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Trump's presidential plane will fly to Scotland.

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Official plane used by Trump will fly to Scotland just before Biden inauguration – report
Arrival of military plane president has occasionally used fuels questions over Trump’s plans for 20 January The murk surrounding Donald Trump’s likely whereabouts on his last day as president has thickened considerably with news that an official plane he has used in the past is due to fly to Scotland the day before Joe Biden’s inauguration. Trump himself is sticking to his refusal to accept his d
Democrats ask FBI to investigate Trump's Georgia phone call
Ted Lieu and Kathleen Rice say: ‘We believe Donald Trump engaged in solicitation of, or conspiracy to commit, a number of election crimes’ US politics – live coverage Two Democrats have asked the FBI to open a criminal investigation into Donald Trump over a phone call in which he pressured Georgia state officials to overturn the presidential election in his favour. Continue reading...
Revealed: David Perdue bought bank stocks after meeting financial officials
Georgia Republican facing Senate runoff bought significant shares in US bank after meeting with financial policy makers David Perdue, the Georgia Republican facing a Senate runoff election on Tuesday , has twice bought a significant number of shares in a US bank shortly after meeting with financial policy makers, raising more questions about his prolific stock trading while in office. In one case


Biden slams Trump's 'whining and complaining' while campaigning in Georgia – video
US president-elect Joe Biden said he doesn’t know why Donald trump wants to keep the job of president because ‘he doesn’t want to do the work’. While campaigning for Democratic candidates in Georgia’s runoff election, Biden said Trump ‘spends more time whining and complaining’ than doing something about the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine. Biden also criticised the GOP candidates, Kelly Loeffler
US pharmacist who tried to ruin Covid vaccine doses is a conspiracy theorist, police say
Officers say Steven Brandenburg told investigators he intentionally tried to spoil the doses because he believed the vaccine could change DNA A Wisconsin pharmacist who was convinced the world was “crashing down” told police he tried to ruin hundreds of doses of coronavirus vaccine because he believed the shots would mutate people’s DNA, according to court documents released on Monday. Continue r
New York confirms state's first case of more contagious Covid strain
Discovery raises concerns about threats to hospital capacity should it spread rapidly in the state New York has found its first case of the more contagious variant strain of the coronavirus initially reported in the UK, Andrew Cuomo, the governor, said on Monday. The discovery raises concerns about threats to hospital capacity should it spread rapidly in the state, especially while efforts to get
Trump is a buffoon – but the next aspiring autocrat won't be so incompetent | Richard Wolffe
Our concern shouldn’t focus on whether Trump can derail Biden’s inauguration. Instead we should be deeply concerned about whether this cult can derail our democracy Eleven Christmases ago, a student boarded a Northwest Airlines plane flying from Amsterdam to Detroit with a singular mission. As the plane crossed the US border, he spent 20 minutes in the bathroom and then returned to his seat. Ther
Top US business leaders call on Congress to certify election results
Letter signed by executives at American Express, Goldman Sachs, JetBlue and others said: ‘There should be no further delay’ Some of America’s top business leaders called on Congress to certify the electoral results for the president-elect, Joe Biden, in a letter Monday , arguing that “attempts to thwart or delay this process run counter to the essential tenets of our democracy”. Continue reading.
