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Trump looks back and Biden looks ahead.

Views expressed in this geopolitical news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

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Trump looks back and Biden looks ahead in contrasting new year messages
Biden calls for quicker distribution of Covid vaccines, while Trump points out he predicted vaccine’s arrival In a New Year’s Eve message, Donald Trump reflected on his accomplishments in office, calling them “historic victories”, while his incoming successor, Joe Biden, struck an upbeat tone in looking ahead to 2021. After weeks of fighting to remain in office, Trump said in a video posted on Tw
How an anti-elite TV drama became Iran’s lockdown hit | Holly Dagres
Storylines about corruption in the political classes have proved popular with Iranians stuck at home, streaming Aghazadeh A woman screams for her life after being locked in a Mercedes-Benz in a junkyard. In the next scene, all that is left of her is a metal cube with blood gushing out. This isn’t a scene from the latest horror film, but the first episode of the new Iranian drama series, Aghazadeh
Janet Yellen has made at least $7m from speaking fees, records show
Incoming US Treasury secretary was paid for events at Goldman Sachs, Barclays and others Incoming US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen has been paid at least $7m (£5.1m) for speaking engagements at government-regulated banks, consultancies and hedge funds over the past two years, according to newly disclosed documents. The former Federal Reserve chair disclosed a list of more than 50 paid speaking


Trump attacks and vote by mail: the top voting rights stories of 2020
The pandemic created new barriers to the ballot box and strengthened existing ones – aided by the president and his Republican allies The fight over access to the ballot was one of the most important stories in America in 2020. The country faced a pandemic that both offered new barriers to the ballot box and exacerbated existing ones. After election day, America faced an unprecedented effort to u
Could Asian Americans be crucial to swinging Georgia's Senate races?
The demographics of the south are changing and both Democrats and Republicans are taking note of a growing, diverse constituency Stephanie Cho remembers a time when she could walk the halls of the Georgia state capitol and see just two Asian Americans: the Republican state representative Byung J Pak and a member of his staff. Continue reading...
Belichick's exit plan and a JJ Watt trade: NFL subplots to watch in 2021
Will Aaron Rodgers depart Green Bay after an MVP-caliber season? Will Bill Belichick leave New England before it turns ugly? There’s no shortage of meaty NFL plotlines in 2021 The NFL’s general attitude towards 2020 can be summed up succinctly: What pandemic? Whereas other leagues ground to a halt, considered voiding their seasons, entered into complex bubbles or faced existential crises, the NFL


