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U.S. militia group draws members from the military and police.

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Wisconsin hunters kill 216 wolves in less than 60 hours, sparking uproar
Kills quickly exceeded statewide limit, forcing the state to end the hunting season early Hunters and trappers in Wisconsin killed 216 gray wolves last week during the state’s 2021 wolf hunting season – more than 82% above the authorities’ stated quota, sparking uproar among animal-lovers and conservationists, according to reports. The kills all took place in less than 60 hours, quickly exceeding
Giving kids a break is the best way for them to 'catch up' after a year of disruption | John McMullen
Studies have shown that promoting wellbeing through play goes a long way to boost academic outcomes Across the UK schools are again preparing for a phased or full return of pupils to the classroom. Most weary parents, compassionate teachers and lonely kids will be delighted to see this day come, but concerns remain about the effect that protracted school closures have had on our children and youn
US militia group draws members from military and police, website leak shows
Analysis: Membership list of American Patriots Three Percent also shows widespread network of people from variety of occupations A Guardian investigation of a website leak from the American Patriots Three Percent shows the anti-government militia group have recruited a network across the United States that includes current and former military members, police and border patrol agents. Continue rea


Amber Glenn: America's bi/pan skating star on coming out and breaking through
Since coming out as bisexual/pansexual, the US national silver medalist has delivered a series of career-best performances and thrust herself into the conversation for next year’s Olympics “What is your sexuality?” Amber Glenn looked up from the questionnaire at her therapist sitting across from her in a brown leather chair, immersed in her legal pad. Glenn thought back to all the times she and t
US House passes most ambitious police reform effort in decades
George Floyd Justice in Policing Act would ban chokeholds and qualified immunity for law enforcement, but faces tough road in the Senate The US House of Representatives passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, the most ambitious police reform effort in decades, for the second time on Wednesday. Continue reading...
Joe Biden accuses Republican governors of 'neanderthal thinking' for lifting mask mandates – video
Joe Biden sharply criticized the Republican governors of Texas and Mississippi, who announced yesterday that they were rescinding their mask mandates, despite public health experts’ concerns about another surge in coronavirus cases. 'We are on the cusp of being able to fundamentally change the nature of this disease because of the way in which we are able to get vaccines in people’s arms,' Biden
Ex-White House doctor bullied colleagues and drank on the job, report finds
Now a Republican congressman, Ronny Jackson also made sexual comments about a female co-worker, Pentagon report says US politics – live updates The Republican congressman Ronny Jackson created a hostile work environment, engaged in problematic drinking and improperly distributed prescription medications during his time serving as a White House physician, a scathing Pentagon report has found. The
San Francisco to reopen indoor dining, gyms and museums as Covid cases fall
California city, which was among the first to impose a lockdown, has seen some of the lowest case and death rates in the US San Francisco will begin reopening more of its economy amid declining Covid-19 case rates, hospitalizations and deaths. Starting on Wednesday, restaurants can start serving limited indoor dining and movie theaters, gyms and museums can reopen at restricted capacity. Continue
California’s snowpack signals another dry year, prompting calls to save water
Water resources officials found that the snowpack, which supplies a third of the state’s water each year, had a water content of just 61% of average California will face another critically dry year, and residents will need to adapt quickly to cope with water shortages and a warmer, drier climate that has helped fuel destructive wildfires. Officials with the state’s department of water resources a
Andrew Cuomo apologises over harassment allegations but refuses to resign – video
Andrew Cuomo made clear that he would not quit in the wake of multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him. ‘I’m not going to resign,’ the New York governor said at his press conference. ‘I’m going to do the job the people of the state elected me to do.’ The Democrat apologised for engaging in behaviour that made anyone feel uncomfortable, but insisted he had never touched anyone inappropri
Andrew Cuomo says he will not quit over sexual harassment allegations
New York governor apologizes for ‘acting in a way that made people feel uncomfortable’ but insists he will not step down Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday he would not resign as New York governor following the emergence of sexual harassment allegations. Related: Andrew Cuomo apologizes over sexual harassment reports but insists 'I'm not going to resign' – live Continue reading...
Former NFL player Kellen Winslow II jailed for 14 years for series of rapes
Judge says 37-year-old deliberately targeted vulnerable women Sentence was maximum allowed under plea deal Former NFL player Kellen Winslow II has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for multiple rapes and other sexual offenses against five women in southern California, including one who was homeless when he attacked her in 2018. The 37-year-old son of Chargers hall of fame receiver Kellen Winsl
US warned of possible militia plot to attack Capitol on Thursday
Security beefed up after authorities obtain intelligence about apparent threat to ‘breach the Capitol by an identified militia group’ Federal authorities on Wednesday warned that people associated with identified militia groups have been discussing plans for another attack on the US Capitol with the aim of removing Democratic politicians on or about 4 March. The FBI, the Department of Homeland Se
