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Obama scolds Trump, but reveals conservative sympathies.

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Trump lashes out after campaign reportedly scraps key claim in Pennsylvania suit – live
Campaign reportedly withdraws illegally processed ballots claim Trump faces pressure to begin transition as Covid surges Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 4.02pm GMT One of the most convoluted parts of the 2020 November election results has been the gains Donald Trump made among minority voters. The Financial Times’ John Burn-Murdoch does a deep dive into the results. T
Obama scolds 'petulant' Trump but reveals conservative sympathies
In interview about new memoir, Obama says ‘I am sympathetic to a certain strain of conservatism’ and lauds ‘gracious’ George Bush In an interview with the Atlantic to mark publication of his memoir A Promised Land, Barack Obama ponders Joe Biden’s chances of working with Republicans in Congress, comes close to admitting to being a never-Trump conservative himself – and compares America under Trum
Alaska plane hits and kills brown bear during airport landing
Brown bear sow killed in accident but cub uninjured Official says likely first time a bear has been struck by plane An Alaska Airlines jetliner hit a brown bear while landing early on Saturday evening, killing the animal and causing damage to the plane, officials said. None of the passengers or crew members were injured in the accident at the Yakutat Airport in south-east Alaska, the Anchorage Da


Jameis Winston set to step up after Saints' Drew Brees suffers collapsed lung
Reports say 13-time Pro Bowler also has fractured ribs New Orleans lead NFC South over Tampa Bay New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is facing a spell on the sidelines after multiple reports that he has fractured ribs and a collapsed lung. The 41-year-old is believed to have fractured ribs on the left side of his body in last week’s victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before injuring ribs
Chris Paul to join Phoenix Suns from Oklahoma City Thunder in blockbuster trade
Thunder receive haul of players and first-round pick Suns have promising team but last made playoffs in 2010 Chris Paul is being traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Phoenix Suns, where he’ll play alongside one of the league’s most dynamic young scorers in fellow All-Star Devin Booker, a source has told the Associated Press. The Thunder are acquiring Ricky Rubio, Kelly Oubre, Jalen Lecque
John Oliver on Trump's refusal to concede: 'Absolutely unforgivable'
The Last Week Tonight host debunks Trump’s baseless claims of fraud and warns agains the damage of humoring the president John Oliver tore into Donald Trump’s “pathetic, dangerous” refusal to acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory on Last Week Tonight, after two weeks of the president’s attempts to delegitimize the results of the election with baseless claims of voter fraud, backed by most congressional
Equity prices soar as markets react to Moderna vaccine
Rolls-Royce, Whitbread and IAG end day as top risers in London, up by 10% Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Shares in London closed at their highest level since June as stock markets around the world rose sharply after news of successful trials of a second Covid-19 vaccine. For the second Monday in a row, equity prices soared on all the world’s leading bourses after Mo
Trump bids to take credit for Moderna vaccine while Biden offers cautious optimism
President boasts that ‘these great discoveries … all took place on my watch’ while Biden urges Americans to keep distancing US politics – live coverage Donald Trump and Joe Biden offered sharply contrasting reactions on Monday to news of a coronavirus vaccine that proved nearly 95% effective in trials. Related: Obama scolds 'petulant' Trump but reveals conservative sympathies Continue reading...
With Trump gone, can we talk about the fear of fascism we had about him? | Cas Mudde
It’s time to start a critical self-assessment of our analyses and commentary of the past years. What held up and what didn’t? A March on Rome it was not. The “Million Maga March” attracted an estimated 5-10,000 people, far less than the roughly 30,000 fascists that marched from Naples to Rome in 1922, and it came nowhere near the “million” it had promised – despite the usual number-boosting from
Robbery charges against former Giant DeAndre Baker dropped as lawyer arrested
Cornerback was facing a possible life sentence over alleged crime Lawyer of alleged victims arrested over charges of extortion One of the strangest NFL stories of 2020 appears to have reached a conclusion, with robbery charges against the former New York Giants cornerback Deandre Baker dropped by authorities in Florida. The 23-year-old Baker was facing a possible life sentence after he was charge
Dustin Johnson realises Masters dream with caddie brother at his side