'Family detention still exists': immigration groups warn the fight is far from over
Advocates have hope that Biden will build better policy, but they are nervous about Obama-era officials having key roles Few people have been as closely involved with family separation and reunification as attorney Erika Pinheiro, one of the leaders of the immigration advocacy group Al Otro Lado. And though Joe Biden’s win in the presidential election puts an end to Donald Trump’s laser focus on
'It's put Delaware on the map': Biden’s win drags state from the shadows
Local tourism officials are also hoping for a post-pandemic boom courtesy of their local hero It is not so much a flyover state as a does-the-train-have-to-stop-here? state. Most travellers between New York and Washington do not disembark at the Joseph R Biden Jr Railroad Station in Wilmington, Delaware. Perhaps they will now take a second look. The station is where Biden launched his first, ill-
From covfefe to the Mooch: 10 funny moments from the Trump presidency
Amid four years of corruption, caging children and trashing democracy there were some light-hearted moments – no really Donald Trump’s presidency will soon come to an end, and his time in the White House will almost certainly be best remembered for the chaos and controversy caused by his oft-criticized choices on everything from immigration to the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading...
Facts won't fix this: experts on how to fight America's disinformation crisis
Trump’s false claims about the election and coronavirus are taking a dangerous toll. Can the divide be healed? At the beginning of 2021, millions of Americans appear to disagree about one of the most basic facts of their democracy: that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. The consequences of Donald Trump’s repeated, baseless claims of voter fraud will come in several waves, researchers
The Guardian view of Brexit: a tragic national error | Editorial
Britain is now out of the EU. But this is a day of sadness, not of glory, for we shall always be part of Europe “And the answer is – we’re out.” Four and a half years have passed since the BBC’s David Dimbleby pronounced the result of Britain’s EU referendum. At 11pm on 31 December, his words became finally and fatefully true. The United Kingdom is now no longer part of the European Union or subj
Minneapolis police release body-cam video of first killing since George Floyd
Shooting, which took place less than a mile from where Floyd died, has stirred anxiety about renewed protests in the city Police in Minneapolis have released body-camera footage from a traffic stop that ended with a man shot and killed, the city’s first such death since George Floyd’s killing in May. The quick move was aimed at stemming public anger over the killing, which has stirred anxiety abo
Republican senator David Perdue to quarantine after Covid-19 exposure
Exposure will prevent him from campaigning in final days before fiercely-contested Georgia runoff election The Republican senator David Perdue of Georgia will quarantine after being exposed to someone infected with Covid-19, taking him off the campaign trail just days before a fiercely-contested runoff election to keep his seat. Continue reading...
Andre Hill: officers failed to offer first aid for several minutes after shooting
Body-cam footage from Columbus police shows the 47-year-old Black man was still alive while officers were securing the area Multiple police officers stood by for several minutes without offering any first aid to Andre Hill after he was shot by another officer, according to body-cam footage released on Thursday. The video from several Columbus officers show that Hill, a 47-year-old Black man who w
Joe Biden to hold national memorial service for US Covid victims
Lighting ceremony to take place on eve of inauguration Cities and towns invited to join in with illuminations and bells Joe Biden plans to lead a unique nationwide memorial service on the eve of his inauguration to honor the grim toll of more than 340,000 American lives lost to the coronavirus. Continue reading...
Trump returns to Washington early as allies plot challenge to Biden victory
President cuts short Mar-a-Lago trip as Republican senator says he will formally object to electoral college result next Wednesday Donald Trump returned to Washington on Thursday, abruptly cutting short a holiday retreat to his private south Florida resort as the president’s allies on Capitol Hill prepare to mount a last-ditch challenge to Joe Biden’s election victory . Related: Joe Biden to have
Joe Biden to have new Secret Service team amid concern about Trump loyalty
Agents familiar from time as vice-president to return Some members of detail reportedly discouraged mask-wearing Joe Biden is expected to receive Secret Service protection with a new team that is more familiar to him and replacing some agents amid concerns that they may be politically allied with Donald Trump. Continue reading...
Joe Biden should end the US pretence over Israel's 'secret' nuclear weapons | Desmond Tutu
The cover-up has to stop – and with it, the huge sums in aid for a country with oppressive policies towards Palestinians Desmond Tutu is a Nobel peace laureate and a former archbishop of Cape Town Every recent US administration has performed a perverse ritual as it has come into office. All have agreed to undermine US law by signing secret letters stipulating they will not acknowledge something e
Fauci calls for extra resources as US misses Covid vaccination target
Expert calls missed target of 20m inoculations ‘disappointing’ Senior citizens wait outside overnight for vaccine in Florida The top infectious disease expert in the US, Anthony Fauci, called on the federal government on Thursday to deploy more resources to vaccinate Americans after the country missed its goal to get 20 million people inoculated by the end of the year. Continue reading...
Year ends on low note as 787,000 more Americans file for unemployment
Pandemic wrecked jobs market in 2020 Unemployment claims rising amid new surge in Covid cases Another 787,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits in the week before Christmas, the last snapshot of 2020’s appalling jobs market before the New Year. Continue reading...
The healthy nurse who died at 40 on the Covid frontline: 'She was the best mom I ever had' – video
Yolanda Coar was 40 when she died of Covid-19 in August this year in Augusta, Georgia. She was also a nurse manager, and one of nearly 3,000 frontline workers who have died in the US fighting this virus, according to an exclusive investigation by the Guardian and Kaiser Health News. The Guardian has profiled hundreds of healthcare workers in a year-long project. Read their stories here Continue r
The left must stop mourning Brexit – and start seeing its huge potential | Larry Elliott
Those who predict economic Armageddon ignore the reality. The status quo wasn’t working – now there’s an opportunity for change So this is it. Forty-eight years after Britain joined what was then the European Economic Community, the fasten seatbelt signs are switched on and the cabin lights have been dimmed. It is time for departure . Many in the UK, especially on the left, are in despair that th
Minneapolis police to release bodycam footage after fatal shooting – video
Police in Minneapolis shot and killed a man in an exchange of gunfire during a traffic stop on the city’s south side on Wednesday night, authorities have said. The police chief has said officers bodycameras where active and the footage would be released to the public on Thursday. A crowd of people rallied at the scene of the fatal shooting which happened about 6.15pm during a traffic stop with a
From the editor of Guardian US: the stories we'll tell in 2021 | John Mulholland
From the racial wealth gap to the ‘forever chemicals’ poisoning our bodies, there is no shortage of stories that need to be told The need for fact-based journalism that highlights injustice and offers solutions is as great as ever. Support the Guardian with a year-end gift It would be comforting to think that 2021 will offer a break from some of the challenges of 2020. There is an understandable
Samuel Little, deadliest US serial killer, dies at 80 with many victims unknown
Little was jailed in 2014 for killing three women and later admitted killing a total of 93 people America’s deadliest serial killer, Samuel Little, who confessed to strangling 93 people , has died in California aged 80 with the identity of almost half of his victims still unknown. Little said he targeted disadvantaged and mostly black women, including sex workers, in the belief that this would dr
In defence of New Year's Eve, the most unfairly maligned date on the calendar | James Greig
The festivities are rightly cancelled this year. But the gloating of NYE-haters does grate The tone of life under lockdown was set for me early on when I heard an internet-famous songwriter sing: “Find the silver linings, as hard as it seems/An extrovert’s nightmare’s an introvert’s dream”. From that point onwards, I have been locked in a one-man culture war against homebodies, irrationally furio
Congressman-elect Kai Kahele represents an 'awakened generation' of Native Hawaiians
Kahele was happy as a working pilot, he tells the Guardian, when a family loss turned his life towards politics Kai Kahele had one ambition growing up in Hawaii, and that was to fly airplanes. He 


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