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Christian group takes down mysterious monolith on California mountain.

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Christian group tears down mysterious monolith on California mountain
A group of young men posted a video of themselves replacing the monolith, which was similar to one discovered in Utah, with a cross A group of young men claiming to be Christians have posted a video of themselves tearing down a mysterious monolith that had appeared atop a California mountain and replacing it with a cross. The monolith had been built near the town of Atascadero and sparked huge in
Fauci accepts offer of chief medical adviser role in Biden administration
‘I said yes right on the spot,’ says infectious diseases expert Fauci asked to continue as member of coronavirus taskforce Anthony Fauci, the US’s top infectious disease expert in the country’s response to the coronavirus, told NBC News on Friday that he “absolutely” accepted Joe Biden’s offer to join his administration and serve as chief medical adviser. “I said yes right on the spot,” Fauci tol
Florida newspaper investigation finds state government misled public on Covid as cases rose
Governor Ron DeSantis and his administration ‘suppressed facts’ and ‘dispensed dangerous misinformation’, according to paper Florida this week became the third US state to record a million coronavirus cases and yet the public there has been misled by state leadership about the extent and dangers of the pandemic, especially in the run-up to the presidential election, an investigation has concluded


Trump's latest batch of election lawsuits fizzle as dozens of losses pile up
President no closer to overturning result, with just one small victory in a month’s worth of cases For a man obsessed with winning, Donald Trump is losing a lot. In the month since the election, the president and his legal team have come no closer in their frantic efforts to overturn the result, notching up dozens of losses in courts across the country, with more rolling in by the day. Continue r
Daca program must reopen for new applications, judge rules
Decision means the Trump administration must also return the period of protections for young immigrants to two years The Trump administration must accept new applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as Daca , which protects some young immigrants from deportation, a federal judge ruled on Friday. The ruling by Judge Nicholas Garaufis means that the administra
Millions in San Francisco Bay Area to face stay-home-order starting Sunday
Five counties to pre-emptively adopt statewide order as hospitals fill amid coronavirus surge Millions of people in the San Francisco Bay Area will go under a new stay-at-home order beginning this weekend as coronavirus cases surge and hospitals fill up, health officials announced on Friday. On Thursday California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, launched a regional stay-at-home order pegged to intensiv
Trump orders US to pull troops from Somalia
Nearly all of 700 troops will leave over next few months follow president’s latest order with short notice The US will pull out nearly all its estimated 700 troops in Somalia over the next few months, the latest in a series of short-notice withdrawals ordered by Donald Trump in his last few weeks in power. A Pentagon statement on Friday said that some of the troops would be repositioned in neighb
Coronavirus crisis in the US: scenes from hospitals across America – in pictures
A look into the battle against Covid-19 in hospitals across the United States Continue reading...
Ocasio-Cortez hits back at critics who pounced on $58 'Tax the Rich' sweatshirt
Congresswoman says price was appropriate because garment was made by unionised workers in America – unlike ‘Trump’s merch’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a swift response for conservatives criticizing her for selling a “Tax the Rich” sweatshirt for $58. The price was right, the leftwing New York Democrat said, because the campaign merchandise was made by unionised workers in the US rather than in C
California: powerful winds ease but extreme fire danger remains due to dry conditions
Firefighters still battling a number of blazes and forecasters warn low humidity and tinder-dry brush mean red-flag warnings remain Powerful winds that pushed wildfires through southern California, burning several homes and injuring two firefighters, began easing but forecasters warned that the fire danger remained on Friday. Continue reading...
'Move with urgency': Joe Biden's economic team in their own words
Janet Yellen and fellow leaders have called for more government intervention and a stronger safety net Joe Biden’s incoming economic team is filled with firsts. The lineup that the incoming president introduced this week will, if approved, place women and people of color at the controls of the US economy during one of the darkest periods in recent history. While the team is historic, it also face
Burnt out by the present, I’m self-soothing with Bake Off and old novels | Emma Brockes
After a year of news reported in screaming, neon colour, I crave the muted tones of the not-so-distant past For a long time in the spring, I found I couldn’t read. My concentration was shot from too much scrolling, and I was thoroughly hooked on the adrenalin of bad news. The consolations of fiction seemed, by comparison, very weak and uninviting. Besides which, any spare time – and there was no
