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Senate Republicans balk at plan to highlight Black History in U.S. schools.

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Senate Republicans balk at plan to highlight Black history in US schools
Letter zeroes in on reference to 1619 Project chronicling slavery Proposed education department policy branded ‘divisive’ Dozens of Senate Republicans have called on the Biden administration to withdraw what they say is a “divisive” proposal that would place greater emphasis on slavery and the contributions of Black Americans in history and civics lessons in US schools. Related: Ivy League colleg
Guantánamo detainee takes on CIA ‘black sites’ in UN human rights case
Palestinian Abu Zubaydah, detained for 19 years without trial, takes US, UK and five other countries before panel A Palestinian man held in Guantánamo Bay is taking the US, the UK and five other states before a UN human rights panel for their role in the CIA rendition and detention of terrorism suspects at “black sites” around the world. The unusual case is being brought to the UN Working Group o
Trump’s border wall hits a wall as Pentagon cancels parts funded from its budget
Defense department will cancel all construction paid for with military funds originally intended for other purposes The US Department of Defense said on Friday it was cancelling the construction of parts of former president Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico that were being built using military funds. All unobligated money was being returned to military, the Pentagon said. Continue reading...
Seattle Kraken officially become 32nd NHL team after final $650m payment
Kraken make final payment, officially become 32nd NHL team Seattle club will build roster through 21 July expansion draft The Seattle Kraken are free to make trades and sign players after making their final expansion payment to the National Hockey League. Seattle owners paid $650m (£470m) to become the NHL’s 32nd franchise. The Kraken begin play next season. Continue reading...
Colorado officers resign after outcry over violent arrest of 73-year-old with dementia
Body-camera footage showing Karen Garner being pushed to the ground and handcuffed led to outpouring of anger Three Colorado police officers involved in the arrest of a 73-year-old woman with dementia who was shown being pushed to the ground and handcuffed on body-camera footage have resigned, police said on Friday. The Loveland police chief, Robert Ticer, announced the departures of officers Aus
The Guardian view on Biden’s 100 days: going big, but not big enough | Editorial
The US president is right to spend, but shrinking the federal deficit is not the priority Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office signalled that the future does not have to be a rerun of the past. The US president’s speech to Congress this week made it clear that Trumpism was a warning from history, a reminder that no republic is guaranteed to last. The US remains in danger – its decline accelerated
Jill Biden lets cat out of the bag: White House dogs to have new feline friend
New pet will be adopted from a rescue shelter Biden’s dog Major has had training to to cope with cats As if enough fur didn’t fly in Washington politics, the Bidens are bringing a cat to the White House, the first lady announced on Friday. The forthcoming feline will join the family canines, old dog Champ and his friskier younger friend Major, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the near future. Conti
'Freeing': Elliot Page says he finally feels comfortable in his body – video
The actor Elliot Page has revealed having top surgery as part of his transition was a 'freeing experience' and he described transitioning as 'life-saving'. Page urged officials to support healthcare for transgender people and allow them access to sports. The actor spoke to Oprah Winfrey on her new show for Apple TV+. The full interview from The Oprah Conversation is expected to be released Friday
Restorationists urge Jill Biden to erase Melania Trump’s Rose Garden makeover
A petition, signed by more than 54,000 people, calls on Biden to return the garden to its ‘former glory’ as Jacqueline Kennedy designed Efforts to erase the Trump family legacy have reached the White House potting sheds and nurseries with Jill Biden being urged to restore the mansion’s garden to a state that predates ex-First Lady Melania Trump’s 2019 makeover. An online petition calling on the f
Austin voters to decide on restoring rules criminalizing homeless activities
A proposition on Saturday’s ballot would impose fines for behavior such as camping, panhandling and sleeping outdoors Summer Wright experienced homelessness on and off for years as a teenager and young adult. At no point would she have benefited from a $500 fine, or having police sweep away her belongings. “It wouldn’t have urged me into a shelter. It would have urged me further away,” said Wrigh
California drought forces 15m salmon to take unusual route to Pacific: by road
State officials will truck the young fish to the ocean, with the waterways they use to travel downstream historically low California officials will truck more than 15 million young salmon raised at fish hatcheries in the state’s Central Valley agricultural region to the Pacific Ocean because projected river conditions show that the waterways the fish use to travel downstream will be historically
Logan Paul v Floyd Mayweather is a payday boxing must treat with caution | Barney Ronay
Exhibition between YouTuber and 44-year-old is a destructive, easy source of revenue – and a troubling prospect for the sport The phrase “(Person X) has a punchable face ” is a horrible thing. There is so much wrong with it. The idea people have any say in what their face looks like. The suggestion punching is an acceptable human response. It’s degrading. It’s cowardly. It stinks of all the worst
New York mayor calls off ‘creepy, alienating’ police robo-dog
‘Digidog’ to be returned to creator Boston Dynamics Ocasio-Cortez praises activists who fought its deployment New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered a controversial robotic dog undergoing trials with the city’s police off the street, and a $94,200 contract with creator Boston Dynamics cancelled. The robot canine, named “Digidog”, is to be returned to its manufacturer following outrage tied t
