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The best path to peace in Russia-Ukraine War. Views expressed in this geopolitical news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Accessed on 24 November 2022, 0510 UTC.  Content provided by "The Guardian" via Source: Please click link or scroll down to read your selections.  Thanks for joining us today. Russ Roberts ( US news | The Guardian 120K followers 212 articles per week #news #politics 31 MOST POPULAR X-ray discovers cat trapped inside checked bag at New York’s JFK airport TSA Cat JFK Airport • 1K by Guardian staff  /  14h Security agent spotted cat inside bag last week and saved it from being transported on to aircraft luggage hold A cat that sneaked into an air traveller’s luggage was trapped there until it was discovered by an X-ray machine at JFK airport in New York, possibly saving it from a grim f