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U.S. woman gives birth to first known baby with COVID antibodies.

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US woman gives birth to first known baby with Covid antibodies, doctors say
The mother, a frontline healthcare worker, received her first Moderna dose in January, at 36 weeks pregnant A woman in south Florida who had received one dose of coronavirus vaccine while pregnant recently gave birth to the first known baby born with Covid-19 antibodies “after maternal vaccination”, two pediatricians claimed. The doctors presented their finding in a preprint article , meaning thi
The Brexit deal was astonishingly bad, and every day the evidence piles up | Polly Toynbee
Trade has plummeted and red tape has blocked our borders. Is that what ‘protecting our sovereignty’ meant? Now we know that British exports to the European Union plummeted by a cataclysmic 41% after Brexit on 1 January, what next? This is not the “slow puncture” predicted, but a big bang. Yet so far, it registers little on the political Richter scale. It should shake the government to the core, b
Russia targeted Trump allies to hurt Biden in 2020 election, US officials say
Intelligence report underscored allegations that Trump allies played into Moscow’s hands by amplifying claims against Biden US politics – live updates Russia tried to influence the 2020 US presidential election by proliferating “misleading or unsubstantiated allegations” largely against Joe Biden and through allies of Donald Trump, US intelligence officials said on Tuesday. The assessment was con


Biden: Cuomo should resign if sexual harassment inquiry confirms claims
In an interview scheduled to air Wednesday, president says allegations against New York governor should be ‘taken seriously’ Joe Biden has said that Andrew Cuomo should resign if the state attorney general’s investigation confirms the sexual harassment allegations against him. The president made the remarks in an interview with ABC News that is scheduled to air on Wednesday morning. When asked by
Crews rescue two people from truck dangling over Idaho bridge
Safety chains attaching pickup truck to camper trailer prevented it from falling Authorities say a set of camper trailer safety chains and quick, careful work by emergency crews saved two people after their pickup truck plunged off a bridge, leaving them dangling above a deep gorge in southern Idaho. Idaho state police responded to the accident at about 2.45pm on Monday, said Lynn Hightower, a po
'I am so grateful': Tiger Woods returns home from hospital after car crash
Golfer underwent surgery on leg fractures last month ‘Thank you to the incredible surgeons, doctors, nurses and staff’ Tiger Woods has revealed he will continue to recover from last month’s horrific car crash at home after announcing his departure from hospital. Related: Rory McIlroy says Tiger Woods is 'doing better' after car crash Continue reading...
Shootings at three Atlanta massage parlors leave eight dead, police say
Man taken into custody after attacks, as police say many victims believed to be Asian women Shootings at three Atlanta-area massage parlors have left at least eight people dead, authorities said on Tuesday. The shootings occurred shortly after one another on Tuesday afternoon. Three people were killed at a massage parlor in Cherokee county, about 30 miles north-west of Atlanta, followed by shooti
LeBron James becomes partner at FSG, owner of Liverpool and Boston Red Sox
NBA star becomes first black partner at Fenway Sports Group RedBird Capital Partners also invest $750m in FSG LeBron James has become a partner in Fenway Sports Group, meaning he is now a part-owner of the Boston Red Sox, Liverpool FC and US sports network NESN. The news, first reported by the Boston Globe , means James and his business partner Maverick Carter are the first black partners at FSG
Biden swings by Pennsylvania in Covid relief tour and promises ‘more help’
President visits unionized, Black-owned company to highlight how $1.9tn package will lift small businesses Joe Biden stopped by a unionized, Black-owned flooring company in the battleground state of Pennsylvania on Tuesday to highlight how the provisions of his $1.9tn coronavirus relief package will help lift small businesses hurt by the pandemic, part of a cross-country campaign to promote the f
Lisa Murkowski censured by Alaska Republicans for voting to convict Trump
The state party does not want Murkowski to identify as a GOP candidate in next year’s election The Alaska Republican party has censured Senator Lisa Murkowski for voting to convict Donald Trump at his impeachment trial and now doesn’t want her to identify as a GOP candidate in next year’s election, a member of the party’s state central committee said on Tuesday. Continue reading...
