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Texas sues four states over election results in an effort to help Donald Trump.

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Texas sues four states over election results in effort to help Donald Trump
Long-shot lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin is latest legal effort intended to reverse Biden’s victory The state of Texas, aiming to help Donald Trump upend the results of the US election, decisively won by Joe Biden , said on Tuesday it has filed a lawsuit against the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin at the US supreme court, calling changes they
The White House turned down 100m extra Pfizer vaccine doses | First Thing
Trump administration refused an offer of millions of additional doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus jab. Plus, Giuliani is ‘doing well’ but his condition is kept quiet Good morning. The White House refused an offer to buy 100m additional doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, a decision which could cause delays in distribution. The Trump administration ordered an initial 100m doses, enough for 50 milli
Trump officials scramble to justify decision not to buy extra Pfizer vaccine doses
Ex-FDA chief confirms administration turned down offer to reserve additional doses of vaccine, set to be first approved for US use The Trump administration on Tuesday scrambled to justify a decision not to buy millions of backup doses of a Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer as the vaccine appeared likely to become the first approved for use in the United States. Related: Trump campaign official


Trump's 'Warp Speed' vaccine summit zooms into alternative reality | David Smith's sketch
Sketch: The president’s attempt at a victory lap offered a stark contrast to Joe Biden’s sombre yet ambitious event The US government’s drive for a coronavirus vaccine was named “Operation Warp Speed” by Peter Marks, an official at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and longtime Star Trek fan . A staple of Star Trek storylines is alternative realities: someone slipping through a wormhole into
Supreme court rejects Republican bid to overturn Biden's Pennsylvania victory
Lawsuit filed on behalf of Republican congressman took issue with 2019 state law that expanded mail-in voting The US supreme court on Tuesday turned away a long-shot bid by Republicans to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania, where Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 race. Continue reading...
Biden cabinet: Marcia Fudge reportedly tapped for housing and Tom Vilsack for agriculture
Ohio congresswoman is a former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus; Vilsack served in the same role for Barack Obama Joe Biden has reportedly selected Ohio congresswoman Marcia Fudge as his housing and urban development secretary and and the former agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack to reprise that role in his administration. Fudge was first elected to Congress in 2008 to represent a district
Rudy Giuliani expects to leave hospital soon following Covid-19 diagnosis
Former New York City mayor, who is spearheading Trump’s effort to overturn election results, said he is feeling better Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday said he is feeling better after contracting Covid-19 and expects to leave the hospital on Wednesday. Continue reading...
Los Angeles deputies arrest 158 people in raid on underground house party
Party was one of many such events in recent months in direct violation of LA county and state mandated social distancing orders Nearly 160 people were arrested when authorities in Los Angeles county raided an underground house party over the weekend, officials reported on Monday. Continue reading...
Biden pledges '100m shots in 100 days' as he introduces health team
President-elect warns of challenges amid Covid surge while Trump ignores gravity of crisis at parallel event Joe Biden vowed on Tuesday to ensure 100m coronavirus vaccinations would be administered to Americans during his first 100 days in the White House – as Donald Trump held a parallel event where he ignored the deepening public health crisis, instead repeating his false claims that he, not Bi
California hospitals near breaking point as Covid cases soar
State short on ICU beds and healthcare workers amid 70% increase in ICU admissions in two weeks Hospitals across California are reaching a breaking point amid a shortage of ICU beds and healthcare workers, as the state faces its worst surge in Covid cases since the pandemic began. Millions of Californians are back under the nation’s strictest lockdown , but hospitalisations are already at record
Holyfield rematch could be next for Tyson after Jones fight generates $80m
Tyson reported to have earned $10m from Jones fight Holyfield says he wants to fight old rival in near future Mike Tyson could be set for a rematch with Evander Holyfield after the 54-year-old former heavyweight champion’s contest with the 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr generated $80m. According to the fight’s distributer, Triller, more than 1.6m pay-per-view purchases were made for the Tyson-Jones fig
