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Breaking The News: War/Terrorism Update

Russia plans to take east, south of Ukraine. Views expressed in this geopolitical news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents. Accessed on 03 April 2022, 0359 UTC. Content provided by "Breaking The News:  War/Terrorism." Source: Please click link or scroll down to read your selections. Thanks for joining us today. Russ Roberts ( WAR/TERRORISM Russia plans to take east, south of Ukraine - Zelensky Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky stated in an online address on Saturday that Russia is planning to militarily overtake the eastern and western parts of Ukraine. Zelensky criticized... UKRAINE CRISIS RUSSIA-UKRAINE RELATIONS ZELENSKY 6 hours ago Ukraine army controls Kiev region - official Ukraine's capital Kiev and the surrounding region are now under the control of the country's army, Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar claimed on Saturday. "The whole Kyiv region...