US jobs market recovery slows amid surge in Covid-19 cases
As Congress continues to argue over the size of a new stimulus package, unemployment fell to 6.7% The recovery in the US jobs market collapsed in November as cases of Covid-19 hit new records, government figures revealed on Friday. The US added just 245,000 new jobs in November, less than the 638,000 jobs added in October, the 672,000 jobs added in September and the 1.4m jobs added in August. The
Cris Collinsworth is shocked women understand NFL. 90m of us disagree
The NBC analyst has apologized for sexist remarks he made during a broadcast. The incident showed why we need more women in the commentary booth Cris Collinsworth spent time with some women this week. These women, it seems, asked some decent questions about football. They even sounded smart, maybe. And I guess it was all too much for Collinsworth. He was overcome. He had to share this mind-bendin
Republicans are standing up to Trump. Unfortunately, it's too little, too late | Rebecca Solnit
Republicans like Gabriel Sterling – who are horrified by the torrent of death threats facing electoral workers – are voicing their outrage very late in the day The first time I watched Georgia voting systems implementation manager Gabriel Sterling’s furious tirade about the threats against him and his coworkers, I was impressed. Here was a Republican, a self-described conservative, telling off th
Claims of 'voter fraud' have a long history in America. And they are false | David Litt
Trump is not the first politician to push the voter-fraud myth for his political advantage, but he must be the last Texas’s lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick, was supposed to be a whole lot poorer by now. On 11 November, eight days after the presidential election and four days after the networks called the race for Joe Biden, the conservative talk radio host turned Republican politician launched a
Donald Trump can – and should – be stopped from running in 2024 | Alexander Kirshner and Claudio López-Guerra
This is the moment to send a clear message that democracy need not supply its enemies with the means to destroy it Democracies do not sprout spontaneously, like red poppies in a field. They are established by brave democrats: people who struggle, sometimes paying the ultimate price, against the forces of authoritarianism. This is how democracies survive, too. There is no such thing as the inevita
US Congress slow to issue directives as Covid spreads at a high rate among lawmakers
By the end of November, more than 25 members of Congress and at least 150 workers had been infected amid lack of precautions For months Capitol Hill has struggled with how to contain the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. But even as the rest of the world slowly got a better handle on the spread of the virus, infections among US lawmakers in Washington DC have continued to rise and there
Republicans fear Trump's false claims could hurt party in Georgia runoff
President to host rally for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue – but false claims of fraud could discourage supporters in critical contest Donald Trump is set to host a Saturday rally in Georgia amid concerns he is discouraging Republicans there from turning out to vote in a critical runoff contest by attacking top GOP officials and falsely claiming fraud and voting-machine irregularities cost him t
A huge oil pipeline is coming to Minnesota – and with it the risk of Covid
Advocates and Native tribes, who have fought the proposal for years, have renewed complaints amid a coronavirus surge As Covid-19 cases surge in Minnesota, an oil company is bringing in thousands of out-of-state workers to finish building a pipeline from Canada that will stretch hundreds of miles across the state. Environmental advocates and Native American tribes have fought Enbridge Energy’s Li
Covid chaos in NFL as ‘business as usual’ approach flounders
‘America’s game’ struggles with quarantined quarterbacks, repeat rescheduling and home games played far from home Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage It has gone down as one of the worst performances by a player in recent NFL history – through little fault of his own. Last weekend, 23-year-old Kendall Hinton, a practice squad wide receiver who had never before played pro
Covid vaccine gets presidential promotion | First Thing
President-elect Joe Biden joined three former presidents in agreeing to have the coronavirus vaccination live on television to dispel safety fears. Plus, Trump approves gas and oil drilling on immaculate wildlife refuge Good morning. The president-elect, Joe Biden, will urge all Americans to wear masks for 100 days following his inauguration, in an attempt to lower the rate of coronavirus transmi
US election results 2020: Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump to win presidency
US attorney general says no evidence of widespread voting fraud as Trump continues to make erroneous claims Continue reading...
US faces grim winter as Covid cases and deaths set new records again – live updates
There were 217,664 new cases and 2,879 deaths – both new highs Biden plans to urge all Americans to wear masks for his first 100 days ‘Not enough to go around’: states struggle over 


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