Trump's refusal to concede election – video
President-elect Joe Biden says Donald Trump's refusal to concede the presidential election is 'an embarrassment'. Biden was outlining plans for the transition period before he takes office in January 2020 when he was asked what he would say to Americans anxious over Trump's refusal to concede and what it would mean for the country. "Well, I just think it's an embarrassment, quite frankly," Biden
The misinformation media machine amplifying Trump's election lies
Rightwing news outlets have taken up the president’s message on social media, stirring supporters into a frenzy The networks have made their calls, world leaders have begun paying their respects, and even Fox News and Rupert Murdoch’s other media outlets appear to have given up on a second term for Donald Trump. But in a video posted on Facebook on 7 November and viewed more than 16.5m times sinc
'An embarrassment': Joe Biden criticizes Trump's refusal to concede election
President-elect says Trump’s denial of the result would ‘not help his legacy’ but says lack of cooperation is not slowing transition US politics live – follow the latest developments Joe Biden said Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the election was “an embarrassment”, vowing to move forward with the presidential transition despite resistance from the White House and Republican leaders. Biden, ans
McIlroy 'relaxed' and ready to attack elusive Masters from the shadows
Four-time major winner content to be out of spotlight ‘He’s playing beautifully,’ says Mickelson after practice No headlines, no problem. If Rory McIlroy as a forgotten man seems bizarre ahead of this – or any – Masters, the Northern Irishman has no desire whatsoever to fan publicity. As Augusta focus attaches itself to Bryson DeChambeau , Tiger Woods and the uniqueness of a November major McIlro
Biden calls Trump's behavior 'embarrassing' as Pompeo dismisses election result – video
The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has predicted 'there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration' while US allies offered their congratulations to the president-elect, Joe Biden . Pompeo focused on the various legal challenges being pursued by the Trump administration, while Biden, who said he has not spoken to Donald Trump since the election was called in Biden’s favor o
How US voter turnout increased in key states – a visual guide
Over half of states saw a rise since 2016, and participation in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania was well above the national rate Voter turnout has been a key strategy for Democrats this election season. For the presidential race, the strategy worked. The US experienced a historic turnout rate of 65.1% – the highest in over 100 years – delivering the popular vote and electoral college to Joe
Pompeo makes baseless claims about ‘smooth transition to second Trump administration’
Secretary of state did not refer to Joe Biden winning US election when making remarks to reporters at state department US politics – live updates The secretary of state, Mike Pompeo has predicted “there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration” on a day when US allies offered their congratulations to the president-elect, Joe Biden . Pompeo made his remarks to reporters at the
'We are already beginning the transition': Biden and Harris defend Obamacare – video
Joe Biden said he and vice-president elect Kamala Harris had already begun a transition before his swearing in as US president on 20 January and called Donald Trump's refusal to concede defeat 'an embarrassment'. Biden said he believed he could 'get a lot done' as he and Harris defended the Affordable Care Act, which was brought before the supreme court in a legal challenge by Texas and other Rep
Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger among four Steelers added to Covid-19 list
Roethlisberger’s availability for Sunday’s game is uncertain Steelers have an 8-0 record for first time in franchise history The Pittsburgh Steelers’ pursuit of a perfect season has a new opponent in Covid-19. A day after NFL’s last unbeaten team placed tight end Vance McDonald on the Covid-19 list following a positive test, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and three other teammates – inside lineba
FTSE 100 recovers to highest level since June after vaccine unveiled
Promising clinical data from Pfizer and BioNTech help the index to a £28bn one-day gain Optimism that a mass rollout of Covid-19 vaccines will lead to an economic recovery lifted stocks in London again on Tuesday, to their highest closing level in over four months. London’s FTSE 100 index of blue-chip shares rallied by nearly 1.8% to finish at 6,296 points, the highest close since 23 June. This a
Tiger Woods gives seal of approval to 'incredible' Bryson DeChambeau
Woods is preparing to defend Masters title this week ‘What Bryson has done has been absolutely incredible’ Tiger Woods has voiced deep admiration for the remarkable transformation of Bryson DeChambeau’s body and career, with the 15-times major champion insisting the 27-year-old has made strides unheard of in golf. It is DeChambeau, and not Woods the defending champion , who is the hot topic of co
Boris Johnson phones to congratulate Joe Biden and discuss 'close' relationship
