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The next pandemic may already be here.

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The next pandemic? It may already be upon us | Laura Spinney
Antimicrobial resistance won’t race across the world like Covid-19, but its effects will be devastating. Thankfully, we already know what we need to do to defeat it Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a silver lining to this pandemic? If history is anything to go by there may actually turn out to be a number of them, though we can’t
Whatever you think of Harry and Meghan, their media critics are far worse | Marina Hyde
Self-appointed ‘defenders of the royal family’s honour’ may want to have a good, hard look at themselves Like a lot of middle-aged newspapermen, the only reason I lose my mind over anything Meghan does is because I care – truly care – about the dignity of the royal family. There is something deeply sacred and pure about the throne of Olde England, which will in due course be inherited by a man wh
My partner is pregnant – and the cost of giving birth in the US is stressing me out | Arwa Mahdawi
It is the most expensive country in the world to have a baby, there is no way of knowing the bill in advance, and you can potentially be charged just for holding your newborn I’m delighted to announce my partner has been struck with a short-term disability. She is pregnant. Which, in the capitalist utopia that is the US, is pretty much the same thing. It’s the only developed country without manda


Biden to make case for Covid stimulus package in primetime TV town hall
CNN event in Milwaukee comes a week before House is expected to vote on $1.9tn measure Joe Biden, eager to move beyond his predecessor’s impeachment trial, is taking his case for his $1.9tn coronavirus aid package directly to the American people with a primetime town hall designed in part to put pressure on Republican lawmakers. The CNN town hall Tuesday night in Milwaukee comes as White House of
Fema opens mass vaccination sites in bid to reach communities of color
Sites in Los Angeles and Oakland are part of Biden administration’s work to speed Covid-19 immunization process The Federal Emergency Management Agency has opened up its first Covid-19 mass vaccination sites, part of the Biden administration’s efforts to speed up immunizations and to reach communities of color that have been disproportionately harmed by the pandemic. Fema’s first mass vaccination
US workers go on strike in 15 cities to demand $15-an-hour minimum wage
The Biden administration is attempting to push through what would be the first increase since 2009 as part of a pandemic relief bill Workers at fast-food restaurant chains in 15 cities around the US went on strike on Tuesday demanding a raise in their minimum wage to $15 an hour. The workers at McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s, joined by home care and nursing home workers, took action as the B
Steve Bannon believed Trump had early stage dementia, TV producer claims
Ira Rosen says Bannon had ‘great frustrations with Trump’ Bannon ‘spoke of removing president with 25th amendment’ US politics – live coverage Former White House strategist Steve Bannon thought Donald Trump was suffering from early-stage dementia and campaigned covertly to remove him from office via the 25th amendment, according to a veteran TV producer. Related: Sounds about right: why podcastin
Black McDonald's franchise owner sues chain over claims of discrimination
Civil rights lawsuit says company’s practices led to a $700,000 sales gap between Black- and white-owned franchises The Black owner of 14 McDonald’s franchises in Ohio says one of the world’s largest restaurant chains has shown more favorable treatment to white owners and denied him the opportunity to buy restaurants in more affluent communities, according to a civil rights lawsuit filed this wee
Cuomo at bay as Covid nursing home scandal taints reputation
The New York governor was hailed as a hero last spring when his forthright leadership contrasted with Trump’s but now faces claims of a cover-up Eleven months ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York was hailed as one of most effective US leaders in confronting the coronavirus, idolized in online fan videos and lionized in the pages of the New York Times. Continue reading...
Trump and Giuliani sued by Democratic congressman over Capitol riot
Lawsuit brought on by Bennie Thompson and NAACP argues ex-president and lawyer violated law known as Ku Klux Klan Act US politics – live coverage Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, the former president’s personal lawyer, have been accused of conspiring to incite the violent riot at the US Capitol, in a legal action filed under a historic law known as the Ku Klux Klan Act. Related: Trump remains 2024
Draymond Green says NBA players are 'castrated' for wanting trades in impassioned rant – video
Golden State Warriors Draymond Green gave an impassioned rant during a press conference sharply criticising the NBA. The forward said that players put on the trading block by teams are treated unfairly. ‘It’s bullshit’ he said. ‘As a player, you’re the worst person in the world when you want a different situation,’ Green said. ‘But a team can say they’re trading you, and that man is to stay in sh
Texas homeless face limited options for food and warmth amid winter storm
Facilities sheltering people ‘getting overpacked’ as state struggles to deal with freezing temperatures and snow As Texas remains in the grip of an arctic blast that has left millions of people without power for several days advocates are warning of a growing crisis for the homeless in the state. The homeless and the elderly are always the most vulnerable populations in a natural disaster, and ma