Michelle Obama voices hope for lessons learned over Sussex racism claims
Former first lady’s comments seen as encouragement for royal family ‘to act’ after Oprah Winfrey interview with Harry and Meghan Michelle Obama says she hopes the royal family will learn from the allegations of racism made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in last week’s TV interview with Oprah Winfrey. The former first lady said she was not surprised by the couple’s recollections about remarks m
‘The border is closed’: US deters adults but allows processing for child migrants
Homeland security secretary urges people to wait before approaching the border to give the US ‘time to rebuild the system’ Joe Biden’s homeland security secretary said on Tuesday that even as the US processes a growing number of unaccompanied child migrants at the US-Mexico border, the country remains closed to most asylum seekers. “Now is not the time to come to the border,” Alejandro Mayorkas s
Kamala Harris addresses the UN: 'The status of women is the status of democracy' – video
Kamala Harris spoke about democracy and its connection with women’s equality in her debut address to the UN as US vice-president. ‘This year, in considering the status of women, especially the participation of women in decision making, we must also consider the status of democracy,’ Harris told the 65th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. ‘It is a means to establish peace and sha
Purdue Pharma unveils $10bn opioid settlement plan to exit from bankruptcy
Plan is backed by $4bn from Sackler family Most parties onboard but Democratic attorneys general oppose Purdue Pharma is proposing a $10bn plan to emerge from bankruptcy that calls for it to be transformed into a company funnelling profits into the fight against the opioid crisis. Those efforts would include a significant boost – more than $4bn – from members of the Sackler family who own the Con
Wisconsin Republicans want prisoners to use stimulus checks to pay restitution
Two lawmakers present bill to establish requirement but it is unclear whether it will pass Two Republican Wisconsin lawmakers want to require prisoners to use Covid-19 stimulus payments to fund restitution for their crimes, rather than be given outright access to such funds. The legislators have presented a bill to establish the requirement, the Washington Post reported, but it is not clear that
‘Bolsonaro doesn’t know the Earth is round’: how Lula can win back Brazil | Andre Pagliarini
The mishandling of the pandemic has only strengthened the former president’s standing – and now he’s free to run again On Wednesday 10 March, Brazil’s former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva gave a rousing comeback speech at the metalworkers’ union headquarters in São Bernardo do Campo, an industrial centre in the São Paulo metropolitan region from where Lula first emerged as a national figure
Yaphet Kotto: a life in pictures
Best known for his roles as Parker in Alien, Mr Big in Live and Let Die and Lt Al Giardello in Homicide: Life on the Street, Yaphet Kotto has died at the age of 81 . Here we look back at the career of the pioneering actor Continue reading...
