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Canadian infiltrates NRA event to mock its "thoughts and prayers."

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Comedian infiltrates NRA event to mock Wayne LaPierre’s ‘thoughts and prayers’
Jason Selvig addresses Houston convention to sarcastically praise gun group CEO’s response to a litany of mass shootings An undercover comedian crashed the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Houston, Texas, and sarcastically thanked the organization’s president for his repeated “thoughts and prayers” following deadly mass shootings across the US over the years, including one just t
Why did the doctor ask if we have a gun in the house at my toddler’s check up? Because this is America | Arwa Mahdawi
After taking my daughter to the paediatrician, I was left wondering if I want to raise her in a country obsessed with the right to own deadly weapons A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I took my daughter to a paediatrician in Philadelphia for her one-year checkup. It was all very routine until, squeezed between a discussion about weaning and a question about baby gates, the paediatrician asked if
US Memorial Day weekend marked by even more mass shootings
At least nine people died and more than 60 injured in incidents in which four or more people were shot or killed Days after a massacre at an elementary school in Texas in which 21 people died, the Memorial Day weekend in the US was marked by yet more mass shootings, at least 14 incidents total. According to the Gun Violence Archive – which defines a mass shooting incident as one in which “four or


First funerals of Uvalde school shooting victims to begin
Mourners planned 11 funerals for this week as visitations were held for Amerie Jo Garza and Maite Rodriguez, both 10 years old The first funerals of the Uvalde elementary school shooting’s victims were due to take place on Tuesday. The services in the small Texas town came a week after an 18-year-old gunman who was eventually killed by law enforcement murdered 19 children and two teachers at Robb
Coco Gauff into French Open semi-finals after victory over Sloane Stephens
Teenager reaches her first grand-slam semi with 7-5, 6-2 victory Martina Trevisan awaits in last four after shocking Fernandez For much of the past year, one of Coco Gauff’s clearest goals has been to grow and advance at her own pace, ignoring all of the hype and expectation. But Gauff is 18, a high-school graduate as of just over a week ago, and on Tuesday she moved into her first grand-slam sem
Lia Thomas says she transitioned to be happy, not to win swimming titles
Athlete was first trans swimmer to win US college title Critics say Thomas had an unfair advantage over competitors Lia Thomas, who earlier this year became the first transgender swimmer to win a major US college title, has pushed back against criticism that she had an unfair advantage over her competitors. Thomas won the NCAA 500m freestyle title in March. USA Swimming’s policy states that trans
‘Fexting’: How Jill Biden discreetly settles disagreements with Joe
First lady tells Harper’s Bazaar she settles disagreements with president by text and stresses need for independence to daughters When Joe Biden and Jill Biden disagree, they don’t hash it out in front of other people. Instead, she says, they argue by text – “fexting” as they call it. The first lady also told Harper’s Bazaar magazine in an interview that her divorce from her first husband taught
House committee calls emergency meeting to advance gun reform legislation – live
Judiciary panel to discuss ‘omnibus’ package of firearms measures in response to shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email Peter Navarro, a top White House adviser to Donald Trump , revealed in a court filing on Monday that he had been ordered to testify before a federal grand jury and produce to prosecutors any records concerning January 6, incl
Trump aide Peter Navarro ordered to testify before grand jury over January 6
Former White House adviser reveals federal subpoena, which also calls for documents to be handed over, in court filing Peter Navarro, a top White House adviser to Donald Trump , revealed in a court filing on Monday that he had been ordered to testify before a federal grand jury and produce to prosecutors any records concerning January 6, including communications with the former president. The gra
‘We have to do something’: calls mount for Texas gun control laws after latest deadly attack
As data indicates state leads the US in mass shooting deaths, Democrats – and some Republicans – demand legislative action Texas leaders are under growing pressure to increase gun control measures in the face of data indicating the state leads the US in mass shooting deaths, while Republicans have steadily eased restrictions on weapons and cut mental health spending. As the funerals of the 19 chi
Us older people must fight for a better America, and world, for younger generations | Bill McKibben
Baby boomers were complicit in the decay of our civic life and cultural fabric – and we must play a serious role in fixing it I had the chance this month to spend a couple of weeks on an utterly wild and remote Alaskan shore – there was plenty of company, but all of it had fur, feathers or fins. And there was no way to hear from the outside world, which now may be the true mark of wilderness. So,
I agreed to my sperm donor’s anonymity - now I see my daughter has a right to know who she is | Dorothy Byrne
When I got pregnant, the law guaranteed lifelong anonymity. Now, with DNA testing on the rise, that law needs to change Out of 68 million people in the UK, there are just 29,725 individuals who have no legal right to know their parentage. My child is one of them. It’s clearly wrong, and I am to blame. Twenty-seven years ago I decided to have a baby on my own. I didn’t have a partner, but two diff
As food and fuel costs rise, there is no doubt the poorest are hardest hit | Phillip Inman
Inflation watchers may disagree on the details, but consensus is that higher prices will persist Inflation is going to be with us for a few years yet. That’s the growing consensus in the City and among economists who believe the impact of rising fuel prices, the crippling cost of imported goods, and labour shortages in many industries will have a longer legacy than first thought. Last week all ey
Biden says pain ‘palpable’ in Uvalde | First Thing
First memorial services for victims begin as president says he will continue to push for gun control. Plus 20 years of Avril Lavigne Good morning. The first memorial services for the 19 children and two



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