Inflatable costume may have caused Covid outbreak at California hospital
Dozens of health workers have tested positive and one has died since staffer wore fan-powered outfit An inflatable costume worn on Christmas to cheer up patients is being investigated as the possible cause of a coronavirus outbreak – and at least one virus-related fatality – in a hospital in northern California. At least 44 emergency department staff members at the Kaiser Permanente San Jose medi
'One state can chart the course': Biden rallies in Georgia on eve of Senate runoffs
President-elect speaks at Atlanta rally alongside Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and the Rev Raphael Warnock Joe Biden urged Georgia voters to surprise the nation once again by sending two Democrats to the US Senate, on the eve of a pair of critical runoff elections that will determine the balance of power in Washington and the scope of the president-elect’s ambitious legislative agenda. Biden,
Republicans divided: Trump creates new splits as party frets about Georgia
The president’s baseless claims have pleased some in the party but turned off others, which does not bode well for the runoff results US politics – live coverage Donald Trump has been marking the final days of his presidency by creating new fissures within the Republican party , at a time when the GOP needs to unify if it is to win two races in Georgia, which will decide control of the Senate. Re
No need for Entain to rush into accepting MGM Resorts offer | Nils Pratley
Owner of Ladbrokes and Coral right to take a wait-and-see approach ahead of US online betting bonanza It feels surprising that the big beasts of the US gambling scene, Las Vegas casino companies, are such digital dunces that they require UK-listed companies to tell them how to run an online betting business. But a pattern has been established. Slick back-office technology, proved over years in Eu
The Julian Assange extradition ruling: right result, wrong reason | Owen Jones
Refusing to extradite Assange to the US on mental health grounds is humane, but it doesn’t protect future whistleblowers Julian Assange’s extradition to the US to face charges of espionage and hacking cannot take place . This ruling by judge Vanessa Baraitser is a victory, albeit one not won on the principled grounds that should form the basis of opposing his extradition. The legal basis of the r
Jets, Jaguars and Chargers fire their head coaches on NFL's Black Monday
End of regular season sees teams making changes at top Jaguars set to take Trevor Lawrence with No 1 overall pick The NFL’s Black Monday, when underachieving teams traditionally fire their head coaches at the end of the regular season, saw the New York Jets, Los Angeles Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars make moves at the top. For once the Jets led the rest of the league, actually firing Gase on S
'The first step towards justice': Julian Assange's partner welcomes extradition ruling – video
Stella Moris, the partner of Julian Assange, welcomed a British judge's ruling that her fiance should not be extradited to the US. Declaring the move 'the first step towards justice', Moris urged Donald Trump not to appeal against the ruling. 'Mr President, tear down these prison walls,' she said. 'Let our boys have their father. Free Julian. Free the press' Julian Assange cannot be extradited to
Doctors are our frontline against Covid. Now they lead the fight against its deniers, too | Gaby Hinsliff
With misinformation rife, it is exhausted NHS staff giving the public first-hand facts – and many are paying a personal price Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage It was a few weeks before Christmas when reports first emerged from Italy of doctors being abused, insulted and physically intimidated. Italy, of all places. Where hospitals were overwhelmed last February by suf
US Covid hospitalizations at record high as Fauci warns 'it will likely get worse'
Holiday gatherings and cold weather set to fuel further surge Biden pledge of 100m vaccine shots in 100 days doable – Fauci Coronavirus – live coverage US hospitalizations from Covid-19 were at a record high on Sunday, at 125,544, as hospitals struggled to cope and providers made plans to ration care. Related: Covid vaccine: Oxford man, 82, first in world to get Oxford/AstraZeneca jab Continue re
Kamala Harris says Trump's call to Georgia secretary of state is 'bold abuse of power' – video
The US vice-president-elect said a phone call made by Donald Trump to Georgia's secretary of state in which he asked to reverse his 3 November election defeat is a 'bold abuse of power'. Speaking at a rally in Savannah on Sunday, Harris said the call was 'the voice of desperation'. The Washington Post obtained the recording of a conversation on Saturday between Trump and Brad Raffensperger . Trum
Trump gives presidential medal of freedom to Republican ally Nunes
Jim Jordan also set to receive highest US civilian honour US politics – live coverage Donald Trump has given the presidential medal of freedom, the highest US civilian honour, to Devin Nunes, a Republican ally in Congress who supported him in the Russia investigation, his impeachment and other Washington scandals. Related: Trump's Republicans have dumped Lincoln – they're the Confederacy now | Ll
Brad Raffensperger: who is the Georgia secretary of state standing up to Trump?