'100m shots in 100 days': Biden urges Americans to wear masks as he makes vaccine pledge – video
Joe Biden pleads with Americans to wear masks for 100 days after he takes office. 'It's not a political statement, it's a patriotic act,' says the president-elect. At an event announcing nominees for his health team, Biden pledged to vaccinate 100 million Americans in his first 100 days US politics live Continue reading...
G4S agrees to £3.8bn takeover by US rival Allied Universal
Security firm with raft of UK government contracts accepts improved 245p a share offer Security firm G4S has agreed to a sweetened takeover offer from its US rival Allied Universal Security Services, which values the British company at £3.8bn. Under the terms of the cash offer, G4S shareholders would receive 245p a share. This is an improvement on the 210p a share previously offered by Allied Uni
Eagles drop struggling Carson Wentz for Hurts in middle of $128m contract
Rookie will start at quarterback against Saints on Sunday Wentz leads league in interceptions this season Rookie Jalen Hurts will be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday when they host the New Orleans Saints. He replaces the team’s franchise quarterback Carson Wentz, who has struggled for the Eagles, who have fallen from NFC East champions in 2019 to a 3-8-1 record this
Facebook faces antitrust allegations over deals for Instagram and WhatsApp
Deals that brought the top four social media companies under Facebook rule would be violations if they were considered a threat Facebook is expecting significant new legal challenges, as the US Federal Trade Commission and a coalition of attorney generals from up to 40 states are preparing antitrust suits. Continue reading...
Chuck Yeager obituary
American pilot who was the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound Chuck Yeager, who has died aged 97, stands alongside the Wright Brothers and Charles Lindbergh in the history of American aviation. In 1947 Yeager was the first person to break the sound barrier; and, in hitting Mach 1, he set the US on a path that was to lead to Neil Armstrong ’s 1969 moon landing. On the evening of Su
Trump holds vaccine summit amid scrutiny over Pfizer deal failure
President to celebrate expected regulatory vaccine approval Officials failed to lock in chance to buy additional Pfizer doses Donald Trump aims to take credit on Tuesday for the rapid development of coronavirus vaccines, even as concerns grow about supply and timelines for inoculating Americans and the government comes under scrutiny for failing to lock in a chance to buy millions of additional d
The US election's 'safe harbor' deadline is here. What does that mean for Biden?
If states have resolved disputes, their electoral votes now qualify as ‘conclusive’ – but Republicans could still shake voter confidence While Donald Trump continues to falsely insist he won the 2020 race, Tuesday marks an important deadline further cementing that Joe Biden will be inaugurated as America’s 46th president on 20 January. This year, 8 December is the so-called “safe harbor” deadline
Trump thought courts would help him win but judges were his harshest critics
Judges, whether appointed by Democrats or Republicans, rejected Trump’s election claims, underscoring their role in checking his efforts to stay in power Donald Trump and his allies say their lawsuits aimed at subverting the 2020 election and reversing his loss to Joe Biden would be substantiated, if only judges were allowed to hear the cases. There is a central flaw in the argument. Judges have
Our global fire crisis is the sign of a dying biosphere. But we can take action| Troy Vettese
The unprecedented fires aren’t just caused by the climate crisis. Land use –especially real estate and animal husbandry – have a lot to answer for A good, natural fire can be a cleansing force. Yet, the recent and ongoing catastrophic fires around the world – including in Brazil, the US, Sweden, Russia and Australia – are not moments of a healthy fire cycle but conflagrations of a dying biosphere
Fatigued Californians are back in lockdown. Will it work?
The effort to rein in a surging pandemic comes as the public seems less willing or unable to comply with shelter-in-place rules California has enacted new stay-at-home guidelines as coronavirus cases in the state have surged, placing 33m pandemic-fatigued residents under some of the harshest restrictions in the US in a last-resort effort to rein in the pandemic. The measures are the strictest sin
US election results 2020: Joe Biden's defeat of Donald Trump
Georgia recertifies election results , confirming Biden’s victory, despite Trump’s continued refusal to formally concede Continue reading...
Biden picks defense secretary as Trump hosts vaccine summit – live updates
The US is on course to record its 15 millionth coronavirus case today Biden to nominate retired army general Lloyd Austin as defense secretary Trump says ‘Rudy’s doing well’ after Giuliani 


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