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9 Ways to Protect Your Digital Identity

Welcome to the latest cyber security update from Hawaii Geopolitical News. Today's post discusses ways to protect your personal and business data online. Views expressed in this geopolitical and cyber security news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents. Content supplied by "" Accessed on 20 February 2020, 0020 UTC, Post 024. Source: Please click link to read the full report. Here's a brief summary of the article's main points: This list contains nine ways to improve the online security of your personal and business data. 1.  Look for the "s" in any e-commerce address. 2.  Beware of suspicious emails. 3.  Work with a trusted IT adviser to deploy software updates and security patches. 4.  Shop with credit cards for extra protection. 5.  Be careful with your personal information. 6.  Back up your data on a regular b