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US homeland security to address threat of extremism within the agency.

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Ex-Trump adviser mocked for claiming Biden pushing ‘plant-based beer’
Larry Kudlow grumbles that Biden’s climate policies would force Americans to drink ‘plant-based beer’ – instead of meat-based? The Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, has joined a flood of social media users gleefully trolling Larry Kudlow after the former economic adviser to Donald Trump complained that Joe Biden wanted Americans to drink “plant-based beer”. Kudlow made the indignant claim on
CNN urged to fire Rick Santorum after racist comments on Native Americans
Outrage among Native Americans after ex-senator tells rightwing students’ conference that colonists ‘birthed nation from nothing’ The former US senator and CNN political commentator Rick Santorum has sparked outrage among Native Americans, and prompted calls for his dismissal, by telling a rightwing students’ conference that European colonists who came to America “birthed a nation from nothing”.
Unreturned Sabrina the Teenage Witch VHS leads to US woman’s arrest warrant
Caron McBride discovered criminal record for felony embezzlement over 1999 rental when applying for driver’s license It was an honest mistake from a bygone era, but neglecting to return a Sabrina the Teenage Witch VHS tape rented 22 years ago earned an Oklahoma woman a criminal record for felony embezzlement. Caron McBride, 52, discovered the charges earlier this month after she got married and a


