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Biden's COVID relief bill "helps restore FDR's legacy.

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Chinese entrepreneur sells pensive Donald Trump Buddha statues
One buyer says he bought statue of former US president on Taobao as reminder not to be ‘too Trump’ Donald Trump is not known for his calm and peaceful demeanour, but that hasn’t stopped one entrepreneurial furniture-maker in China from casting a statue of the former US president in a pose more readily associated with the Buddha. The Trump Buddha statue, listed on the Chinese e-commerce platform T
Merrick Garland confirmed as attorney general, turning page on Trump era
A boost for Joe Biden’s drive against racial discrimination in the criminal justice system Merrick Garland has been confirmed as America’s top law enforcement officer, a boost for Joe Biden’s drive against racial discrimination in the criminal justice system. Garland’s rise to attorney general, approved 70-30 by the US Senate in a strongly bipartisan vote, turns the page on former president Donal
Biden's $1.9tn Covid relief bill marks an end to four decades of Reaganism | Analysis
Analysis: Reagan’s presidency undermined faith in government. The stimulus package helps restore FDR’s legacy Joe Biden reflected recently on the last time a Democratic administration had to rescue an economy left in tatters by a Republican president. “The economists told us we literally saved America from a depression,” Biden told the House Democratic Caucus last week. “But we didn’t adequately


Cuomo faces most serious allegation yet as aide says governor groped her
New York Democrat has been accused of harassment by five other women and is under investigation by state attorney general An aide to Andrew Cuomo says the New York governor groped her in the governor’s residence, marking the most serious allegation among those made by a series of women against the embattled Democrat, according to a report published in a newspaper Wednesday. The Times Union of Alb
Senate confirms Marcia Fudge and Michael Regan to Biden cabinet posts
The Ohio congresswoman will lead the housing agency while Regan, North Carolina’s top environmental regulator, will head the EPA The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Marcia Fudge to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Michael Regan to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, picking up the pace for confirmations in Joe Biden’s cabinet. Related: Merrick Garland confirmed as atto
Surge in migrants seeking to cross Mexico border poses challenge for Biden
Number increased to levels not seen since before the pandemic as president works to undo Trump’s hardline immigration policies The number of migrant children and families seeking to cross the US-Mexico border has increased to levels not seen since before the coronavirus pandemic – a challenge for Joe Biden as he works to undo the hardline immigration policies of predecessor Donald Trump. Statisti
George Floyd killing: more jurors picked in Derek Chauvin trial before new pause
Judge considers adding third-degree murder charge Ex-Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd Attorneys in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin, an ex-Minneapolis police officer charged over George Floyd’s death last year, questioned potential jurors on Wednesday about their attitudes toward both law enforcement and the Black Lives Matter movement. Related: First jurors seated and
The Grammys have a major problem with diversity. Lip service isn’t going to solve it | Ian Brennan
Renaming the world music category does little to fix its pattern of exclusion, which has robbed audiences of truly global talent This past summer the Grammys academy summoned an emergency meeting, circumventing its own rules and standard procedure to fast-track a name revision for World Music : the lone international category accommodating those outside the English and Spanish-speaking worlds. Th
'Help is on the way': Democrats cheer as US House passes $1.9tn Covid relief plan – video
The House of Representatives gave final approval on Wednesday to one of the largest economic stimulus measures in US history, a sweeping $1.9tn Covid-19 relief bill that gives Joe Biden his first major victory in office. The measure provides $400bn for $1,400 direct payments to most Americans, $350bn in aid to state and local governments, an expansion of the child tax credit, and increased fundin
FBI must target white supremacists' infiltration of police agencies, congressman says