The lifelong Republican traditionalist has pro-business politics but Trump’s sour loss to Biden broke the relationship Brad Raffensperger, the secretary of state for Georgia, is back in the news after the Washington Post published a damning recording of Trump pressurising him to “find” votes that could help overturn Joe Biden’s victory. Trump endorsed the lifelong Republican in 2018 as being “tou
Ahmaud Arbery murder: suspects' lawyers ask court not to use 'victim' at trial
Term would ‘inject prejudice’ into trial, say attorneys for a Georgia father and son accused of shooting unarmed black man Lawyers for a Georgia father and son accused of pursuing and shooting dead an unarmed black man in street ambush have asked a court to forbid prosecutors from using the term “victim” at their murder trial. Related: Exclusive: Police tried to tase Ahmaud Arbery in 2017 inciden
Trump's Scottish golf courses post another year of losses
Businesses lose total of £3.4m in 2019 despite first signs of profitability at his flagship Turnberry resort Donald Trump’s Scottish golf courses have again reported significant losses, totalling £3.4m, despite the first signs of profitability at his flagship Turnberry resort. The annual accounts for Trump Turnberry’s parent company, Golf Recreation Scotland, show the luxury hotel and golf resort
Unstoppable Stephen Curry crushes Blazers and scores career-best 62 points
Portland Trail Blazers 122-137 Golden State Warriors Two-time MVP explodes after injury-affected 2019-20 Stephen Curry twirled an arm in the air to acknowledge a small cheering section of family members in a near-empty arena, then gleefully disappeared down the tunnel to celebrate the best scoring night of his career. Curry let it fly from way out under pressure with a minute left for another per
How modelling Covid has changed the way we think about epidemics | Adam Kucharrski
The pandemic has created a tragic ‘natural experiment’ - a once-in-a-century jolt that could produce unexpected insights Adam Kucharski is an associate professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Think back on some of the things you learned about Covid-19 in 2020: information such as “fatality risk” and “incubation pe
Wonder Woman 1984 is a smug, dishonest let-down. How very 2020 | Emma Brockes
Three years after a truly inspiring superhero film, Patty Jenkins’ sequel uses faux feminism to push a reactionary agenda I remember very clearly, three years ago, going to the cinema to see Wonder Woman . It was an afternoon showing and the entire experience – slinking off work while the kids were at school, paying extra for the posh seat, walking out on to the street two hours later confident t
Iran says it has seized South Korean tanker as tensions with US mount
Move comes as Iran resumes enriching uranium to up to 20% purity in significant breach of 2015 nuclear accord Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have seized a South Korean vessel “for polluting the Persian Gulf with chemicals”, state media has reported, amid rising tensions between Iran and the US during the final days of Donald Trump’s presidency. The semi-official Tasnim news agency published pictures
Trump recorded pressuring Georgia official to 'find' votes | First Thing
In an extraordinary recording, Trump tells Georgia’s secretary of state to ‘find’ enough votes to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory. Plus, Fauci says there are ‘no excuses’ over US’s slow vaccine distribution Good morning. Donald Trump has been recorded pressing a senior official in Georgia to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory in the state. In the recording, obtained by the Washington Pos
Georgia Senate runoff elections: how they work and why they matter
The two runoffs on 5 January will decide whether the Republicans continue to control the Senate, with profound implications for Joe Biden’s presidency On 5 January the US state of Georgia will vote, again, on who to send to the Senate. The control of the Senate is up for grabs, and thus the prospects for the Biden administration – at least for the next two years. Continue reading...
'We tortured families': The lingering damage of Trump's separation policy
Civil rights groups want to see the Biden administration reunify victims, grant protection in the US and provide restitution The US government’s policy of separating migrant families at the border has continued to wreak havoc and inflict suffering in the final months of Donald Trump’s presidency, with parents still missing, reunifications blocked and reunited families struggling to pick up the pi
How the 'shecession' will cause long-term harm for women in the US
C Nicole Mason, who coined the term to describe a recession that affects women disproportionately, sets out what is needed for an equitable recovery For the first time in history, the US is in a “ shecession ” – an economic downturn where job and income losses are affecting women more than men. The term was coined by C Nicole Mason, president and chief executive of the Institute for Women’s Polic
US colleges grapple with Covid safety for impending spring semester
Tens of thousands of students contracted coronavirus during a tumultuous fall semester and return to campus in new year looks equally challenging Though the virus is surging across the US, the 



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