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 Invasion of Afghanistan was totally unnecessary.

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It has taken 20 years to prove the invasion of Afghanistan was totally unnecessary | Simon Jenkins
Western involvement in the country was a post-imperial fantasy that has led to the current ghastly situation The fall of Kabul was inevitable. It marks the end of a post-imperial western fantasy. Yet the west’s reaction beggars belief. Call it a catastrophe, a humiliation, a calamitous mistake, if it sounds good. All retreats from empire are messy. This one took 20 years, but the end was at least
Vaccine hesitancy is a symptom of people’s broken relationship with the state | Nesrine Malik
From Khartoum to Kansas, vaccine conspiracy theorists have one thing in common: they have lost their faith in government Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage It’s hard to explain what it feels like when someone you thought you knew intimately starts to repeat conspiracy theories about the pandemic and vaccines. You don’t really grasp what’s happening immediately: it’s too
Gerd Müller obituary
Brilliant German footballer admired for his prolific goal-scoring and his role in the 1974 World Cup Gerd Müller, who has died aged 75, was one of Germany’s greatest footballers and a star of the 1974 World Cup final , in which he scored the winning goal against the Netherlands. He also scored twice in West Germany’s 1972 European Championship final win over the Soviet Union and across more than 6


‘We work non-stop’: LA garment workers toil for top brands and earn paltry rate
Thousands of workers who make clothes for top fashion brands earn below minimum wage for 60-hour week in unsafe conditions Thousands of garment workers in Los Angeles who make pants, shirts, blouses and other clothing for a variety of well-known fashion labels are paid less than minimum wage through a piece-rate payment system that compensates workers just a few cents per article of clothing. Rel
US experts expected to recommend Covid booster shots for all – report
Amid alarm among federal officials about the spread of the Delta variant, authorities are set to recommend a third dose See all our coronavirus coverage All Americans should have Covid-19 vaccine boosters eight months after they received their second dose of the shot, experts are expected to recommend, as officials race to prevent the Delta variant spreading across the country. Federal health off
The Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan has laid bare the magnitude of western hubris | Polly Toynbee
I was one of many who thought, in the wake of 9/11, that “something must be done”. We have learned a bitter lesson Here ends the west’s grotesque delusion that it could use its military might to turn Afghanistan into a stable democracy, a shining path of moderate Islam. In the shadow of New York’s burning twin towers, I was one swept along on that “something must be done” tide, that drumbeat for
The smooth compromise: how Obama’s iconography obscured his omissions
A look back at the official photographs of Obama’s presidency shows his skill at conjuring a sense of pride and possibility – but today his victories seem narrow indeed From the beginning, Obama’s team was invested in constructing a certain image of what would be deemed a “historic” presidency. During Obama’s campaign, the artist Shepard Fairey, who designed the famous “Hope” poster, was widely a
Tropical Storm Fred lashes Florida with heavy rain and howling winds
Storm makes landfall in state’s Panhandle Monday afternoon Barrier island of Cape San Blas battered before storm hit coast Tropical Storm Fred slammed the Florida Panhandle in the north of the state on Monday afternoon, making landfall with a wet slap of heavy rain and blasting winds at 65mph. Related: Biggest US reservoir declares historic shortage, forcing water cuts across west Continue readin
Biggest US reservoir declares historic shortage, forcing water cuts across west
Officials issue first-ever declaration of tier 1 shortage at Lake Mead as it falls to lowest level since its creation Officials have declared a dire water shortage at Lake Mead , the US’s largest reservoir, triggering major water cuts in Arizona and other western states. The US Bureau of Reclamation’s first-ever declaration of a “tier 1” shortage represents an acknowledgment that after a 20-year
'I stand squarely behind my decision': defiant Biden defends withdrawal from Afghanistan – video
Joe Biden defended his decision to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan even after Taliban forces took Kabul, saying: 'I stand squarely behind my decision.' Striking a defiant tone, the US president admitted the situation in the country had deteriorated faster than anticipated, but said it showed there would never be a good time to withdraw US forces. 'American troops cannot and should not be
Bob Woodward’s third book in Trump trilogy to cover handling of pandemic
New book Peril follows Fear and Rage, and is based on hundreds of interviews as well as diaries, secret orders and phone transcripts US politics – live coverage Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward’s third book about Donald Trump will be called Peril, completing a trilogy begun with Fear and Rage. According to its publisher, it will also include sections on the first months of Joe Biden’s presid
Defiant Biden stands ‘squarely behind’ decision to withdraw from Afghanistan
President shifts blame to his predecessor, Donald Trump, and the unwillingness of Afghan forces to fight the Taliban US politics – live coverage A defiant Joe Biden has insisted that he stands “squarely behind” his decision to pull US forces rapidly out of Afghanistan while attempting to shift blame for events unfolding there to his predecessor, Donald Trump, and the unwillingness of Afghan force
Naomi Osaka to donate prize earnings to Haiti earthquake relief efforts
Tennis star, who is of Haitian and Japanese descent, will play in the Western and Southern Open, which has a $255,220 prize The tennis star Naomi Osaka has announced that she will donate prize earnings from her next tournament to support relief efforts in Haiti, where a 7.2 magnitude earthquake killed at least 1,297 people over the weekend and injured more than 5,700. Osaka, who is of Haitian and
USA Soccer great Carli Lloyd announces retirement
Striker has 312 caps, two World Cups and two Olympic golds USA Soccer says four fall friendlies will be Lloyd’s last Carli Lloyd, regarded as one of the greatest women’s soccer players, has announced her retirement, US Soccer said on Monday. The 39-year-old, twice Fifa’s Women’s Player of the Year, stands second in the list of most-capped women’s players. Her 312 appearances for the US include tw