Prime minister tweets that US and UK share priorities on climate crisis and Covid Boris Johnson has spoken to Joe Biden to congratulate him on his victory over Donald Trump and allay fears Brexit could damage the Northern Ireland peace process, as world leaders lined up to speak to the US president-elect. Johnson was the second world leader to reveal he had spoken to Biden, after the Canadian pri
New research sheds light on Alexander Hamilton's ties to slavery
Involvement of founding father, often depicted as an abolitionist, was ‘essential to his identity’, researcher Jessie Serfilippi suggests Far from being the “uncompromising abolitionist” of Ron Chernow’s hit biography and the Broadway musical it inspired, Alexander Hamilton not only owned enslaved people himself “but his involvement in the institution of slavery was essential to his identity, bot
Trump's vote fraud claims go viral on social media despite curbs
President’s posts are top on Facebook as efforts to stop misinformation about election prove ineffective US politics: live updates False or misleading claims of electoral fraud are going viral on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, even as the platforms continue to implement special measures aimed at reducing the spread of misinformation around the US presidential election. Major social media platform
DoJ officials condemn Barr's approval of voter fraud inquiries without evidence
Richard Pilger, justice department official in charge of voter fraud investigations, resigned due to ‘ramifications’ of Barr’s move Trump’s longshot election lawsuits: where do things stand? US politics – live updates Current and former US Department of Justice (DoJ) officials have reacted with anger and dismay to the latest move in support of Donald Trump by William Barr, the attorney general wh
Trumpism may well endure in a dangerously divided country | Letters
Marguerite Alexander and Frank Land on the after-effects of Donald Trump’s Manichaean world Thomas Frank ( Ding-dong, the jerk is gone. But read this before you sing the Hallelujah Chorus , 8 November) is one of a number of commentators warning us about the persistence of Trumpism, even after the departure of Trump himself. While there is widespread consensus about the causes of this phenomenon –
Charming case of mistaken identity | Brief letters
Northern vegetable divide | Ballina | Centimillionaires | Trump and Farage | Virgin hyperloop Growing up in Chesterfield, I understood that a swede was a large, lumpy yellow-fleshed root vegetable, whereas a turnip was smaller, rounder and whiter ( Letters , 6 November). Despite having spent the last 30 years in Leeds, I still have to remind myself that the reverse seems to be true here. The divi
Can Joe Biden and Kamala Harris unite America after Trump – video explainer
When Joe Biden formally takes over the presidency in January he will face some of the greatest crises to hit the US in recent history: a pandemic that has killed more than 200,000 Americans, a devastated economy, a rapidly overheating climate and a deeply fractured nation. The Guardian's Lauren Gambino looks at how Biden and the vice-president-elect, Kamala Harris, plan to 'heal' the country afte
Trump was always destined to lose – and he has only himself to blame | Walter Shapiro
Voters over 65, a key demographic that gave Trump an edge in 2016, began to desert him in mid-2019, even before coronavirus Believing himself a political genius without parallel in world history (admittedly, not the president’s strongest subject), Donald Trump saw no need to change anything. There was never an acknowledgment of the gravity of office, never a plea for national unity and certainly
Deal or no deal on Brexit, Boris Johnson's only care is that no one blames him | Rafael Behr
On EU negotiations he’s already ditched the good options. His priority now is simply to deflect attention from his failings To understand the choices Boris Johnson makes when he reaches a fork in the road, it helps to imagine the speeches he might draft in praise of each path. We know he has the verbal dexterity. In 2016, unsure whether to come out for or against Brexit, Johnson drafted two contr
Augusta's king of caddies: how Willie Lee Stokes set the tone for an era | Ewan Murray
The legendary bagman helped four different players to win five Masters titles and knew Augusta’s greens better than anyone Who connects the 1938 Masters to that of 1948, 1951, 1953 and 1956? The answer lies in the kind of story Augusta National should celebrate, just as it did this week with the belated recognition afforded to Lee Elder for his pioneer status among black golfers. Willie Lee Stoke
Seventh straight day of 100,000 new US Covid cases as hospitalizations hit a high point
Biden adviser Michael Osterholm says numbers could double Death toll above 238,000 after 590 new deaths, data shows The US hit a record number of coronavirus hospitalizations on Tuesday and surpassed 1 million new confirmed cases in just the first 10 days of November, as a nationwide surge of infections that shows no signs of slowing. The country recorded a seventh consecutive day of more than 10
Trump's longshot election lawsuits: where do things stand?
The president and other Republicans have filed a series of lawsuits in different states that several judges have already dismissed US politics live – follow all the latest Since election day, Donald Trump and other Republicans have filed a smattering of lawsuits in battleground states that have provided cover for Trump and other Republicans to say that the election still remains unresolved. Relat
What does Obamacare actually do and when will the supreme court rule on it?
