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Insurrection Day at the U.S. Capitol.

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'She was deep into it': Ashli Babbitt, killed in Capitol riot, was devoted conspiracy theorist
Babbitt, shot by police on Wednesday, saw storming of Capitol as a pivotal moment for the country In late December, the incoming vice-president, Kamala Harris, tweeted about her plans for the first hundred days of the Biden administration. She promised “to ensure Americans mask up, distribute 100M shots, and get students safely back to school”. Among the thousands of responses was an angry tweet
Insurrection Day: when white supremacist terror came to the US Capitol
Witnesses say Trump was oblivious to the gravity of the situation as five died, Congress was violated and his vice-president faced the very real possibility of being lynched If there was one single moment when the veil of American resilience crumbled and the Trumpist assault on democracy turned into an invasion, it arrived just before 1pm on Wednesday. That was when a group of pro-Trump militants
Police arrest man who carried Pelosi lectern and horned Capitol intruder
Adam Christian Johnson, 36, held on federal warrant ‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley sat in VP’s seat Trump at bay as first Republican senator calls for resignation Ashli Babbitt, killed at Capitol, was devoted conspiracy theorist US authorities continued to round up some of the most prominent suspects in the Capitol riot on Saturday, with the arrests of the so-called QAnon shaman and a man seen car