Jamie Raskin calls on FBI director to brief Congress on longstanding issue after police officers were involved in Capitol attack The FBI must develop a strategy to respond to white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement agencies and address its past failures to take the issue seriously, a prominent Democratic congressman has argued in a letter to the FBI director, Christopher Wray. Multiple
Rory McIlroy says Tiger Woods is 'doing better' after car crash
45-year-old suffered serious leg injuries after February crash McIlroy says Woods has offered criticism of his form Rory McIlroy has revealed that Tiger Woods is “doing better” – and also handing out criticism – as he recovers in hospital from serious leg injuries suffered in a car accident . Woods underwent surgery on open fractures to his lower right leg and further injuries to his foot and ank
The closer Boris Johnson forces the union together, the more likely it will fall apart | Martin Kettle
Vital decisions about Wales and Scotland are being unilaterally taken in Westminster, fuelling the arguments for devolution It is often rightly claimed that Boris Johnson is determined not to lead the United Kingdom out of the European Union only to preside over the UK’s own breakup. Johnson is not as indifferent to the UK’s survival as some around him. The problem is that his chosen UK survival
$1,400 stimulus checks and vaccine funds: what the Covid relief bill contains
The bill passed by the House includes sweeping measures to try to tackle deep-rooted racial, gender and class inequalities in the US The US House on Wednesday passed the huge $1.9tn coronavirus relief and economic stimulus package that represents Joe Biden’s first major legislative victory. Related: Biden poised for first major legislative victory with House vote on $1.9tn Covid relief – live Con
Hawaii governor declares emergency after floods and landslides
Move came after heavy rains and dam overflowed on island of Maui, forcing evacuations and destroying homes Hawaii’s governor, David Ige, declared an emergency in the US state after heavy rains brought floods, landslides and fear of dam failures, and authorities ordered the evacuation of several thousand people from communities threatened by rising waters. The move came after a dam overflowed on t
Texans scramble to get vaccinated after Republican governor says no more masks
Greg Abbott says state can ‘open 100%’ without masks – but millions remain unvaccinated and navigating the state’s vaccine bureaucracy is fraught In Houston, a long line of cars wraps around a cluster of white tents in the parking lot of NRG Stadium – a Texas-sized vaccination hub. Texans roll up to the drive-through, hang an arm out of the window to get their shot, and leave as if the vaccinatio
Piers Morgan's GMB meltdown shows he is trapped in his own psychodrama
Far from Oprah’s masterclass of empathy with Harry and Meghan, the ITV presenter’s chastising response is the latest chapter in a long, self-destructive cycle Just before 10am today, Piers Morgan finally posted the tweet of which he has surely long dreamed: “Good Morning Britain beat BBC Breakfast in the ratings yesterday for the first time.” The ITV show’s Tuesday figure was almost three times t
Covid-19 respects no boundaries, which is why our response must be global | Pascal Soriot
The scientific community are rising to the challenge of worldwide vaccination, undertaking a health programme of unprecedented scale Pascal Soriot is the chief executive officer of AstraZeneca Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Covid-19 is a virus that knows no boundaries and has inflicted terrible suffering across the world. Now more than ever, we must remember that no
Is Piers Morgan Marmite? Susanna Reid can't decide | Archie Bland
Marmite references came thick and gloopy but Good Morning Britain’s aim after Morgan’s exit was to fill time You are not supposed to be able to avoid having an opinion about Piers Morgan , and on the first edition of Good Morning Britain after his exciting departure , the references to Marmite were thick and gloopy. “Unique is the word to describe Piers Morgan,” his esrtwhile co-host Susanna Reid
We got rid of Covid-19 in the Faroe Islands through competence – and luck | Bárður á Steig Nielsen
The government decided early on that rather than influencing our citizens’ behaviour by making laws, we would issue recommendations Bárður á Steig Nielsen is prime minister of the Faroe Islands Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage On 26 February, the Faroe Islands became officially free of Covid-19 . Since July 2020, our archipelago has experienced three waves of the viru
Given the monarchy's history, Meghan's allegations shouldn't be surprising | Schuyler Esprit