Biden criticizes Republican governors over decision to end mask mandates
President said US ‘on the cusp’ of being able to change nature of Covid crisis but ‘the last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking’ Joe Biden criticized Republican governors of Texas and Mississippi on Wednesday, calling their decisions to end state-wide mask mandates “a big mistake”. The US president said the country was on the “cusp of being able to fundamentally change the nature of this disea
Scramble on to replace Neera Tanden after nomination met perfect storm
Joe Biden’s nominee for budget director faced Republican opposition over old tweets but had also clashed with progressives Neera Tanden’s decision to withdraw from consideration to serve as Joe Biden’s budget director marks the first major loss for the still young Biden administration, and sets off a scramble between various political factions to push through a new nominee. Continue reading...
LA sheriffs execute search warrant on Tiger Woods's car after crash
Golfer suffered severe injuries after crash last week Department says drugs and alcohol not considered a factor The Los Angeles county sheriff’s department has executed a search warrant on Tiger Woods’s car after the golfer was involved in a serious crash last week . The department said looking at the car’s “black box” was a routine procedure that could yield data such as speed and braking activi
New York to allow weddings for up to 150 – but no dancing outside your zone
Guests will have to move in socially distanced ‘dance zones’ Attendees must show negative test or have had Covid vaccines New York state will permit weddings of up to 150 people starting 15 March, with a wide range of safety rules required for ceremonies that include making guests shake a leg solely in socially distanced “dance zones”. The list of safety requirements for weddings is extensive, bu
Tom Brady says Lombardi Trophy throw seemed 'really fun to do' at time
Quarterback made risky throw after Super Bowl victory Brady admits drink may have been involved in day’s events Tom Brady has spoken about his post Super Bowl celebrations, during which he threw the Vince Lombardi Trophy across Tampa’s Hillsborough River. The incident came during a boat parade to celebrate the Buccaneers’ victory in February’s Super Bowl, the seventh title of Brady’s career . At
The climate crisis can't be solved by carbon accounting tricks | Simon Lewis
Disaster looms if big finance is allowed to game the carbon offsetting markets to achieve ‘net zero’ emissions An astonishing global shift is under way: 127 countries have now stated that by mid-century their overall emissions of carbon dioxide will be zero. That includes the EU, US, and UK by 2050 – and China by 2060. Companies are enthusiastically signing up to similar “net zero” goals . Finall
My friend’s mantra, ‘Face on, joggers off’, has inspired me – it’s time to rediscover the joys of dressing up | Jenny Stevens
After a year of collective agony and grief, rekindling our creative flair could be the way to find ourselves again “I’ve lost my mascara, and do you know the worst thing?” my friend rails. “I didn’t even notice!” For context, this is a woman who permed her eyelashes in the first lockdown. So, imagine it as the cosmetic equivalent of Stevie Wonder waking up tone-deaf, or Jeff Bezos suddenly caring
Global oil companies have committed to 'net zero' emissions. It's a sham | Tzeporah Berman and Nathan Taft
The energy industry is like a smoker who goes from one pack a day to two – but claims they’re quitting because they switched to filtered cigarettes The United Nations campaign Race to Zero recently published a paper identifying 20 pathways to reach net zero carbon emissions. In December, the British Oil & Gas Authority published a requirement that oil and gas development be “consistent with net z
Ice reached a new low: using utility bills to hunt undocumented immigrants | Moustafa Bayoumi
Our government is effectively forcing people to choose between heat in their apartment and the risk of deportation If you had to choose between having running water at home or risking your home being raided by the authorities, which would you choose? The correct answer is: this shouldn’t even be a question. But it’s become one. The startling truth is that signing up for even basic utilities in th
How elimination versus suppression became Covid's cold war | Laura Spinney
Getting rid of the virus completely now seems an impossible project. But there are powerful arguments in its favour Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A year ago, when the World Health Organization published a report showing that China had shut down a highly contagious virus in a city of 11 million people, epidemiologist Michael Baker assumed that the international body
Joe Biden's cabinet nominee bows out | First Thing
Neera Tanden withdraws bid for Office of Management and Budget job after criticism of her past tweets. Plus, teachers will be prioritised for a Covid vaccine Good morning. One of Joe Biden’s cabinet picks, Neera Tanden, has withdrawn her nomination amid a backlash over controversial past tweets. Tanden, who was nominated to head the Office of Management and Budget, faced opposition from Democrati
Biden in vaccine rollout push as states rush to reopen – live updates
Promised increase in vaccine supply comes as Republican Governors drop Covid restrictions US ‘on track’ to have enough vaccines for all adults by May Texas governor lifts mask mandate and declares: ‘It’s time to open 100%’ Neera Tanden withdraws as Cabinet nominee after facing opposition Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 11.52am GMT A Guardian investigation of a website
I’m an abolitionist. My sister's a cop. And rethinking 'family' is how I am reconciling it all
I’ve struggled trying to hold what I know – that she would never intentionally hurt anyone – in tension with what I know just as deeply: this system of policing will always hurt Black people In 2012, when Frank Ocean told me (yes, me, specifically) to “imagine being thrown off of a cliff” in the Tumblr note he published before dropping the transformative Channel Orange, the same Tumblr note in wh


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