Latino immigrants need vaccines – and aren't getting them. Here's why | Kathleen Page, Alicia Fernández and Zackary Berger
Vaccine hesitancy among immigrant communities and people of color is a genuine issue. But the larger problem isn’t hesitancy – it’s access The 9 pm text said: “Muchas gracias doctora por la oportunidad de recibir la vacuna de Covid.” (Thank you doctor for the opportunity to receive the Covid vaccine.) After a long week helping 125 low-income Latino immigrants find their way to a mass vaccination
Maybe I was wrong about Joe Biden – is he actually the progressive president I was waiting for? | Arwa Mahdawi
I was a Bernie fan, but Biden’s policies have impressed me. Still, I’m not hailing him as a ‘transformational’ leader just yet OK, fine, I was wrong. But, in this case, I’m very happy to be wrong: it seems that Joe Biden may be shaping up to be a progressive president after all. I supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries, but I can now see that Biden was the better choice. When Biden
Two adults and boy killed as small plane crashes into SUV on Florida street
Neighbor’s security camera captured how Beechcraft Bonanza plane nosedived and crashed into vehicle in Pembroke Pines A boy riding in an SUV with his mother died when a small plane struggling to return to a south Florida airport crashed into them on a residential street, officials said. Two people on the plane died in the crash on Monday afternoon, which was recorded by a neighbor’s security came
Asian Americans reported 3,800 hate-related incidents during the pandemic, report finds
Abuse tracked by Stop AAPI Hate found more than 68% was verbal harassment while 11% was physical Asian Americans reported nearly 3,800 hate-related incidents during the pandemic, a number that experts believe to be just a fraction of the true total. From 19 March 2020 to 28 February 2021, Asian Americans from all 50 states experienced everything ranging from verbal abuse to physical assaults, fro
Major League Rugby seeks platform for US expansion – Covid allowing
Deal with RugbyPass will help league ‘control our destiny’, commissioner says, with eye on 1 August championship game The fourth season of Major League Rugby will kick-off with Old Glory DC versus NOLA Gold on Saturday 20 March. Pandemic notwithstanding, league commissioner George Killebrew is feeling bullish. Under a new deal, action and other content will be available to fans in North America v
Cuomo made suggestive remarks about size of his hands, accuser says
Charlotte Bennett meets sexual harassment investigators Year of living dangerously: how Cuomo fell from grace As New York governor Andrew Cuomo tried to focus on work on Monday, one of his sexual harassment accusers met for more than four hours with investigators working for the state attorney general. Related: Cuomo vaccine tsar's pleas to support governor raise ethical concerns – reports Contin
Haaland makes history as first Indigenous cabinet secretary | First Thing
New Mexico representative is confirmed as interior secretary. Plus, two Capitol rioters charged with ‘bear spray’ assault on an officer, who later died Good morning. Deb Haaland has made history by becoming the first Indigenous cabinet secretary in US, when she was confirmed as Joe Biden’s secretary of the interior. The Senate confirmed her by a 51-40 vote, Haaland having won over some Republican
Biden heads to Pennsylvania in push to sell US Covid relief plan to nation – live updates
President will speak at small business in battleground state, while Kamala Harris visits Colorado Deb Haaland confirmed as first Indigenous US cabinet secretary Republicans try to derail Covid aid publicity blitz with focus on border Newsom vows to ‘fight’ potential recall election with new PAC launch Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 12.03pm GMT By the way, if you need
The teens who clean homes during Zoom classes: juggling work and school in the pandemic
Teenagers from families who have been hit hardest by the recession entered the workforce to support their families. With schools reopening, teachers worry they won’t come back Read part one of this series: The ‘disconnected’: millions of US students still can’t get online one year into pandemic This series was reported by , a nonprofit education news site, in partnership with the
‘Reading the writing on the wall’: why Wall Street is acting on the climate crisis
The industry has backed polluters for decades. Now, amid growing pressure, Wall Street says it’s going green Wildfires burned nearly 10.4m acres across the US last year. The most costly thunderstorm in US history caused $7.5bn in damage across Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. As the climate crisis swept the globe on a biblical scale it left in its wake a record number of billion dollar
Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer: a key relationship to a successful presidency
The Democratic party mainstays who have spent decades in the Senate have an important dynamic as they wrangle a sometimes unruly Congress In the final hours ahead of the vote on Joe Biden’s Covid relief bill, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia had thrown his fellow Democrats a curveball. He had effectively put the entire bill in jeopardy by possibly joining Republicans on unemployment benefits.
El Paso shelters scramble to make room for migrant children crossing into US
Migrants, mainly unaccompanied children or family groups, now being flown by government to El Paso amid shortage of facilities Shelter organizers in the west Texas border city of El Paso are scrambling to open up capacity for children crossing alone into the US from Mexico, as a surge of unaccompanied minors has been met with a shortage of facilities in the ongoing pandemic. Migrants, mainly unac


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