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Should Elizabeth II be Elizabeth the Last?

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Should Elizabeth II be Elizabeth the Last? At least allow Britain a debate | Polly Toynbee
Reports on Queen’s consent have revived the republicanism question – and regional and generational shifts are emerging The Queen is less of a constitutional monarch than we thought. This week the Guardian revealed how she has used her Queen’s consent powers to vet more than 1,000 laws before they reach parliament. Memos unearthed from the National Archives show how she applied pressure over trans
Cuomo faces calls to resign amid allegations of hiding nursing home Covid deaths
New York’s governor criticized following leaked recording of top aide admitting the administration withheld data Andrew Cuomo – New York’s governor who was once hailed the king of the US Covid-19 response – was facing fresh calls for his removal from office on Friday after new allegations emerged that he and senior staff covered up the extent of the virus deaths in the state’s nursing homes. The
‘Intimidation tactic’: Georgia officials investigate groups that mobilized black voters
Stacey Abrams’ New Georgia Project accused of not handing documents in on time in Republicans’ latest targeting of the group The Georgia state election board referred two cases to prosecutors on Wednesday connected to organizations that helped mobilize a record number of voters in the state during the 2020 election, a move critics say is an intimidation effort. Continue reading...


US Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman awarded Congressional Gold Medal
Goodman was quick to act during the 6 January attack by engaging rioters and ushering Senator Mitt Romney to safety Eugene Goodman, the Capitol police officer who led violent rioters away from lawmakers during the 6 January attack, has been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by the US Senate. The Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, called the vote at the end of Friday’s impeachment proceedin
White House suspends press aide who reportedly threatened Politico journalist
TJ Ducklo is sorry for ‘heated conversation’, says White House press secretary, but punishment appears to fall short of Biden’s threat to fire uncivil aides The White House has suspended a press aide over allegations he threatened a reporter who was working on a story about his romantic relationship with another journalist. Vanity Fair alleged on Friday that White House deputy press secretary TJ
As KPMG’s boss has learned, caring about employees is now cool
Bill Michael, UK chair of the accountancy firm, had to step down amid protests after he told staff to ‘stop moaning’ Millennials are flexing their power in the workplace. From women’s rights to demands for tougher action on climate change, younger staff are forcing the pace. Last week the boss of KPMG stepped down amid protests from staff about his behaviour during an online meeting. Continue rea
Fight, fight, fight: Trump lawyers subject senators to repetitive strain | David Smith's sketch
The impeachment trial saw its most bizarre turn yet as the ex-president’s lawyers deployed whataboutism in its purest form Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight. The first rule of Fight Club is just keep bashing your audience with the same word ad nauseam. Related: Trump defense team ridiculed over video of Democrats saying 'fight' Continue reading...
Trump defense team ridiculed over video of Democrats saying 'fight'
Democratic senator decries ‘false, dangerous and distorted equivalence’ but impeachment defence met with ridicule online Lawyers for Donald Trump were condemned by Democrats and ridiculed by critics on Friday, after they showed the Senate impeachment trial a video which sought to compare remarks on the campaign trail and in support of protests against systemic racism with Trump’s incitement of th
White US professor accused of posing as immigrant of color on Twitter resigns
University, which has not named the professor, confirmed the resignation on Friday after a four-month investigation A white, male University of New Hampshire chemistry professor has resigned after being accused of posing as a female immigrant of color on Twitter to make racist and sexist comments. The university, which has not named the professor and described the person only as a faculty member,
'Sturgeon general': Wisconsin state biologist charged with caviar scam
Ryan Koenigs accused of supplying fish eggs taken for research to caviar producers, accepting jars of the delicacy in return A state biologist known as Wisconsin’s “sturgeon general” is facing jail for his alleged role in a lucrative racket that prosecutors say saw valuable fish eggs marked for fertility research funneled instead for caviar production. Related: Why is caviar still on the menu? Co