Charge dropped against white woman who called police on Black birdwatcher
Amy Cooper completes therapy involving racial bias instruction Video of encounter in New York’s Central Park went viral in 2020 Prosecutors in New York have dropped a charge against Amy Cooper, a white woman who achieved widespread notoriety after she confronted a Black man birdwatching in Central Park who asked her to put her dog on a leash. Related: Amy Cooper made second call claiming black bi
Family of anti-Trump Republican condemns him: 'A disappointment to us and God'
Relatives of Adam Kinzinger publish an open letter accusing the Illinois representative of joining ‘the devil’s army’ Family disagreements over US politics proliferated under four years of Donald Trump, with Facebook and other social media providing an accelerant for acrimony. Related: Trump remains 2024 candidate of choice for most Republicans, poll shows Continue reading...
Draymond Green says NBA players are 'castrated' for seeking trades
Warriors star says teams have double standards over trades Forward cites treatment of players such as James Harden Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green sharply criticized the NBA following Monday night’s win over Cleveland, saying players put on the trading block by teams are treated unfairly. Related: Vincent Jackson: former NFL star wide-receiver found dead at age of 38 Continue reading
Too tough or too timid? Joe Biden's stimulus package feels the heat | Larry Elliott
As Wall Street enjoys its hottest run in 17 years, economists debate the new president’s options It’s fair to say that Wall Street usually takes little interest in debates between economists, even ones as distinguished as Larry Summers and Paul Krugman. But the debate between the two Keynesians over the merits of Joe Biden’s stimulus package matters at a time when global stock markets are on thei
Trump remains 2024 candidate of choice for most Republicans, poll shows
59% of Republican voters said they wanted Trump to play prominent role in party, but tens of thousands left after Capitol riot If the 2024 Republican presidential primary were held today, Donald Trump would be the clear favorite to win big. That was the message from a Politico-Morning Consult poll released on Tuesday, three days after Trump’s acquittal in his second impeachment trial, on a charge
There's a reason Muslim women struggle to make their voices heard | Nesrine Malik
Islamophobia has made communities distrustful – and the media’s attitude doesn’t help Zesha Saleem is a young, hijab-wearing freelance journalist at the start of her career. Like all young journalists, she has developed a tough exterior in order to be able to weather the unpredictability of work and the sting of rejection. But when she is successful and her work is commissioned and published, she
Will Macron's new commission face up to all of France's colonial atrocities? | Femi Nylander and Rob Lemkin
Filming for the BBC in Niger, we were told by many Nigeriens that we were the first ever to come and ask about their history During the French presidential campaign of 2017, Emmanuel Macron told a young Algerian that colonialism was “a crime against humanity”. His mailbox was immediately filled with angry letters from former French-Algerian settlers. A few weeks later, he retracted his remarks. “
India protests highlight uncomfortable links between cricket and establishment | Jonathan Liew
Some of the country’s best-known players have been united in their condemnation of those such as Rihanna and Greta Thunberg who have questioned the treatment of farmers As seasoned followers of the genre will doubtless be aware, the recent online feud between Rihanna and Pragyan Ojha is by no means the first example of a global pop superstar and a former Surrey left-arm spinner clashing over issu
At least three people killed after tornado hits overnight in North Carolina
Deadly tornado left at least 10 people injured, destroyed homes and downed power lines, leaving thousands without electricity At least three people were killed after a tornado tore through a seaside town in North Carolina, while millions of people in Texas remained in the dark early on Tuesday amid subfreezing temperatures. Related: Two die in Texas as winter storm brings snow and ice across sout
Congress plans commission into Capitol attack | First Thing
Nancy Pelosi says Congress will establish a 9/11-style commission into the ‘facts and causes’ of the siege. Plus, a Valentine’s Day card mocking George Floyd’s death was reportedly circulated among LA police officers Don’t already get First Thing in your inbox? Sign up here Good morning. The House speaker has announced plans to create an independent commission to examine the “facts and causes” ar
'It's part of our culture': New Yorkers slowly return to restaurants as indoor dining resumes
Infection rates are back on the decline, but public health experts have warned against a rush to gather indoors When Andrew Cuomo announced that New York City restaurants could reopen for limited indoor dining in time for Valentine’s Day, he took the liberty of suggesting that couples might want to propose – noting that wedding venues would be reopening a month later. Continue reading...
Biden announces extension of Covid mortgage program – US politics live
Action will protect 2.7 million US homeowners currently in Covid forbearance Pelosi announces plans for 9/11-style commission to examine Capitol riot Rocket attack on US airbase in Iraq kills civilian contractor Cuomo insists New York didn’t cover up nursing home Covid-19 deaths Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 11.13am GMT Joe Biden is heading to Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s


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