Dixie fire rages amid threat of strong winds and possible power shutoffs
Winds could push Dixie fire closer to mountain communities 39,000 PG&E customers warned power might be shut off Firefighters battling flames in northern California were preparing for fresh bouts of windy weather, as a utility warned it might cut electricity for thousands of people to prevent new fires from igniting. Related: Biggest US reservoir declares historic shortage, forcing water cuts acro
I used to tut at people who need glasses to read a menu. Then I joined them …
I’d like to blame lockdown for my failing eyesight. But my friends keep mentioning my age Some time over the past 18 months, I went from having perfect vision – the kind of vision that means, “Here, let me have a look” is your catchphrase, and that makes you mock your friends for the font size on their mobiles – to being unable to even read a menu. You have no idea how much I wanted to add a swea
Joe Biden faces calls to make public address on Afghanistan – live
Deputy national security adviser calls alarming images from Afghan capital ‘very serious’ and insists Biden remains ‘deeply engaged’ 3.34pm BST Customers agents have seized more than 3,000 counterfeit Covid-19 vaccination cards , meant to mimic well known index cards distributed by vaccination centers and bearing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) insignia. “These vaccinations a
Texas mask mandate ban can stay as Covid court challenges proceed
• State supreme court temporarily backs governor’s order • Local hearings in Dallas and San Antonio aim to protect children The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, will temporarily be allowed to enforce an order banning mask mandates, the state supreme court ruled on Sunday. Related: Texas anti-vaxxers’ calls for personal freedom dismiss my nearly fatal bout with Covid Continue reading...
Texas anti-vaxxers’ calls for personal freedom dismiss my nearly fatal bout with Covid
Since my hospitalization, and as Hidalgo county sees a surge in cases, protests against the vaccine are triggering I was stunned by the comment as I walked into a recent press conference to warn our south Texas community that, after all we’ve been through for the past 18 months, we need to remain vigilant as new variants of Covid-19 are causing a surge in hospitalizations. “You were pretty sick l
Global share prices slide on fears of China slowdown
FTSE 100 down about 1% as markets react to weak data from world’s second biggest economy Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Global share prices have fallen after a surprisingly sharp slowdown in China dented confidence in a vaccine-led recovery. After a prolonged rise, stock markets reacted negatively to signs that tougher credit conditions and fresh outbreaks of Covid-
The Taliban have retaken Afghanistan – this time, how will they rule it? | Antonio Giustozzi
The group’s hardline beliefs are unchanged, but coalition partners and regional powers may be moderating influences The Taliban agreed on Saturday not to enter Kabul city for now and to wait for the evacuation of western diplomats and troops, but the Afghan president Ashraf Ghani’s sudden departure on Sunday, without informing anyone, has led to the collapse of the remnants of police and army and
‘Short and not especially sweet’: Lindsey Graham called Biden over Trump support
The Republican senator told the president his attacks on his son Hunter were the ‘bare minimum’ to satisfy Trump supporters US politics – live coverage The South Carolina Republican senator Lindsey Graham called Joe Biden after his victory over Donald Trump to tell the president he only joined attacks on his son, Hunter Biden, as a “bare minimum” to satisfy Trump supporters. Related: Lindsey Grah
Imagining the climate-proof home in the US: using the least energy possible from the cleanest sources
Solar energy use will become more common as power use becomes smarter and more automated Dealing with the climate crisis involves the overhauling of many facets of life, but few of these changes will feel as tangible and personal as the transformation required within the home. The 128m households that dot America gobble up energy for heating, cooling and lighting, generating around 20% of all the
TikTok is the new Facebook – and it is shaping the future of tech in its image | Chris Stokel-Walker
The swift rise of the Chinese video-sharing app could have ramifications for all of us and how we live, both online and off Against the backdrop of a global pandemic that has kept millions of people inside with nothing but their phones for company, the short-form video-sharing app TikTok has quietly ascended to the top ranks of tech. TikTok was the world’s most downloaded app last year, and accor
The new Jeopardy! hosts are disappointing. Why didn’t they choose LeVar Burton? | Akin Olla
By not choosing Burton, the show deprived the world of a host that represents everything that it so sorely needs right now Jeopardy! may have made the world’s worst hosting choice since OJ Simpson was given his own prank show in 2006 . Even before the death of the legendary host Alex Trebek, the public, including Trebek himself, was in deep debate over his potential heir. Following Trebek’s passi
Parts of the US are getting dangerously hot. Yet Americans are moving the wrong way | David Sirota and Julia Rock
As the climate changes, census data shows that Americans are shifting from safer areas of the US to the regions most at risk of heating and flooding Science has provided America with a decent idea of which areas of our country will be most devastated by climate change, and which areas will be most insulated from the worst effects. Unfortunately, it seems that US population flows are going in the
Taliban declare ‘war is over’ as Kabul falls | First Thing
Desperate crowds converge on airport in Afghanistan’s capital, plus how the 1996 Olympics inspired a generation of female athletes Good morning. The final collapse of the 20-year western mission to Afghanistan took only a single day as Taliban gunmen entered the capital, Kabul, on Sunday, President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, and the US and other coalition countries abandoned their embassies i
Police and prison guards much less vaccinated than California public, analysis shows
Guardian review shows officers in the state’s prisons have some of the lowest rates, with only 16% vaccinated at one facility Several major California law enforcement agencies are reporting Covid-19 vaccination rates that are significantly lower than those of the general population, and seven state prisons have disclosed that less than a third of their officers are vaccinated. The Guardian reques


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