This is the third time the supreme court is considering a challenge to the 2010 law – here’s what you need to know The supreme court on Tuesday will hear oral arguments in a challenge to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) , the health law popularly known as Obamacare. It is the third time the supreme court is considering a challenge to the law, which was passed in 2010. Continue reading...
Conservative US supreme court justices suggest Obamacare will be upheld
Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts indicated law could be upheld even if court deems one part of it unconstitutional Two conservative supreme court justices have suggested the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could be upheld, as oral arguments began in a suit backed by the Trump administration which threatens the healthcare of millions amid a global pandemic. Continue reading...
Now what does Giuliani's Four Seasons Total Landscaping farce remind me of? | Marina Hyde
Lucky for us Brits, we have our own version of Donald Trump’s lawyer toughing it out in a suburban car park We begin in many people’s happy place, at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. As you may know, Donald Trump’s losing presidential campaign held a press conference that has passed immediately into the annals of political comedy. And also the annals of horticultural business marketing. Consider t
Lockdown lesbianism and not sleeping with the enemy – the biggest Covid dating trends | Arwa Mahdawi
There are a number of hobbies to come out of lockdowns, but few will have predicted coronavirus making people gay The pandemic has inspired many of us to try new things. Baking, for example. Or binge-drinking . Or lesbianism. A friend of mine (I affectionately call her the Superspreader) has been dating prolifically during the pandemic; she swears she has never met as many women who have recently
Biden ‘never going to see Trump again’ after inauguration, says sister
Valerie Biden Owens made remark to Axios on HBO when asked if there can be any forgiveness once Trump leaves national stage US politics – live updates Joe Biden is “never going to see Donald Trump again”, the president-elect’s younger sister, sometime campaign manager and close political adviser Valerie Biden Owens says in a new interview, when asked if there can be any forgiveness for the 45th p
What is the future for Latino voters in the US? Five experts weigh in | Chuck Rocha, Cristina Beltrán, Danielle Pilar Clealand, Arlene Dávila, Sonja Diaz
Latinos helped Trump win Florida –and Biden win Arizona and elsewhere. What should Democrats learn from this election? Why did Democrats leave Latino organizations scrambling for resources? Everyone is talking about Miami-Dade, Florida, where Joe Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton by a large margin. Let’s be clear, however: even if Biden won the county by the same margin as Clinton, he still wo
USA v Europe: Is the balance of power in women's soccer shifting?
US women’s soccer is ready to grow up in a sense, adapting to a new reality of the global game. But are the people in the courtroom and boardroom are ready to grow up as well? The next 15 months will determine whether the balance of power in women’s soccer will shift to Europe or remain in the United States. Will US women’s players resolve their lawsuit with US Soccer and sign a collective bargai
Can Joe Biden avoid Obama's mistakes? He must – for the future of the party | David Sirota
Democrats must act to ward off the electoral rise of rightwing extremism by delivering gains for the working class In the final scene of the film The Candidate, the newly elected Democratic Senator Bill McKay asks a harrowing question amid his victory celebration: “What do we do now?” Democrats in 2020 have won a similar presidential victory – and under eerily similar circumstances as the movie d
The Covid-carrying Danish mink are a warning sign – but is anyone heeding it? | Matthew Baylis
Sars, Mers, now this: we must think hard about how we farm animals that are known hosts of human coronaviruses Two decades ago, a seminal study from the University of Edinburgh compiled a list of all known human infectious diseases. It found a total of 1,415 different human pathogens, and claimed that 61% were capable of spreading between humans and animals. Today, with the world put on hold by a
Black voters drove Joe Biden's victory - and have offered this country a reboot | Cliff Albright
We have mountains yet to climb, but Black voters should feel pride in our incredible voter mobilization. Look at the numbers It is now certain that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are our next president and vice-president. Black voters across the US are taking a well-earned victory lap. Not even the masks we must wear can hide the joy and hope on people’s faces. Related: A woman of colour as US vice-
With Biden elected, a no-deal Brexit would make Britain a pariah. It can't happen | Polly Toynbee
These are the end days when Boris Johnson must finally confront his own lies: the humiliation will be eye-watering With stubborn folly, this government pursues its only trademark policy: “Get Brexit done”, and damn any consequences. Never mind the tectonic shift in global politics that has just shaken the ground beneath their feet. Yesterday in the House of Lords it was still trying to push throu
'The most misunderstood state': why California's not as liberal as you think
Biden easily won the state, but votes for Congress and on gig work and affirmative action tell a different story It took mere minutes after California polls closed on election night for 


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