Sixers made to play with seven available players due to Covid-19 and injuries
Sixers face Nuggets with seven players due to virus, injuries Doc Rivers said he didn’t think game should be played Embiid, Simmons, Curry and Harris among missing starters Nikola Jokic had 15 points and 12 assists to lead the Denver Nuggets past Philadelphia 115-103 on Saturday, beating a 76ers team that had only seven available players because of injuries and Covid-19 protocols. The Sixers tipp
Pompeo lifts US-Taiwan restrictions in move likely to anger China
Tensions already high between Washington and Beijing Trump aide says former measures meant to appease Chinese Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Saturday said he was lifting restrictions on contacts between US officials and their Taiwanese counterparts, a move likely to anger China and increase tensions between Beijing and Washington in the waning days of Donald Trump’s presidency. Related: Trump’
Buffalo Bills hold on against Colts for first playoff win in 25 years
Bills win 27-24 over Colts for first postseason win since 1995 Buffalo hold on after allowing two fourth-quarter touchdowns The Buffalo Bills earned their first playoff victory in a quarter-century on Saturday when Josh Allen threw two touchdown passes, scored another rushing, and Micah Hyde batted down Philip Rivers’ desperation pass for a 27-24 win over the Indianapolis Colts in a wildcard game
Trump Twitter: Republicans and Democrats split over freedom of speech
Allies of president claim company restricted free speech Opponents say suspension was long overdue Woman killed in Capitol riot was devoted conspiracy theorist Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend Donald Trump’s account in the wake of the storming of Capitol Hill on Wednesday continues to stoke fierce debate, supporters and critics split on partisan lines as they contest what the suspension
At heart, the Capitol attackers believe some Americans matter more than others | David Litt
Sadly, this anti-democratic streak isn’t confined to ardent Maga ‘deplorables’. They were just saying the quiet part out loud It was the worst day for American democracy in decades. It was the best day for American democracy in years. What do you say when armed citizens storm the Capitol of your country, determined to overthrow the legitimate government? I have no idea. And until approximately 2p
Gove and co were once thrilled to be close to Trump. Now see them run | Nick Cohen
As a bunch of Tories distance themselves from the president, let’s look at the record As he interviewed Donald Trump on bended knee, Michael Gove besmirched what few claims he had to be a decent politician, journalist or human being. Even at that early date, just after Trump’s inauguration in 2017, everyone with eyes to see knew Trump was prepared to tell any lie and rouse any rabble. Far from be
Many said Trump's presidency would end this way. But the warnings were ignored
The storming of the Capitol in Washington is a wake-up call for states around the world, writes the mayor of London The events at the Capitol building in Washington were shocking, but sadly not that surprising. Yes, President Donald Trump incited a fascist mob to try to violently overthrow the legitimate outcome of a democratic election – but this was the tragic yet inevitable consequence of the
A gold rush for Neil Young will leave little left for younger artists | Rebecca Nicholson
Music publishers are splurging hundreds of millions buying up back catalogues, but it’s a shortsighted strategy Maybe half of a Neil Young is worth $150m. For fans for whom his songs have soundtracked their weddings or holidays, their heartbreaks and joys, I am sure that he is priceless. But $150m (£112m) is what investment firm Hipgnosis Songs Fund is estimated to have paid for 50% of the rights
Art markets: New York bodegas in watercolour – in pictures
“Bodegas play an essential role in the New York City lifestyle and define its landscape,” says illustrator Gabi Lamontagne of the corner stores that she’s been depicting since moving there from Quebec in 2012. “I was attracted to their hand-painted awnings framed with colourful lightbulbs… once in a while, you will find a working cat inside a store.” Lamontagne first photographs the bodegas and t
Serena Williams rises above Tiriac and co but misogyny and racism take a toll | Tumaini Carayol
The examples are legion and tennis is scarred by the failure of the sport’s authorities to tackle a culture that enables people with abhorrent views to hold positions of power There has not been much reason to talk about Serena Williams lately. She last competed in late September, withdrawing from the second round of the French Open with an achilles injury, and has been resting, baking cookies wi
US Capitol attack: Trump impeachment looms as Republicans ponder his fate
President faces calls to quit as he shapes legal team Police arrest man who carried lectern and horned intruder Sidney Blumenthal: This was a perverse civil war re-enactment Efforts to remove Donald Trump from the White House gathered pace on Saturday, as Democrats announced that at least 180 members of Congress would co-sponsor an article of impeachment they intend to introduce in the House of R
The Chinese government is trying to rebrand forced sterilization as feminism | Arwa Mahdawi
A report from a state-run thinktank says the reason for declining Uighur birth rates is gender equality – an outrageous but not unprecedented play Continue reading...
Denver police officers who detained four black girls will not be charged
Lawyer says he will sue city and Aurora PD officers Colorado attorney general opens Elijah McCain investigation Suburban Denver police officers will not be charged after detaining four black girls at gunpoint this summer and handcuffing two after wrongly suspecting they were riding in a stolen car, prosecutors said on Friday. Related: 'He was inspired by everything': friends and family pay tribut
Trump's Maga insurrectionists were perverse US civil war re-enactors | Sidney Blumenthal
The warped history the Trump mob thought it was conjuring was actually just a costume drama of militant ignorance “ Big protest in DC on January 6th. Be there, will be wild! ” Donald Trump tweeted on December 19, a week after his would-be Brown Shirt followers rioted in the streets of Washington to protest the “stolen” election. When Der Tag – the climactic day of battle arrived – Trump assembled
A British judge said US prisons are dangerously inhumane. Sadly, she's right | David Fathi
Britain refused a request to extradite Julian Assange because US prison conditions might make him suicidal. That’s damning What does it say about the humanitarian condition of US prisons and jails when one of the United States’ closest allies refuses to extradite a person for fear that American prison conditions would drive him to suicide? This is exactly what happened on Monday when a British co
San Francisco rents are plummeting – but its housing crisis could get worse
The city remains the nation’s priciest for renters, and the pandemic has dealt a new economic blow to residents Apartment rental prices in San Francisco – a city mocked for being so unaffordable that residents pay more than a grand each month to sleep in a bunk bed and share space with strangers – have plummeted during the coronavirus crisis, falling roughly 24% over the last year , according to
What can Biden do to reverse Trump's assault on labor rights?
With Covid-19 still raging across the US, job safety experts say the president-elect must issue nationwide regulations directing businesses to protect their workers Soon after Joe Biden is inaugurated as the next US president, he is expected to take several strong steps on the labor front aimed at reversing or remedying the policies of Donald Trump – who promised workers a lot and delivered littl
Papa Don's failed state: the US as seen from Kenya
For months, satirist Patrick Gathara has painted the US as a ‘third world’ country. Then came the storming of the Capitol For more than two months now, I have been regularly posting quasi-satirical tweets on the US elections and their aftermath from m


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