US government appeals UK ruling against Julian Assange's extradition
Justice department confirms Joe Biden intends to have WikiLeak’s co-founder stand trial in US The US government has appealed a UK judge’s ruling against the extradition of the WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange , according to a justice department official. The appeal made clear that Joe Biden intends to have Assange stand trial on espionage- and hacking-related charges over WikiLeaks’ publicatio
Mike Pence's 'nuclear football' was potentially at risk during Capitol riot
Footage from 6 January shows mob was within 30 metres of Pence and air force officer carrying briefcase with nuclear codes US politics – live updates The dramatic footage of the 6 January insurrection shows the mob was within 30 metres of Mike Pence, when he made his escape. But there was a chilling detail that even the House prosecutors missed. With the then vice-president on that terrifying day
Lincoln Project enveloped in scandal over harassment allegations
Anti-Trump group said John Weaver’s conduct was ‘appalling’ and tweeted messages between journalist and Jennifer Horn After the publication on Thursday of further revelations about a founder member who sexually harassed gay men , the anti-Trump conservative Lincoln Project acknowledged what it called a “central truth”: that John Weaver’s conduct was “appalling” and that he “abused” some who sough
Impeachment trial: defense lawyers argue Trump is victim of 'cancel culture'
Lawyers claim Trump’s ‘fight like hell’ rhetoric on 6 January was no different than the language politicians frequently use Impeachment lawyers for Donald Trump accused the prosecution of waging a “politically motivated witch-hunt” against the former president, vehemently denying the charge that his words and actions incited the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol as they concluded their sharpl
Acquitting Trump would spell grave danger for US democracy | Jonathan Freedland
Failing to convict the former president will send a clear and alarming message: future elections can be overturned by force Rare is the trial that takes place at the scene of the crime. Rarer still is the trial where the jurors are also witnesses to, if not victims of, that crime. Which means that the case of Donald Trump should be open and shut, a slam-dunk. Because those sitting in judgment saw
JJ Watt and Texans 'mutually' agree to split amid Houston upheaval
Watt, Texans ‘mutally’ agree to split in more team upheaval Three-time Defensive Player of the Year is face of franchise Watt reportedly requested trade, following star QB Watson JJ Watt and the Houston Texans split Friday, ending the tenure of the face of the franchise and adding further turmoil to an offseason of upheaval. Related: Wilson to the Raiders? Watson to the Jets? NFL quarterback trad
'Roaring 20s' will follow Covid-19 pandemic, says L’Oréal
World’s biggest cosmetics group says there will be a ‘fiesta in makeup and in fragrances’ Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The pandemic will give way to another “roaring 20s” according to L’Oréal, the world’s biggest cosmetics group, which is predicting a makeup sales bonanza as wearing lipstick becomes a “symbol of returning to life”. L’Oréal, which owns more than 30
From Farage's flotilla to rotting exports – it's the story of Brexit, in fish | Marina Hyde
Four years ago, Brexiteers led an iceberg-worthy event on the Thames. Now they’ve ghosted an entire industry “Every revolution evaporates,” declared Kafka, “and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy.” The government’s Brexit deal has gone one better, leaving both the slime of a new bureaucracy and heaps of rotting shellfish on the docks, as fishermen discover they cannot export them t
Palmeiras' failure at the Club World Cup should worry all Brazilian fans
Rival supporters have enjoyed mocking Palmeiras but their results in Qatar show how far Brazilian football has fallen By Tom Sanderson for Yellow and Green Football Life comes at you fast in Brazilian football. A week ago, Palmeiras fans were celebrating after their team had beaten Santos in an all-Brazilian Copa Libertadores final at the Maracanã. Now their club is the butt of all jokes. Their s
Minneapolis poised to ban facial recognition for police use
Committee voted 12-0 in favor of ban, advancing it to city council, months after actions of city’s police sparked racial reckoning in US The city of Minneapolis is poised to ban facial recognition software for police use, part of a growing movement to prohibit software known to have serious flaws identifying racial minorities and women. The actions of Minneapolis police sparked a racial reckoning
