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Brexit is a flop, and the voters know it.

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Brexit is a flop, and the voters know it. So why can’t Labour call for a closer bond with Europe? | Roy Hattersley
The result of the referendum cannot be ignored, but a bespoke deal with the EU has to be pursued if we are to avoid a shrinking economy The idea ought to be too obvious to need repeating. But Labour has been known to ignore the inconvenient truths of economic management. So Keir Starmer was right to assert, in his speech to the Liverpool Labour party, that the overwhelming priority of the governme
Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols: a life in pictures
The American actor has died at the age of 89 . Loved for her inspirational, groundbreaking role as Lt Uhura on Star Trek, here we look back at her life and career Continue reading...
Will Ivana help Donald Trump with tax breaks from beyond the grave?
First wife’s resting-place in Trump’s New Jersey golf course might benefit ex-husband’s long-held tax planning purposes When Ivana Trump , Donald Trump’s first wife, was buried last month near the first hole of Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, few immediately guessed that her grave’s location might also serve her ex-husband’s long-held tax planning purposes. Tax code in New Jer


After 2008’s financial crisis, life went back to normal. Will it this time?
A few short years after the financial crash, oil, food and flights were affordable again. But this downturn looks much darker Watching the Conservative party candidates spray money around as they vie to win the keys to No 10, it seems churlish to ask where the cash will come from . Running a 21st-century economy is not cheap and, unfortunately for those in power, gets more expensive every year. M
Bill Russell, NBA superstar and civil rights activist, dies aged 88
Boston Celtics great died on Sunday with wife by his side Hall of Famer anchored dynasty that won 11 titles in 13 years Russell fought for civil rights alongside Martin Luther King Bill Russell, the NBA great who anchored a Boston Celtics dynasty that won 11 championships in 13 years – the last two as the first Black head coach in any major US sport – and marched for civil rights with Martin Luth
Biden under ‘strict isolation measures’ as he continues to test positive for Covid
President feels well, White House says, after he tests positive only days after he tested negative Joe Biden continued to test positive for coronavirus on Sunday and will “continue his strict isolation measures” his physician said. The US president feels well, the White House said. Biden tweeted about the economy and about regretting being unable to meet in person to commiserate with military vet
Joe Manchin hails expansive bill he finally agrees to as ‘great for America’
Rewritten $739bn bill, now called the Inflation Reduction Act, that tackles US debt and the climate crisis could pass Senate this week West Virginia Democratic senator Joe Manchin on Sunday hailed the legislation he almost killed off , calling the rewritten $739bn bill he agreed to last week to pay down US debt and tackle the climate crisis “great for America”. Manchin, on a tour of all five Sund
Kentucky grapples with effect of climate crisis as floods leave trail of devastation
Heatwaves are getting ‘more dangerous and deadly’ from climate change as catastrophic flash flooding leaves at least 26 people dead As the flash floods in Kentucky claim lives and continue to leave behind a trail of devastation, residents and officials in the state are increasingly grappling with the costly impacts of the climate crisis. Earlier this week, the state saw eight to 10 inches of rain
This heatwave is a reminder that grass lawns are terrible for the environment | Akin Olla
Lawns and gardens account for 60% of household water use in arid areas of the US. This is unsustainable As a heatwave drags across the United States, local and state governments are scrambling to find solutions to the threats brought by record high temperatures. Washington DC and Philadelphia have declared heat emergencies, activating public cooling centers and other safety measures across their
Era of soaring house prices is ending as central banks raise rates | Larry Elliott
Policies are tightening when major economies are either falling into recession or heading that way It’s over. An era of ever-rising house prices stimulated by cheap money is coming to an end. Central banks created a colossal real estate boom and soon they will have to cope with the consequences of the bubble being pricked. In China it is already happening. Banks in the world’s second biggest econ
Workers are being punished for inflation. The real culprit is corporate greed | Robert Reich
Big corporations are using inflation as cover to raise prices. Yet the US Federal Reserve is raising interest rates – further hurting Americans The US Federal Reserve is aiming its powerful firehose at the living room but it’s the forest that’s ablaze. As a result, people may drown even as their house catches fire. This about sums up the sorry state of inflation-fighting in America. Robert Reich,


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