Having grown up close to Augusta, the new champion’s childhood ambitions always ended with him in a Green Jacket There is no prospect of Dustin Johnson emulating the approach of Bernhard Langer, who turned heads by making a Masters cut at the age of 63 at the weekend. Johnson, the latest member of the exclusive Green Jacket club, is planning an abbreviated career. “I feel really good about everyt
OANN: what is the alternative far-right media outlet Trump is pushing?
Trump is urging his supporters to turn to One America News Network as his romance with Fox News sours For some time now, and particularly since his election loss, the romance between Donald Trump and Fox News has appeared to be souring. The president has depicted Fox News’s actions on election night, and in the days since , as unforgivable acts of betrayal – and is now urging his supporters to tu
What led to Trump and what will follow Biden | Letters
John Marriott says Biden must succeed where Blair failed, Richard Yoell points out that Obama was cursed with a hostile and belligerent Senate, Philip Stenning is appalled by the idea of ‘tub-thumping left populism’, and Adam Hart argues that Covid-19 has forced neoliberal regimes to re-evaluate George Monbiot ( The US was lucky to get Trump – Biden may pave the way for a more competent autocrat
'Bravery, courage, trust and spirit': Memphis Inner City Rugby looks beyond sport
Pioneering nonprofit recognised for work to reduce racial inequalities – and to send talent into the US college game A programme which uses rugby to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Memphis, Tennessee, was named on Monday as a winner in the Beyond Sport Collective Impact Awards. Related: 'Rugby saved my life': Memphis inner-city project tackles social change Continue reading...
Obama tells Trump to concede defeat – video
Barack Obama has said that if Donald Trump wants to be remembered as someone who 'put country first' then he must concede the presidency to Joe Biden. Speaking on CBS, the former US president said Trump's actions are 'one more step in delegitimising democracy generally'. Barack Obama rules out role in Biden cabinet – 'Michelle would leave me' Continue reading...
The long-overdue hire of Kim Ng shows what women in sports are up against
The appointment of a woman with three decades’ experience to a general manager post has been hailed as a groundbreaking moment. Perhaps one day it will just be business as usual “This challenge is one I don’t take lightly,” said Kim Ng , following Friday’s announcement of her hiring as general manager for the Miami Marlins. Ng became the first female general manager in Major League Baseball, and
US election results 2020: Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump to win presidency
Biden wins election, while Georgia recounts, and Trump refuses to formally concede despite tweeting about opponent’s win Continue reading...
American politics is now a four-way struggle. Gridlock lies ahead | Daniel DiSalvo and Carlo Invernizzi-Accetti
No one faction is likely to prevail. Instead we can probably expect years of modest and incremental policy agenda Everyone agrees that American political parties are deeply polarized . However, last week’s elections point to a new political dynamic. While there’s no doubt that the two main parties remain bitterly hostile to one another, new fault lines within them will take center-stage. Intra-pa
Joe Biden: Black Lives Matter activists helped you win Wisconsin. Don't forget us | Justin Blake
We were mobilized by the shooting of my nephew, Jacob Blake. As president, Biden must secure policies to help people of color Three months ago, a Kenosha police officer shot my nephew, Jacob Blake, seven times in the back in front of his children. Jacob was rushed to the hospital, where for days he was shackled to his bed, only to find he’d been paralyzed from the waist down. The officer who shot
We're being told Biden won't be able to achieve much. We must reject that idea | Astra Taylor
If Joe Biden is going to accomplish anything, we need to start thinking differently about power and our political system One thing we have learned from this election is just how crazy our democratic system is. Many crucial victories came down to slim margins in swing states and the idiosyncrasies of the electoral college. Moving forward, progressives need to rally around serious democracy reform.
Trump's election lawsuits continue to crumble | First Thing
The president’s campaign team has withdrawn a key part of its legal challenge to the election result in Pennsylvania. Plus: Obama won’t be in Biden’s cabinet Good morning. The Trump campaign has dropped a central claim in its legal challenge to the election result in Pennsylvania, which formed a key part of Joe Biden’s win. In the run-up to a hearing on Tuesday, the president’s legal team withdre
It's time to acknowledge Mike Tomlin as one of the great NFL coaches
The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach is yet to record a losing season in the NFL. His ability to adapt and thrive is an example to his peers No practice, no problem. At least that’s how the 


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