US homeland security review to address threat of extremism within agency
Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says department will explore ways to detect and prevent domestic violent extremist action The US Department of Homeland Security on Monday announced an internal review to address the threat of domestic violent extremism within the sprawling federal agency. Homeland security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said senior DHS officials would explore ways to detect and prevent
California effort to recall Gavin Newsom gets signatures needed to trigger vote
More than 1.6m signatures have been verified by the California secretary of state, making an election likely in the fall California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, is set to face a recall election after organizers of the effort collected enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. The California secretary of state’s office announced Monday that more than 1.6m signatures had been verified, about
Texas, Colorado and Florida among states to gain House seats after Census
New York will lose a congressional seat, which it would have kept had the state counted just 89 additional people Six states will gain additional seats in the US House of Representatives because of population shifts over the last decade, the US Census Bureau announced on Monday . Seven states will lose one congressional seat. Continue reading...
Ghislaine Maxwell kept awake at night so she doesn’t die like Epstein, lawyers say
Appeals judges expressed concern about guards shining light into the British socialite’s cell every 15 minutes Appeals judges hearing bail arguments seemed sympathetic on Monday to claims that the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is unjustly kept awake at night by guards ensuring she doesn’t die in jail in New York – in the way that Jeffrey Epstein did in 2019 while awaiting his sex traffickin
US to share up to 60m vaccine doses amid pressure to lead global virus fight
White House to distribute AstraZeneca vaccine overseas Biden calls Modi to offer assistance as Indian surge continues The US will share up to 60m doses of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine with other countries, the White House has announced, amid intensifying pressure for it to lead the global fight against the pandemic. The pledge came as Joe Biden spoke with Narendra Modi, the prime minister of
DoJ opens inquiry into Louisville policing over Breonna Taylor’s death
Mayor says investigation, which comes a year after Taylor was shot by police during a raid at her home, is an ‘opportunity’ for city ‘to get it right’ US politics – live coverage The US Department of Justice is opening a sweeping investigation into policing in Louisville, Kentucky, over the March 2020 death of Breonna Taylor , who was shot by police during a raid at her home. Related: ‘Deep syste
Josh Hawley attacks ‘woke capitalism’ and claims to be victim of cancel culture
In new book, Hawley defends his actions over the Capitol riot but doesn’t mention raising his fist in solidarity with pro-Trump mob US politics – live coverage In a new book, the Republican senator Josh Hawley of Missouri attacks what he calls “woke capitalism” and claims to be a victim of cancel culture over his actions around the Capitol attack of 6 January. Related: Republican Kevin McCarthy s
Anthony Hopkins pays tribute to Chadwick Boseman after Oscar win – video
Sir Anthony Hopkins posted a video from Wales the morning after winning this year’s best actor Oscar for his performance in the film The Father. At 83 years of age, Hopkins has become the oldest recipient of the award. In his video message, he paid tribute to actor and fellow nominee Chadwick Boseman, ‘who was taken from us far too early’. Boseman, who died in August, was nominated for his role i
This Cummings spat could be a dangerous political trap for Johnson | Katy Balls
Tory MPs fear the prime minister stands to lose far more than his opponent in a public row over leaks Boris Johnson once cited his favourite movie scene as the multiple retribution killings at the end of The Godfather. But it’s a line from the film’s sequel that best explains the events that have led to the row between the prime minister and his former adviser Dominic Cummings that is currently e
Emergent chief sold $10m in stock before company ruined 15m Covid vaccines
Stock unloaded by Robert G Kramer would now be worth only $5.5m while FDA report found unsanitary conditions at plant Coronavirus – live news The chief executive of the pharmaceutical giant Emergent BioSolutions sold $10m in company stock weeks before the publication of the company’s financial results and a production error that ruined 15m Covid-19 vaccines sent its share price tumbling. Related:
US supreme court to hear case over right to carry concealed guns outside
New York case could lead to the most consequential ruling on the scope of the second amendment in more than a decade US politics – live coverage The US supreme court stepped back into the gun control debate on Monday, saying it would take up a case focused on whether people can carry concealed guns outside the home in New York. Related: Republican Kevin McCarthy says he walks ‘tightest tightrope’
Johnson’s renovations are immaterial – unlike the other sleaze allegations | Simon Jenkins
The government may ride out all the embarrassing inquiries, but at what cost? Vain, mendacious, inattentive, conflicts of interest, unfaithful with wives and incapable of keeping his staff. And that is just the last US president. When Boris Johnson should be attending to the nation’s affairs, he mimics Donald Trump as a daily fount of salaciousness and scandal. Most of it is his fault, if not all
How MMA fighter Donald Williams helped achieve justice for George Floyd
The 33-year-old was an eye witness to a murder than shook America. His testimony – and knowledge of wrestling – proved important at trial When Donald Williams II saw the police car, he debated continuing on his way. He’d snuck out of his place on 25 May 2020 for a few minutes’ break from his family – just a quick hop to Cup Foods for an energy drink, something Williams had done countless times be
Biden set to announce new mask guidance for vaccinated people – US politics live
Sources say new CDC guidance relates to outdoor mask-wearing Democratic president promises ‘new normal’ by Fourth of July 3.28pm BST Here’s more on states with the highest levels of vaccine hesitancy. They have a couple things in common. First, they are Republican-leaning. Second, they tend to rank high on the “social vulnerability index”. This index generally measures vulnerability to natural di
Andrew Brown shooting: anger as family shown only ‘snippet’ of police footage
Lawyers say police trying to hide truth of Brown’s death Brown, 42, killed by officers in North Carolina last week Lawyers representing the family of Andrew Brown, a Black man shot and killed by police in North Carolina last week, accused authorities of “hiding” video evidence of “an execution” on Monday after relatives were shown only a 20-second clip of the incident from a single officer’s body
Republican Kevin McCarthy says he walks ‘tightest tightrope’ because of Trump
House minority leader sheds light on refusal to answer question about conversation with ex-president during Capitol attack The House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, has said his job involves walking “the tightest tightrope anyone has to walk” – shedding light on his very public refusal to answer a question about a conversation with Donald Trump during the Capitol attack. Related: McCarthy dodges
Did you have a lockdown haircut? Sad to say it, but retribution is coming ... | Zoe Williams
My hairdresser has turned vigilante, inspecting customers’ heads for signs of illegal styling. It has put me off visiting her – despite the terrible state of my barnet My hair has crossed the line from “unprofessional” to “downright disrespectful”. Every day that passes since the salons reopened makes it more discourteous still. Ideally, I would go back in time and spend a portion of the time I p
The lockdown habit that’s hardest to break: using an iPad as a babysitter | Emma Brockes
How am I supposed to wean my children off screens when they know I’m addicted too? It started, last March, as an act of necessity – sticking the kids on iPads all day so I could make a hard deadline that fell six weeks into lockdown. There was no way around this; at five years old, my kids couldn’t manage their Zoom schedules or self-entertain for long without fighting, and I couldn’t break off e
Why Michigan Republicans’ attack on voting rights is ‘particularly anti-democratic’
The Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, is likely to veto bills to curb voter access, but Republicans are hinting they will use a loophole to implement the measures On the surface, the Republican effort to roll back voting rights in Michigan looks similar to what’s happening in states around the country: after Donald Trump narrowly lost a key battleground state where there was record turnout,
How US chemical industry lobbying and cash defeated regulation in Trump era
Industry’s congressional allies defeated nearly all PFAS legislation while the Trump EPA killed, watered down or slowalked new rules The nation’s top PFAS manufacturers executed a lobbying and campaign donation blitz in recent years as the federal government attempted to regulate the toxic compounds. A Guardian analysis of campaign finance records found spending on PFAS issues jumped as lawmakers


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