Tens of thousands of asylum seekers in Mexico to be allowed into US under Biden plan
Biden administration takes major step to dismantle Trump policy that exposed people to violence in Mexican border cities The Biden administration on Friday announced plans for tens of thousands of asylum seekers waiting in Mexico for their next immigration court hearings to be allowed into the United States while their cases proceed. The first of an estimated 25,000 asylum seekers in Mexico with
I was born in the 90s. So why am I suddenly nostalgic for the 70s? | James Greig
Everyone’s always knocking this decade – Blair, Cameron, my mum. But whether it was good or bad is beside the point I’ve been experiencing a lot of nostalgia over the last few months, which is no surprise: the feeling often comes during moments of stasis. Lots of people are expressing a longing for the time before coronavirus, but we’ve been in this pandemic long enough for there to be nostalgia
DRC is rich with farmland, so why do 22 million people there face starvation? | Vava Tampa
For two decades the global community has stood by while militia groups have got away with killing, raping and looting I was food shopping when I read the news. Nearly 22 million people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are facing starvation and malnutrition. Now. In 2021. You have to wonder how a country with eight months of rain, more than 50% of all the rivers, lakes and wetlands in Afric
US fast food workers hold Black History Month strikes to demand $15 an hour
Workers call for McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s to increase pay as Congress prepares to debate federal minimum wage Fast-food workers in 15 cities will hold a Black History Month strike on Tuesday to demand that the McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s restaurant chains pay them $15 an hour. The action comes as Congress prepares to debate a federal rise in the minimum wage to $15 from its cur
Trump impeachment trial day three: Democrats rest their case – video highlights
House impeachment managers concluded their case against Donald Trump on Thursday by saying that the deadly Capitol assault he stands accused of inciting was the culmination of a presidency beset by lies and violent rhetoric. They also said he would remain a threat to US democracy if not convicted and barred from holding future office Democrats rest case with warning that Trump remains a threat Co
Sports quiz of the week: a style icon, a cup finalist and an unlikely cricketer
Who missed his calling? Who united? Who hit 500 not out? Serena Williams has been wearing a one-legged catsuit at the Australian Open. Which athlete inspired the outfit? John Daly Jorge Campos Florence Griffith Joyner Billie Jean King Leon Spinks, who beat Muhammad Ali to become the heavyweight champion of the world in just his eighth professional fight, died this week at the age of 67. How many
'Essentially a death sentence': California's vaccine plan outrages disabled residents
The state’s plan has been criticised as too little too late, leaving those with high-risk conditions uncertain about when their turn will come California leaders are under fire over the state’s mixed messaging on how people with disabilities will be prioritized for the Covid-19 vaccine, a situation that advocates say has left millions of disabled and chronically ill residents in the lurch. Last m
Trump is still a threat to democracy, Democrats warn | First Thing
House impeachment managers urged senators to prevent ex-president from holding office again. Plus, former Republican officials discuss creating a new party Don’t already get First Thing in your inbox? Sign up here Good morning. House impeachment managers ended their case against Donald Trump with a warning that he would remain a threat to US democracy if he was not convicted and banned from holdi
Trump impeachment trial: Senate to hear former president's defense – live updates
Senate reconvenes at noon with Trump’s team expected to push for swift conclusion to second impeachment trial Democrats rest case with warning that Trump remains a threat Senate hears how Trump stoked Capitol assault over years Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 11.14am GMT The government’s nationalized health insurance program for seniors, Medicare, has kept money at th
'I don't make enough': the financial cost of having Covid in the US
Major health insurers volunteered to cover testing and treatment, while the government introduced new programs – but those assurances haven’t played out Covid-19 allowed for an experiment in US healthcare: what if doctor’s visits and hospitalizations didn’t cost people money? In response to the pandemic, major health insurers volunteered to cover coronavirus testing and treatment for their paying


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