CNN Updates: Russia's War in Ukraine

Ukraine is under barrage of Russian missile attacks.

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Biden administration condemns Russian strikes on Ukraine's power infrastructure

From CNN's Betsy Klein

The Biden administration on Wednesday condemned Russian strikes on power generating infrastructure across Ukraine. 

National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said in a statement that Russia “is increasingly turning to horrific attacks against the Ukrainian people with punishing strikes damaging energy grid infrastructure, and deliberately doing so as winter approaches.”

Watson said that the strikes “do not appear aimed at any military purpose,” but “instead further the goal of the Putin regime to increase the suffering and death” of Ukrainians. 

The US also warned that the actions show “Russia is willing to increase the risk of a nuclear safety incident that could not only further harm Ukraine, but affect the entire region as well.” 

Watson’s statement touted an additional $400 million security assistance package for Ukraine announced earlier Wednesday. 

CNN’s Yulia Keseiva reported moments ago that power has been restored to almost 90% of the Ukrainian city of Lviv, officials said, following the Russian air strikes that knocked out power to much of the country.

55 min ago

Almost all power restored to Ukrainian city of Lviv and other regions hit by Russian strikes

From CNN’s Yulia Keseiva in Kyiv

Power has been restored to almost 90% of the Ukrainian city of Lviv, officials said Wednesday, following another barrage of Russian strikes which knocked out electricity throughout much of the country. 

In a telegram statement, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi said that scheduled blackouts, which have become regular during the invasion, will continue due to country’s war damaged energy infrastructure, “so some houses may be without electricity.” Water and heating have also been restored and all city services are working, he added.

The situation in Odesa is similar with water and heat restored, according to Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine.

“Power supply — the region is supplied, consumers are being connected,” he said. Electricity in the Zaporizhzhia region has also been restored.

According to the Ternopil region military administration, the power system there is “being stabilized” with customers “gradually being connected to the grid.”

About one third of the region has electricity with critical infrastructure facilities being connected to the power supply first.

1 hr 20 min ago

UN nuclear watchdog: "Increasingly precarious" nuclear safety situation at Zaporizhzhia power plant

From CNN's Radina Gigova in London 

Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant lost access to external electricity again on Wednesday and is relying on emergency diesel generators, the International Atomic Energy Agency said, warning of the "increasingly precarious and challenging nuclear safety and security situation" at the plant. 

The team of IAEA experts present at the power plant said it lost off-site power at 3:30 p.m. local time Wednesday when it was fully disconnected from the grid, "following reports of widespread military action targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure," IAEA said in a statement.

"Initially all the site’s 20 diesel generators started operating automatically, and now eight of them are supplying the site with back-up electricity needed for all safety related equipment. The other 12 diesel generators are in stand-by mode," IAEA said. 

"The IAEA team also reported that the plant’s operating personnel were performing all activities according to procedures for a loss of off-site power event and that the six reactors were in a safe and stable state," IAEA said. "The two reactors that have been in a hot shutdown mode to provide the plant and the nearby town of Enerhodar with steam and heating will be prepared for cooling down. The four others remain in cold shutdown," it added.

Some context: The Zaporizhzhia plant has been disconnected from the national grid several times during the fighting in Ukraine, "most recently in early November when it took two days to restore external power supplies," the agency said.

IAEA also said it has received information from Ukraine’s national operator Energoatom that “due to a decrease in the frequency in the power system of Ukraine" all power units at two other plants — the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant and the Khmelnytskyy Nuclear Power Plants — were automatically disconnected as part of emergency protection.

"The need for secure off-site power supply from the grid for all nuclear sites is one of the seven indispensable pillars for ensuring nuclear safety and security during an armed conflict," IAEA said. 

3 hr 23 min ago

At least 7 dead from Russian strikes across Kyiv region, officials say

From CNN’s Yulia Keseiva in Kyiv

At least seven people were killed and 36 were wounded following a fresh wave of Russian strikes across Ukraine, according to officials. 

Four died in the region of Kyiv, the head of Kyiv region military administration, Oleksii Kuleba, said in a Telegram statement. In the city of Kyiv, three people were killed Wednesday, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said in a post on Telegram

3 hr 35 min ago

German chancellor says country's energy security for this winter is “guaranteed”

From CNN's Sugam Pokharel in London 

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Wednesday that Germany’s energy security for this winter season is “guaranteed” amid Europe’s energy crisis triggered by Russia’s war in Ukraine. 

“It is guaranteed because the German government took a courageous turn in direction and because households and companies across the country save energy,” Scholz told German lower house of parliament Bundestag in Berlin. 

“Doing nothing would come at a very high price. That’s why we are doing away with the failings of an energy and trade policy that has led us into one-sided dependence on Russia and China in particular,” he added. 

Scholz also said that he shares the goal with French President Emmanuel Macron of a geopolitical Europe that is “significantly more capable of acting.”

3 hr 53 min ago

UN Security Council to meet about Ukraine following Zelensky request

From CNN's Richard Roth

The UN Security Council will hold an urgent meeting Wednesday on Russia's latest strikes across Ukraine on the request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

The meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. ET.

4 hr 16 min ago

Europe's largest cities to donate power generators to Ukraine as part of joint campaign

From CNN's Radina Gigova

Europe's largest cities will donate power generators and transformers to Ukraine as part of a joint campaign. It comes as temperatures begin to drop and Russia continues to attack Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

The “Generators of Hope” initiative, launched Wednesday by European Parliament President Roberta Metsola and Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence and president of Eurocities, a network of more than 200 large European cities, is aimed at providing energy to essential facilities in the country, including hospitals, schools, water supply stations, relief centers, shelters and phone masts. 

“The European Parliament and the EU have shown remarkable solidarity with Ukraine on the humanitarian, military and financial front. Now they need practical support to get through the winter," Metsola said at a press conference Wednesday. "I call on all cities, towns and regions across Europe to join the Generators of Hope campaign."

"As Mayors, my colleagues and I know the importance of local services," Nardella said. "By launching this direct call to action for cities to get together and help Ukraine by donating generators and transformers, we can help ensure that Ukraine’s cities will be able to manage their day to day lives in the best way possible."

"We must act immediately. Winter is upon us, there is no electricity and gas, there is no time to waste," Nardella added. 

Andriy Yermak, head of the Office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who joined the launch virtually, said Ukraine is "proud that Europeans and their institutions" are "standing by Ukraine in responding to Russia's terrorist tactics against Ukrainian civilians.”



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