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Foreign Policy: Diplomacy Today

In Yemen, all sides are using hunger as a weapon. Views expressed in this geopolitical summary are those of the reporters and correspondents. Accessed on 29 January 2022, 0517 UTC. Content provided by "Foreign Policy" via  Source: Please click link or scroll down to read your selections. Thanks for joining us today. Russ Roberts ( Foreign Policy 20K followers 52 articles per week #news #foreign-policy #politics 11 MOST POPULAR In Yemen, All Sides Are Using Hunger as a Weapon 40 by Maysaa Shuja al-Deen  /  11h The Houthis, Saudis, and Emiratis are letting people starve while corruption and mismanagement of aid lines elites’ pockets. Panama’s Success Is Defying Political Science 35 by James Loxton  /  16h The Latin American country has experienced one of the world’s most impressive—and surprising—trajectories of the past three decades. R