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Handball Federation ends bikini bottom requirement for women. Views expressed in this geopolitical news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents. Accessed on 01 November 2021, 2248 UTC. Content provided by "The New York Times." Source: Please click link or scroll down to read your selections. Thanks for joining us today. Russ Roberts NYT-World News 48 MOST POPULAR Handball Federation Ends Bikini Bottom Requirement for Women Handball Bikini Norway • 3K NYT > World News  /  6h After outrage over a fine levied against the Norwegian women’s beach handball team for competing in shorts, the sport’s international federation said it was changing its rules. David Attenborough Urges Leaders at COP26 Summit to ‘Rewrite Our Story’ David Attenborough • 1K NYT > World News  /  6h “If working apart we are f