Gwyneth’s Ark: sailing towards wellness but never quite getting there | Marina Hyde
The Goop cruise is essentially a floating church freighted with expensive non-solutions. Yet there’s no shortage of believers “If you want to get rich, you start a religion.” This was the reported opinion of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard, who in 1967 bought the first in what was to become a fleet of cruise ships. According to various whistleblower accounts, longtime devotees were finally init
The NFL draft is further proof of the Mahomesification of football
Whether they admit it or not, Patrick Mahomes was baked into the decision-making process of every front-office executive during Thursday night’s first round It’s hard to think of a single player in the modern era of the NFL that has had such an instant, sweeping and lasting impact as Patrick Mahomes. In the space of four short years, he has changed the entire tenor and tone of the league: conserv
Joe Biden: ‘I don’t think the American people are racist’ – US politics live
President in new interview agrees with Republican senator Tim Scott Biden acknowledges black Americans lag in terms of opportunity We no longer fear the tweet: Biden brings US back to world stage 3.43pm BST Here’s more from CNN on the 100 million adults being vaccinated: President Joe Biden’s coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients will announce during a briefing with reporters that the US i
World's largest plane takes flight for the second time – video
The largest airplane ever to take flight has made its second voyage, soaring above California's Mojave desert. Stratolaunch's massive carrier aircraft, nicknamed 'Roc', is designed to transport hypersonic vehicles and facilitate easy access to space. The company was founded by the late billionaire and Microsoft Corp co-founder Paul Allen in 2011, and sold to private ownership in late 2019 after A
Buddy McGirt: ‘A lot of Derek Chisora’s fights have been real wars but I can look after him’ | Donald McRae
Derek Chisora’s trainer on handling a troubled upbringing, tragedy in the ring, and his fighter’s best strategy for beating Joseph Parker When the lights dim at the Manchester Arena on Saturday, and Derek Chisora and Joseph Parker wait in their corners for the first bell, it will be tempting to pay more attention to their trainers as they offer up the final slivers of advice before a fight that b
Were Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office a success? Our panel’s verdict
This week marks Biden’s first 100 days, when presidents historically try to push ambitious agendas. Our panelists evaluate the record The bar for climate leadership set by the Trump administration was low enough to trip over. Joe Biden hasn’t tripped in its first hundred days. He’s cleared the bar decisively with a new emissions target and a pledge to spend roughly $1 trillion on climate prioriti
The low-hanging fruit in the climate battle? Cutting down on meat | Gaby Hinsliff
Eating fewer animal products and less dairy would make a huge difference to carbon emissions Something is cooking in the world of climate politics. Or, perhaps more accurately, something isn’t. This week, the American recipe website Epicurious announced that, for environmental reasons, it wouldn’t publish any new beef recipes. No more steaks, burgers or creative ways with mince; no more juicy rib
Head of Florida school district home to Parkland shooting resigns
Robert Runcie stands down amid corruption inquiry as some claim he is a victim of political foes who blame him for 2018 massacre The head of the Florida school district that saw the nation’s deadliest high school shooting is standing down amid a secretive corruption inquiry and competing claims that his downfall was orchestrated by political foes who blame him for the loss of 17 lives. Robert Run
How were Biden’s first 100 days? | First Thing
Biden marked a significant presidential milestone, the US reflects on the first 100 days and looks to the next. Plus, dozens have been killed in a crowd crush in Israel Don’t already get First Thing in your inbox? Sign up here Good morning. Biden marked his 100th day as US president with a rally in Georgia yesterday, a state that played a leading role in getting him to the White House. The drive-
Targets like 'net-zero' won't solve the climate crisis on their own | Mathew Lawrence
There are ambitious new goals in the US and UK. But governments also need to decarbonise the economy and rethink how it’s planned Last week was a critical time in the global response to the climate emergency: the US vowed to cut its emissions by at least 50% by 2030, while the UK government committed to reducing emissions by 78% by 2035 , relative to a 1990 baseline. Both announcements were impor
‘We no longer fear the tweet’: Biden brings US back to world stage in first 100 days
The president has personally moved to repair partnerships, presenting himself as the anti-Trump, but some fear compromises have felt like business as usual The most striking aspect of Joe Biden’s first 100 days in foreign policy is the change of style. With his emphasis on consultation with allies and partners, he is presenting himself on the world stage as the anti-Trump. Related: Biden’s world:
Teargas, flashbangs: the devastating toll of police tactics on Minnesota children
Families living near Brooklyn Center protests suffer as chemicals enter their homes and kids face a ‘battlefield experience’ As police used teargas and flashbangs on protesters outside the Brooklyn Center police department, young children listened, terrified, from their homes directly across the street. Among them were two eleven-year-old girls with autism, which makes them intensely sensitive to
Biden faces pressure to drive gasoline and diesel cars out of the US
The president has touted the benefits of a boom in electric cars – but as states move to phase new polluting vehicles his administration is pressed to go further Joe Biden’s administration, seeking deep cuts to planet-heating emissions, is facing pressure to take a previously unthinkable step: declare the end of the internal combustion engine in the US. Washington state has moved to call time on


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