Viewers like me are quite familiar with the royals’ passive-aggression. As former ‘subjects’, we know all too well the damage they’ve done In Oprah Winfrey’s much-awaited interview with Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the couple detailed their unfavorable treatment by the British monarchy and tabloid press. That experience ultimately influenced their decision to relinquish official
To protect women from violence today, we must secure justice for victims in the past | FW de Klerk
South Africa’s former president calls for the pandemic to be a turning point in strengthening the rule of law and empowering survivors Violence and sexual assault have surged across the globe since the onset of Covid-19, in what the UN has called a “shadow pandemic” . Even before the pandemic, one in three women experienced physical or sexual assault globally, the World Health Organization report
LA's top prosecutor adopted major reforms. Law enforcement is fighting to block every policy
The new DA, George Gascón, wants to undo ‘the machine of mass incarceration’. The backlash started within days of his inauguration George Gascón was elected Los Angeles district attorney after promising to end “tough on crime” prosecutions, free people from overcrowded prisons and hold police accountable for misconduct. But three months into his tenure, law enforcement leaders across California h
Grand Princess passengers grapple with Covid nightmare one year after ill-fated cruise
The final port of call has become the courthouse as passengers accuse the cruise company of negligently sending them out to sea The final stop on the Grand Princess Hawaii Cruise has turned out to be a federal courtroom in Los Angeles. The tropical island cruise that departed San Francisco in February 2020 became one of the United States’ first Covid-19 hotspots with a coronavirus outbreak aboard
Lifting mask mandates in Texas has caused conflicts for small businesses | Gene Marks
Owners want to create a safe environment, instead they encounter animosity and clashes with customers who don’t comply I spent a few weeks in Florida this past January, right in the middle of the pandemic. Florida has no mask mandate. Although there are city and county-level requirements, the state’s governor suspended all fines and penalties associated with non-compliance back in September. So p
House poised to pass 'remarkable' Covid relief bill | First Thing
Pelosi hails $1.9tn plan ahead of final House vote on bill on Wednesday. Plus, Buckingham Palace breaks silence on Meghan and Harry claims Good morning. President Joe Biden’s stimulus plan is on the verge of being cleared by the House of Representatives in a vote on Wednesday morning, providing a lifeline for millions of American families and businesses. The House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has haile
Winston Marshall on break from Mumford & Sons after praising rightwing writer
Marshall said he would ‘examine my blindspots’ after endorsing a book by controversial US commentator Andy Ngo Winston Marshall, the banjo player and lead guitarist with Mumford & Sons , has said he is “taking time away from the band” after his praise for far-right agitator Andy Ngo prompted a backlash. On 7 March, Marshall tweeted of Ngo’s book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy D
George Floyd: Chauvin murder trial continues as House set to approve Covid relief – live updates
Vote expected to pass along party lines when House reconvenes this morning George Floyd: First jurors seated in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial House poised to approve Joe Biden’s $1.9tn Covid relief plan Arkansas bans nearly all abortions in sweeping measure Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 11.16am GMT Alaska has become the first state to drop eligibility requirements fo
Are punitive rules forcing doctors to hide their mental health problems?
The Covid-19 pandemic has only added to the burnout felt by US physicians but many fear losing their career if they seek help Dr Mary Dinh, 31, described her medical training during the pandemic as a soul-crushing experience. She constantly feared that she would bring home the virus from lack of PPE, used one N95 mask until it disintegrated and saw 13 patients die in one day at her Pennsylvania h
Germany's intelligence agencies have failed to tackle rightwing violence for too long | Peter Kuras
The news that the AfD is now under observation is a vital step towards dealing with an endemic problem of fascist tendencies Since the anniversary of the killings in Hanau , which took place a little over a year ago, my Berlin neighbourhood has been plastered with posters featuring simple but compelling line drawings of Ferhat Unvar, Gökhan Gültekin, Hamza Kurtović, Said Nesar Hashemi, Mercedes K


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